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DEA/DoJ Try To Extinguish The 2nd Annual Oregon Medical Cannabis Awards

A couple of days before this Saturday's Oregon Medical Cannabis Awards, the DEA Storm Troopers tried a last minute scare tactic blitz to convince the Double Tree Hotel to cancel the event. Thursday evening, Steve Cooper, Spokesperson for Oregon NORML will appear on The Harry Lime Show where he'll discuss the Fed's tactics and what will happen this weekend. The program starts at 10:00 PM and is an uncensored, live, call-in talk show. We welcome your input, the live call in line is 503-491-7434.
Under the leadership of John Ashcroft, the DEA and the DoJ have been trying to bully organizations that seek the legalization of cannabis for medicinal uses in severely disabled people with cancer, AIDS, MS, and chronic pain. When the Feds got wind of the 2nd Annual Oregon Medical Cannabis Awards the went into overdrive sending jackbooted thugs to intimidate the venue's host into nixing the event. Steve Cooper, Spokesperson for Oregon NORML will discuss their ploys on a live cable access program Thursday. Learn how local volunteer attorneys, the ACLU, and others have mounted an effort to assure the event will take place despite the efforts of the Bush Administration. The live program starts at 10:00 PM and can be seen on Channel 11 for cable subscribers.

From this week's Willamette Week ( http://willametteweek.com/flatfiles/News4553.lasso):

Congressman Earl Blumenauer is investigating reports that PDX nemesis Attorney General John Ashcroft tried to block the Oregon Medical Cannabis Awards banquet. The banquet, hosted by the state chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, had been--and still tentatively is--slated for Nov. 22 at the Lloyd Center DoubleTree. But on Saturday the organizers called speakers telling them the hotel might back out. A hotel representative and NORML organizer Madeline Martinez would not discuss what the problem was, but Martinez says things appear back on track. Citing unconfirmed reports that the feds threatened the hotel with criminal charges, Kathie Eastman of Blumenauer's office says, "We're looking into it."

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Damn Bush Nazis! 19.Nov.2003 22:47

Bud Greene

Lying sacks of Republican crap, claim ''State's Rights'' when it doesn't interfere with the raping of natural resources, exploitating womyn, destroying Free Speech.

yeah 19.Nov.2003 22:58

not fooled

You'll have as much luck trying to find a republican policy that is conservative or libertarian as you will trying to find a democratic policy that is liberal or progressive.

Gotta Love Paper/TV Lack of Coverage 19.Nov.2003 23:58

Mars Martian

What? A frickin' cable access show puts the Oregon NORML people on before the Portland Tribunal, Whore-Gonian, and less-than-comprehensive coverage from Willy Weak? Are local PDX media more interested the local snow today than the DEA violating civil rights. (Rhetorical question, answer is obvious.)

Probably threatened them with the Rave Act 20.Nov.2003 01:11


from  http://www.drugpolicy.org/communities/raveact/

>The "RAVE" Act makes it easier for the federal government to prosecute innocent business owners for the drug offenses of their customers - even if they take steps to stop such activity. This is a threat to free speech and musical expression while placing at risk any hotel/motel owner, concert promoter, event organizer, nightclub owner or arena/stadium owner for the drug violations of 3rd parties - real or alleged - regardless of whether or not the promoter and/or property owner made a good-faith effort to keep their event drug-free. It applies not only to electronic-music parties, but any type of public gathering: theatrical productions, rock concerts, DJ Nights at your local club or tavern, and political rallies. Moreover, it gives heightened powers and discretion to prosecutors who may use it to target events they personally don't like, such as Hip-Hop events and gay and lesbian fundraisers.<

so much more 20.Nov.2003 03:11

than medicine

the drug war on cannabis is not only taking away our right to saffer better medicines,
but all the alternatives an acitivst or reformist could dream of...
ENERGY, paper, plastic, food, clothes, natural medicine, politics, local economies
think about it
come together, one cause