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Joe Sacco Slide Show / Book Signing

Thursday, 11/20/03, 7 PM
Join us for a rare appearance by the sometimes-local, always jet-setting, ever award-winning, comic-journalist extraodrdinaire, Joe Sacco! Mr. Sacco will be presenting an informal slideshow lecture on his work, followed by a Q&A, as well as signing copies of his new book THE FIXER: A STORY FROM SARAJEVO (Drawn & Quarterly, 2003).

THE FIXER is a behind the scenes look at news gathering on the frontlines, and the relationship between war correspondents and the local "fixers" who trade in human tragedy for survival.

Joe Sacco is the critically acclaimed author of PALESTINE (Fantagraphics, 2001), SAFE AREA GORAZDE (Fantagraphics, 2000), and NOTES FROM A DEFEATIST (Fantagraphics, 2003). Born in Malta, raised in the United States, and currently residing in Portland, Mr. Sacco holds a degree in Journalism from University of Oregon.

This event is free and will begin at 7 Pm Thursday, 11/20/03. It will take place at Reading Frenzy (917 SW Oak Street, Portland, OR. 97205).

homepage: homepage: http://www.readingfrenzy.com
phone: phone: 503-274-1449
address: address: 921 SW Oak St. Portland, OR. 97205

Go! 16.Nov.2003 22:49

Geo. Orwell

If you've never seen Joe's work, you should check it out as soon as you can get your hands on it! His humanizing take on incredibly fucked-up situations you would otherwise hear of only through corp. media is amazing. You will feel as if you were actually there to witness historic events and talk to the people involved. His is a unique take on world events and he's a fucking brilliant artist, to boot.

Go, go go!

I liked PALESTINE a lot 17.Nov.2003 16:08


Joe Sacco is one of the best graphic novelists today.