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CKUT Radio: Miami Mobilization to Defeat the FTAA

Listen to an interview with Leslie Kauffman an organizer active in the mobilization to oppose the FTAA. Leslie is an activist with United for Peace and Justice (UFPJ) which works throughout the US and is active in the mobilization to confront the upcoming Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) Summit which is set to take place in Miami Florida from November 19th - 21st. The Miami FTAA Summit will bring together trade ministers from 34 countries, to push forward the implementation of the FTAA a sweeping agreement that would extend the failed NAFTA model of capitalist globalization to the entire Western Hemisphere, minus Cuba. A large mobilization is currently being planned to greet these trade ministers in Miami with a massive display of opposition and resistance to the FTAA.

United for Peace and Justice an organization which came together in the US this last year to build resistance to the war in Iraq is actively mobilization towards the anti-FTAA demonstrations in Miami. UFPJ's involvement in the growing resistance to the FTAA is making the links between the free trade capitalist style globalization defined in the FTAA and the capitalist militarization and destruction defined through the war of terrorism. In the recent 87 billion dollar bill pass through US Congress to support the ongoing occupation of Iraq & Afghanistan was included 8.5$ million dollars in security funding to prepare for the upcoming popular mobilization against the FTAA in Miami.

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