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Al-Jazeera Sacks Yvonne Ridley, 19 Nov. 2003

Sister Yvonne Ridley, a senior editor with Aljazeera's newly launched English website in Doha, Qatar, has been sacked by her Gulf bosses. The journalist, who rose to international fame in September 2001 when she was captured by the Taliban in Afghanistan, joined the website [Aljazeera] in July.
Yvonne Ridley was a journalist of the famous Londoner Mirror newspaper. She was captured by the Taliban when she went undercover into the country wearing the all-enveloping burqa dress of an Afghan woman. She was detected and was held for 10 days before being released on humanitarian grounds on the orders of Mulla Umar. Her outspoken views are well-known, especially those praising and supporting Palestinian martyrdom operations. She has endeared herself to the Muslim world and is a recent convert to Islam. Sister Yvonne has devoted much of her spare time and energy to helping brothers and sisters around the world.

Why? 21.Nov.2003 05:50


All that is very nice. However, you have not told us, why did they sack her?