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Composting Workshop this Saturday at People's Coop

On Saturday, November 22nd from 10 AM - NOON, People's Food Cooperative
will be hosting a FREE Composting Workshop. You will be able to meet the farmers who turn People's produce scraps into nutrient rich compost. Learn about various composting methods including Worm Composting and Hot Compost piles and how to keep them healthy.
This workshop will be led by Laura Masterson from the 47th Avenue Farm and Dean Simpson from Wildcat
Mountain Farm. The workshop will be held in People's Courtyard at 3029 SE 21st Avenue. This workshop is
FREE and open to all. For more information you can call Lori at 503-ORGANIC, that's 503-674-2642.

Contact: (503) 674-2642 / 503-ORGANIC
Location: People's Food Co-op 3029 SE 21st
Portland, OR