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imperialism & war

Happy JFK-Day!!!

I believe just about everything about 11/22/63 has been said. Just one comment:
I have to confirm with the PBS Frontline special on Lee Harvey Oswald which aired the other day where this person said something to the effect that "the public believes that our intelligence services are these super efficient entities, the truth is that they are more like the Keystone Kops". This goes entirely with my experiences with the U.S. intelligence services' dealings with the Warsaw Pact during the Cold War: absolutely no understanding of the subject history/geography. I never expected them to recite all the times and places of the Punic Wars, but they should have at least glimpsed at a world map at least once.
Going forward 40 years, if they never understood the "bad guys" then (semi-europeans like "us"), then they will never understand an "alien" population of the middle/near/far east and therefore this "war on terrorism" is doomed to failure.
yes... 22.Nov.2003 20:17


yes, the war on terrorism is doomed to failure, but a lot of people are sure gonna die.

just look at the 'war on drugs'.

You call this a war ? 23.Nov.2003 19:21

The realist

The war with Iraq is just a little preview to get America mentaly ready for what is going to come next.
A real war ... So you better get yourself ready and stop moning and groning my liberal portlander.