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Come on "Little Beruit"

The Uk can get damn near 3,000 people out to protest Bush's arrival, and he's not even their president.
What happend to the so called activists in Portland. It makes me sad to see all of my friends getting burnt out and then feeding off of eachothers negative energy. PORTLAND USED TO START SHIT!!! What has happended? I know how many of you just sit at home when you know that there are demo's you could be going to. I understand that they may not actually change anything right now, but at least people will know that we are pissed. Meet with your friends or affinity groups and come up with new tactics. Make Portland's demonstrations useful. When was the last time that 3,000 people showed up for anything in Portland? If we can't get the people, how are we supposed to make a change.

So you want a revolution? 19.Nov.2003 23:43

John Brown Nat Turner Hassan Karim Akbar Che Guevara anti_imperialist_solidarity@yahoo.com

Solidarity with Efforts to Fund the Iraqi Resistance Struggle!!!
author: Anti-Imperialist Solidarity Committee (USA) e-mail:  anti_imperialist_solidarity@yahoo.com
Endorsement of the Anti-Imperialist Camp's Campaign to Financially Contribute to the Resistance Forces in Iraq.
"Support the Iraqi resistance with 10 Euro"

On Behalf of the Anti-Imperialist Solidarity Committee (USA), we endorse this statement, may the Liberation of Iraq be a foco point for class resistance within the US, may it lead to the defeat of the Zionist Entity, and the purging of all American Chauvenism and Zionist Capitulation from the Internationalist Leftists Forces in the US, for class war in the "belly of the beast". We call on the US working class to stand shoulder to shoulder with the masses of Iraq in their death-defying show down with US/UK imperialism and Zionism, and for the total liberation of the Iraq people from the scorn of Occupation. It is clear as noonsday, that this an hour of put-up or shut-up for those who espouse the just cause of anti-imperialist class struggle. We unconditionally oppose the US/EU so-called "terrorism" black-listings, of liberation fighters, such as those in Palestine, and Southern Lebanon, oppose the demonization of Arabs, Muslims, Southeast Asians, and all other oppressed groups in the US. We call for an international Axis of Resistance against US/UK Imperialism and Zionism, a popular movement for solidarity with the socialist camp such as Korean and Cuba, unconditional solidarity with their leadership, solidarity with national liberation struggles, including armed struggle in the periphery, and solidarity with class war and national liberation political prisoners, including those in the United States.
We are the working class laboring sons and daughters of the great Martyr Comrade John Brown, who by force of arms, raided the hated slave plantation of the south in order to rid the US of race-slavery. We stand for the rights of nations to self-determination, in and for the dictatorship of the proletariate in the US.

Through various other names, we have made some level of contact with the Anti-Imperialist Camp in Italy, and would like to build still further bonds by endorsing this effort and carrying it forward in the US, regardless of the potential for repression. This is a non-negotiable matter of principle, and a battle of historic geo-political significance, a battle that must be won!

Victory to Iraq!!!
Death to US Imperialism and it's GI Mercenary Goons!!!
Long Live Palestine, FROM THE RIVER TO THE SEA!!!
Death to the Zionist Entity!!!

Anti-Imperialist Solidarity Committee (USA)
The Real Little Beirut

homepage:  link to www.antiimperialista.com


Urgent appeal to step up solidarity with the Iraqi resistance and its int'l allies
author: Anti-Imperialist Camp e-mail:  anti_imperialist_solidarity@yahoo.com
Information necassary to fund the Iraqi Resistance Forces
Support the Iraqi resistance with 10 Euro:

Victory to Iraq!!! Death to US Imperialism and it's GI Mercenary Goons!!!
Urgent appeal to step up solidarity with the Iraqi resistance and its int'l allies

After the attack on the Italian occupation soldiers last week in Nasseriyya, the Berlusconi government is sparking off a terrible patriotic campaign. The centre left opposition, keen to seize governmental posts itself, is joining into the hysteria. The two poles of the Americanised bi-partite system are competing on who is more subservient towards to their US masters by supporting their aggression against the Iraqi people.

Meanwhile the broad majority of Italians, who opposed the war but is in no way represented by the political system, correctly blame the government for the death of the Italian soldiers. The patriotic sentiment is only superficial and induced by the media but along with the growing resistance it is doomed to subside. The way is being prepared for a mass opposition to the Italian complicity with the Anglo-American occupation inflicting misery, poverty and terror on the Iraqi people - a people which still remembers the genocide of the embargo committed by the very same imperialist powers.

In Berlusconi's efforts to prevent this sentiment to grow into a powerful political movement possibly bringing down his government he is attacking its most advanced forces - namely those who organise the demonstration in support of the Iraqi resistance scheduled for 13 December in Rome and who are collecting money in order to support the formation of a National Resistance and Liberation Front in Iraq.

It is not by accident that the Anglo-American corporate media like BBC, NBC and CBS are on the first line of the campaign. They recently reported that the Anti-imperialist Camp would actively support terrorists killing Italian soldiers. Senator Lucio Malan, vice president of the parliamentary fraction of Forza Italia (Berlusconi's formation), referring to the report by BBC thus stated that "the Anti-imperialist Camp must be isolated and condemned by everybody and persecuted by the force of law". Persecution might be in preparation.

In his immediate reaction the spokesman of the Anti-imperialist Camp, Moreno Pasquinelli, said that these threats will not intimidate the movement nor stop it. On the contrary he called upon those millions and millions who opposed the war to join the mobilisation which has nothing to do with terrorism. The main terrorist power in the world are the US themselves repressing, starving and bombing any popular and democratic attempt against their empire. After the simple-minded hopes in the diplomatic efforts of the European Union have been frustrated people must and are about to understand that only the popular resistance can defeat the pre-emptive war waged by US imperialism. The European anti war and anti globalisation movement must join hand with the Iraqi resistance and develop into a conscious anti-imperialist movement.

Despite the coward retro-active justification the European regimes gave for the US aggression and the following occupation the Iraqi resistance is legitimate in the same way as the resistance against the occupying Nazi armies was. The right to self-determination against imperialism is inalienable even more as it is stipulated by the UN charter.

On this occasion the Anti-imperialist Camp re-iterates its calls to support the Iraqi resistance with 10 Euro in order to build a National Resistance and Liberation Front. The international movement has to express by this means that the Anti-imperialist Camp is not alone with its support to the Iraqi people fighting the occupation but the audible voice of a large popular sentiment in Europe and even more world-wide.

There is a good chance to defeat US imperialism in Iraq as it happened in Vietnam. Only such a crushing and humiliating defeat can stop the savage capitalist globalisation linked to the escalating war into which the US precipitated the world. Hindering the erection of the US empire means to open the door for the struggle for social justice, popular democracy and a just peace.

All together on the side of the popular Iraqi resistance to defeat US imperialism and its allies!
Occupation troops out of Iraq!
For the right to self-determination for the Iraqi people!

Support the Iraqi resistance with 10 Euro:

Endorse the int'l demonstration in Rome in support of the Iraqi resistance
Full list of endorsers of the demonstration

Some prominent Italian personalities supporting the resistance:

Antiimperialist Camp
PF 23, A-1040 Vienna, Austria

homepage:  link to www.antiimperialista.com

"When was the last time 3k in PDX showed up for Anything?" 20.Nov.2003 03:38

bloody wanker

August 22 2003, when 4-5,000! showed up to protest the very same George W Bush. Taking into account that the UK protest is being organized by major national coalitions in a metro area of 9 million, while the portland protest was overwhelmingly locally organized in a metro area of 1.5 million at noon on a weekday, I think we faired pretty well, wouldn't you say?

Slow News Day? 20.Nov.2003 10:12


In the commerial 'press' they save junk like this for a slow news day.

hundred of thousands! 20.Nov.2003 12:52

not there

ah.. a lot more than 3000 people turned out in london. try between 70.000 (police estimation) and 200,000 (organizer's esitmation)

Little Beirut is such a misnomer 22.Nov.2003 01:49


Remember who coined that phrase for Portland. George Bush Sr. What does he know?