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Zoobomb harrased by police again, what a surprise!

so, for every sunday night since the oregonian article about Zoobomb came out, we've been harrassed by the cops.
and not just one car of unruly cops, but 4-5 squad cars staked out throughout our ride route, giving tickets from "failing to signal" to not having proper lighting equipment, to "failure to yield to a traffic control device" . it's become reminiscent of the Critical Mass rides with the crew of over-zealous cops intent on beating conformity into us. the funny part is that before the article came out, harrassment was at a minimum (we managed to get ALL of our confiscated bikes back), but thanks to the article's mention of certain activities we like to keep "downlow" , we've been set up every time.

but, on the positive side, the cops will always lose their battle to crush the spirit of the cycling community. we, as cyclists, will always be faster, smarter, and have more fun in one day on our bikes than they have in an entire year in their boxes. you can't ticket what you can't catch, suckers!

Bikes Are Better.
Rock on you biking fools 17.Nov.2003 14:08

then file a complaint against every on of thos asshole popos

Have a great ride on sunday's you zoobombers you.

While you're out there write down the names and car numbers of every police vehicle that is there harassing you.

Then file a complaint with the IPR against every single one of those pigs for harassment, selective enforcement, using foul language, being rude, breaking even the smallest law or police regulation.

Here's why......The city has a tracking system that if a certain number of complaints (say 3) are filed against a particular asshole popo within a certain time period (say 1 year) then that asshole pops goes into a tracking system where the conduct of that asshole pops is looked at with more scrutiny by more people. Eventually when a federal complaint is filed against this police department the more cops that are in this tracking system the better. That way it shows there is a problem and it shows which asshole popos are most likely at the root of it.

Ride on. and don't forget to file those complaints

What losers these cops are 17.Nov.2003 14:31

Ferret Mike

You guys are da bomb! Don't let their silly over reaction do anything more then encourage you. They will indeed lose this battle. If this is all those donut munchers have to do, then they obviously get too much taxpayer money and have too many employees.

When the last car is taken to the junkyard they will ride away from it on a bicycle.

I support the Zoobombers...wish I could ride too! 17.Nov.2003 15:56

wheelchair bound

I love this page. Can count on it every Monday, as the popos just don't seem to get it. keep it up dear Zoobombers
as you'll wear their asses out on Sunday nights, so they'll get tired of chasing harmless bikers and get out there to
be actually fighting real crime. Course, I say hedgingly, as we all know that if they were to fight real crime, they'd be
going after these Corporate-Capitalist Crooks that America, Oregon, and Portland have plenty of. Meanwhile, I'm a
fan of you folk's and wish you well in your fight with the pigs. If they didn't have guns, it would be a no-brainer as to
who win that fight! Keep peddling!

What the f&%k 17.Nov.2003 23:37


So, I wonder what would happen if right around the time you kids get set to ride, the poh-lice had to respond to calls. I mean, don't they need all of their resources. maybe Sunday is traditionally a slow time for them coppers, so they can plan to harrass you...

So what if they had a lot of business to respond to? Would that be distracting, after all there are only so many squad cars available.....and...this is for you men in blue out there right now....you can't know if its a real call until you respond.

well 20.Nov.2003 23:40


i have been on a few zoobomb rides, not this one, & I have seen people do some dangerous shit. I saw a girl ride through ared light right in front of a moving car and almost get hit on our way back through downtown one time. I think when people do shit like that, they should get a ticket at least, because she really could have hurt somone. i'm not saying everyone does this, i'm just saying it does happen, when it does they should get a ticket.