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Details of December VIDEOS FROM THE RESISTANCE showings

portland indymedia video showings have been happening since September, 2001. The featured videos have increased in number and quality over that time, and there's no other IMC that we know of that puts on showings this frequently. This month, you'll have four (!) opportunities to find out what's been happening around town (and the world) in a set of vital, independently-produced videos. Speakers representing some of the subjects will also be on hand as they are available to give updates, answer questions, and let you know how to get involved. All showings are FREE OF CHARGE!
Current program
These are the finished (or soon-to-be finished) works that will be circulating this month in different combinations. Every video is shown at each location once; so, those that started the rounds in mid-November will be dropping out mid-month.
  • "Forest and Consciousness" - reflections on the timber sale program and the beingness of the forest, as witnessed at the Solo Timber Sale. Factual reporting is mixed with lush nature footage and metaphysical observations in this more artistic work.

  • "Killer Coke - Corporate Crimes in Colombia" - how Coca Cola has been killing union leaders in Colombia. Based around a recent lecture in Portland by a Colombian union organizer. - [ story ]

  • Animal Rights Vigil at OHSU President's Home - [ story ]

  • "Preserves for People not for Profit" - All the news ain't bad news! This piece will cover the barter fair for home-preserved food that happened at People's Food Co-op on Oct. 19. This hilariously funny piece features the debut editing work of a new videoista! [ story ]

  • A Million Dollars Later - The Aug. 21 Bush Protest in N. Portland. By combining footage from a William Rivers Pitt's speech at the Seattle Bush Protest the next day, this video casts a wider net than just the events of Aug. 21 here in the Rose City, and examines fascism and its roots and rise as well.
    [ details | background ]

  • 100 Fridays for Peace - Debut video work by a local indy photographer/reporter, about PPRC's 100th Friday rally (Congrats, y'all!). This well-edited and at times humorous video is an example of how people who are new to the medium can produce quality work and have it shown around town with indymedia. You don't need to be an experienced professional to excel at the truth!
    [ background ]

  • O22 Anti-Police Brutality March - October 22 is a traditional day of protest against police brutality around the country. This year in Portland, a crew assembled to speak their minds and march. Police presence was heavy but activists had inspiring words and thoughts to share.
    [ background ]

These are the stories the corporate media dares not tell. These are the People's stories, brought to you by the pdx indy video collective and by people like you hitting the streets with cameras in hand. All Resistance showings are always free of charge, because capitalism sux. These are your stories, and you don't need to pay to see them. Come to Videos from the Resistance, and bring everyone you know!

More info / To get involved:
To contact the pdx indy video collective, or to get involved yourself, write to videoresistance@ziplip.com. Or just talk to someone at one of the video showings. You can also show up at the Red and Black Cafe (SE Division @ 22nd) on Saturday afternoons between 5:00 and 7:30ish if you want to meet indymedia activists to work with. To recieve emails about upcoming video showings and other indymedia events, sign yourself up to the announcements listserve, here.

Slight correction 17.Nov.2003 10:34


Some of the videos mentioned above have been showing throughout November, and will no longer be showing in December. (The animal rights video, for example, will not be shown in December.)

HOWEVER, shhhhh. Rumor has it, the DIY Dumpstering 2 video might be ready to show in December. That's right! It's just possible that if you come to the shows in December, you just might be able to see Intermediate Dumpstering: The Quest for Food.

If you saw Dumpstering 101, you learned some of the basics as you followed the videistas in their search for video supplies. Now come and see the bounty possible to gather from the largess of a wasteful society. If you've never dumpstered food before, this is the place to learn how. If you routinely dumpster already, come and see how accurately this reflects your experiences! See if you recognize any of the famously generous dumpsters featured here. If you have useful dumpstering advice not shown, please feel free to share it! Together, we will feed the revolution.

the DUMPSTER VIDEO! 17.Nov.2003 16:16

Dumpster diver

The second dumpster video is finally out?! YAY!

There's a new dumpster video?!?! 27.Nov.2003 12:44


Can't wait to see the next one. You guys do such awesome work. I LOVE the dumpster video. Sound advice in an insane world. I also really loved the Kendra James video, and that one where they had that exorcism at the federal building. And of course, A22 and also Day X. Actually, I love all the videos you do. Keep up the great work. You guys are an inspiration.

Kendra James Coming back outta the archives vault! 03.Dec.2003 19:36

IMC volunteer videoresistance@ziplip.com

Back by popular request (literally!), Kendra James will be showing again at the PCC showing on the 8th.