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Operation No Sleep for the Council of the Americas

Due to the brutal police harassment of activists in Miami, Operation No Sleep For the Council of the Americas has been announced on www.ftaaimc.org, page 19 of the archives. On page 7 of the archives is a corporate target list of over 135 corporations pushing the FTAA under the name of the "Council of the Americas."
It is called"In the event of State repression remember these names."
Activists are being asked to locate local home addresses of targets, such as managers of Bank of America branches,your local Coca-Cola bottleing plant, owners of your local Exxon stations, ALL locations of the Intercontinental hotel chain, and others, and ride by at 1/2 hour to 1 hour intervals blasting air horns or drums to deny them sleep until the cops stop making illegal arrests and raids in Miami.

Late night phone calls are just as appropriate. Timoney was given a deadline of this morning to end his behavior, and the deadline has passed.