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responding to willful ignorance

When people are engaging in behavior that results in military oppression for the purpose of resource extraction (ex. US occupation of Iraq for oil), we need to educate people, so ignorance cannot be claimed..
Willful ignorance is the continuing of behavior despite information that shows their behavior leads to destruction, death and oppression. This applies to many topics, SUV drivers and oil theft from Iraq, beef consumption and rainforest lost to cattle ranches, etc..

Currently the average SUV driver may not have yet discovered their consumption of petroleum products is partly responsible for the US occupation of Iraq. Mass media deception is misleading the public on a witchhunt of Muslim fanatics, without mentioning the obvious reason for the US occupation of Iraq, America's addiction to petroleum. Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, etc are the main culprits, but if not them, then Gore with Occidental Petroleum invading Columbia for their offshore oil deposits. Pulling their strings behind the scenes are an even more powerful group of tyrants, the Rockefellers, DuPonts, Fords, etc..

Though one SUV driver's consumption of fossil fuels may seem insignificant, as a group thay account for a large amount of fossil fuel consumption. It may seem like the lesser evils game, but a hybrid with 60 mpg is more efficient than a Ford Explorer ar 18 mpg on a good day..

By now we would hope people with some level of sense would realize their 18 mpg Ford Explorer is contributing to the US occupation of Iraq. Crude oil extracted from Iraq by Halliburton (still paying Cheney deffered compensation), brought to oil refinery in Houston, pumped into Ford Explorer (18 mpg) at Exxonmobil station. We understand that propaganda is a powerful tool, but really, 1 + 1 = ???

This brings up the question of willful ignorance. Either people could care less what happens to "those people over there" or they need to be educated. If people would talk with the SUV drivers and question their petroleum addiction, mentioning Iraq, would this help them realize the situation. By now the world is realizing that America is in Iraq for the oil, but the info hasn't reached the American people yet as a result of mass media deception. If people driving SUVs don't understand where their fuel comes from, their brains may be malfunctioning because of carbon monoxide poisoning. Willful ignorance is having knowledge that one's behavior is causing people/environment harm and refusing to alter that behavior..

People claim they need their SUVs for various reasons, but mostly they drive solo with an empty vehicle. Minivans are effective at transporting several people in comfort and use far less petroleum. Whether for status or percieved security, SUV culture is a blight upon the planet and making America look very greedy in the eyes of the world..

After people are made aware through direct conversation with a clear and consise presentation of the facts, they then have the responsibility to change their behavior. Military occupation for theft of oil causes death and violence. Plain and simple, greed kills and it needs to stop. The US government is committing war crimes and genocide in Iraq and every SUV driver participates indirectly through their consumption of fossil fuels..

from site below;

"SUV's have a significant environmental impact even beyond the problem of global warming. Federal law gives heavy sport utility vehicles permission to emit higher levels of toxic and noxious pollution - carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, and nitrogen oxides. Sport utility vehicles can spew 30 percent more carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons and 75 percent more nitrogen oxides than passenger cars. (13) These combustion pollutants contribute to eye and throat irritation, coughing, nausea, dizziness, fatigue, confusion and headaches. Hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides are precursors to ground level ozone, which causes asthma and lung damage. (14)"

Beginning a recycling program for SUVs and encouraging SUV drivers to recycle their SUVs would be appropriate. The auto industry (Ford, GM) needs to refund the drivers for selling them a product that is/was known to be destructive to the environment (global warming, war for Iraqi oil, photochemical smog, etc..) Misleading info and financial influencing of scientific data by auto industry led to the sale of SUVs..

One recycled SUV = 500 bicycles

This is a request to the American people to show the world we are willing to change our destructive behaviors despite what the US government is doing in our name. Global domination by the US government will not work, it will only make our children more hated..

homepage: homepage: http://www.suv.org/environ.html

I have 500 Bicycles 17.Nov.2003 05:22

Alantin Bahana ysab@efn.org

And, I know some people that eat SUV'S cooked well done for supper! YUM!

??????????????? 19.Nov.2003 15:20

info please

Setting fire to a suv only gets the cops after you.

What about spending all the rage that you have on finding a new source on energy.

Focus on what new technology is around and make it better.

Can you think how rich you would be if you could come up with new solar cell or the like that could replace what we already use for energy.

What if greenpeace could fund research for new technology.
One that they control.
Or just research the information, maby find what has been hidden from us in the past.
ie: New technologys that corporations have patents on.