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General Defense Committee Fundraiser, Saturday, Nov 22

The General Defense Committee of the IWW will hold a fundraiser video screening Saturday, Nov. 22 - 7pm at Red & Black Cafe (2138 SE Division) to benefit our current support efforts for Portlanders in Miami and recoup our debts related to the most recent Bush visit.
We will screen Urban Warrior (about police militarization), Local to Global (thumbnail sketch explaining FTAA), and video of Bush's August visit to Portland.

Calls from jail aren't cheap, and we get 'em by the bucketful. Help us continue our efforts by stopping by for the videos, perhaps a beer or other beverage ad possibly a light snack.
P.S. $3-5 sliding scale 18.Nov.2003 18:40

Forgetful GDC drone

$3-5 sliding scale