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Ashcroft really has it out for Stewart

Lawyer Lynne Stewart is being indicted again for serving her client. Stewart's preivous charges were thrown out as unconstitutionally vague.
A new superseding indictment against civil rights lawyer Lynne Stewart comes four months after a federal judge dismissed similar charges against her saying they were unconstitutionally vague. Lynne Stewart joins us in the studio to discuss the case.
The government filed fresh charges yesterday against New York civil rights lawyer Lynne Stewart. She is accused of providing assistance to imprisoned radical Egyptian cleric Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman.
Attorney General John Ashcroft announced the charges brought against Stewart and two alleged co-conspirators - postal worker Ahmed Sattar and translator Mohammed Yousry,

The new superceding indictment comes after a federal judge in July dismissed charges that the three had conspired to provide material support to Abdel Rahman's Islamic Group - which is designated a terrorist organization by the U.S. State Department. Judge John Koetl said the original charges were unconstitutionally vague and "reveal a lack of prosecutorial standards."

Prosecutors had accused Stewart of passing messages between her client Abdel Rahman, and an Egyptian terrorist organization. Rahman was convicted of conspiring to blow up several New York landmarks and to assassinate Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. He is serving a life sentence.

The new indictment describes a series of acts committed by Stewart one of which charges that during a May 2000 prison visit with Abdel Rahman, Stewart, "pretended to be participating in the conversation with Abdel Rahman by making extraneous comments such as 'chocolate' and 'heart attack.'"

Lynne Stewart, human rights attorney, arrested in April, 2002 on charges that she helped her client Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman deliver messages from his Minnesota prison cell to his followers in Egypt.

www.democracynow.org (Nov. 20, 2003)
health concerns 20.Nov.2003 16:07


Abdel Rahman was eating M&M's at the time and Sewart said basicly watchout the sugar will lead to a heartattack. Another example of Ashcroft giving us the Land of the Homeless, Free of the Brave.