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reposting from www.MiddleEast.org

Even before Bremer was recalled to Washington and the
events of the past week, MER published on 9 November
that 'Bremer will also be jettisoned' (see below).

NEWSFLASH - www.MiddleEast.Org - Washington - 16 November 2003: Paul Bremer, American-installed ruler of Iraq, has announced his own departure. It was all phrased in convoluted and dupliticous language of course, but the reality is that the Bush Administration is strategically
floundering and what Bremer told U.S. Sunday talk-shows -- "The American occupation is to end by June but the American presence is to continue" -- attempted to mask a major policy change in Washington.
Asked specifically for the first time if this meant he would be leaving Iraq definitely by June Bremer responded, in a low-key uncharacteristic way, "yes" .
The realities are that Bremer was urgently called back to Washington just a few days ago where he was told he was failing and was going to be out. About the same time a 'top secret' CIA analysis was somehow leaked warning that the US now risked losing in Iraq. Thus the reasons for
Washington's abrupt shift are largely political at this point in time. The Bushies want to be sure their man can claim 'progress' in Iraq by next summer before the election no matter what. Bremer was told to go back to Baghdad, to shake-up the American-chosen-installed Governing Council, to change the focus from real elections and a new Constitution to chosen representatives and an 'interim Constitution', and to proclaim a return to 'Iraq sovereignty' sooner rather than later. Oh yes, there is to be a little 'side- agreement', according to Bremer, between the American-chosen-installed Governing Council and the U.S. that American troops (and corporations) will stay. Sovereignty will be proclaimed in words, denied in reality -- the Americans are getting good at this kind of thing with practice now in so many places around the world including Occupied Palestine with all the talk of a 'Palestinian State' that is in reality will certainly not be anything of the sort.
Wearing the red-white-and blue -- blue shirt, red and white striped tie -- Bremer was told to rush his announcement by appearing on a number of the network Sunday talk-shows. He was not his usually combative and assertive self. He was doing what he had been told in Washington he must -- announce his own departure no later than next June. But who knows...Washington is indeed strategically floundering and June is a very long time to go with the US troops dying and bleeding at an escalating pace and public awareness growing about how American multi-billions are flowing from Congress to Baghdad and then into the pockets of US corporate titans closely linked to top players in the Bush regime.
Meanwhile...the region is being prepared for still greater warfare as the Pentagon/neo-con/Israeli 5-year plan to regime change at least seven countries proceeds (with Pakistan and Saudi Arabia not even on that list). Of course...this all depends on Cheney, Rummie, Wolfowitz, Feith, Abrams and their dozens of senior operatives retaining power in the election now less than a year away. Among other things they may be counting on some new 9/11 taking place so they can rally the country behind their crusade one more time come what may.