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This latest by Joe Vialls is sobering. For better context, go to his website and read the
last week's column, which is part 1 of this one's part 2.
-Caveat Lector-  http://www.joevialls.co.uk/myahudi/sunburn2.html

Russia Ready to Vaporize the Jewish State
Part 2: Vladimir Putin hammers the final nail into Israel's coffin

Copyright Joe Vialls, 16 November 2003

When Mikhail Khodorkovsky was arrested in Russia and his Yukos oil assets seized, the process represented far more than simple payback against the most powerful Zionist Jew in Moscow. At a single stroke, President Vladimir Putin ensured future Russian national security, consolidated several former republics of the old Soviet Union, and most important of all, eternally blocked Israel's attempts to use "free" Yukos oil to drive its engines of war across the entire Middle East.

Within hours of Khodorkovsky's arrest in Siberia, his principal Yukos lieutenants fled Russia for Israel, whining in Tel Aviv about "expedited Israeli citizenship rights", and offering officials of the Jewish State unlimited quantities of Russian crude oil if they were guaranteed swift sanctuary. In their desperation to save themselves, the Yukos lieutenants accidentally lifted the veil on a top-secret Israeli big-bore oil pipeline network.

Partly funded by Baron Edmond Rothschild in the fifties and sixties, the pipeline was initially designed and built to import vast quantities of free crude oil from Iran, courtesy of Zionist puppet Reza Shah. Officially of course, the main pipeline running from Eilat to Ashkelon was designed to allow Iranian crude oil to bypass the Suez Canal for sale in Mediterranean and other European markets, but this was only a cosmetic cover. Most of the oil imported at Eilat never left Israel again, but found its way instead to major refineries within the Jewish State. We will return to the intriguing skullduggery of the early years later in this report.

After the Iranian Revolution in 1979, the free oil ended abruptly, and the pipeline lay effectively idle for more than twenty years. But now principal Yukos lieutenant Leonid Nevzlin was effectively offering the Jewish State the same deal all over again, this time with free Russian crude oil smuggled by Yukos and "reverse flowed" in the other direction from Ashkelon to Eilat, ostensibly to allow Russia "easier access to Asian markets".

The temptation was overwhelming, and without stopping to think it through, a spokesman for Prime Minister Ariel Sharon promptly claimed that Israel and Russia had a common interest in exploiting the Eilat-Ashkelon pipeline. "We want to make money from this (through transit fees) and the Russians want to send oil through it," said spokesman Raanan Gissin, forgetting momentarily that the only "Russians" to suggest the plan were Zionist Jews who had fled Moscow for Tel Aviv.

Back in the Kremlin, those who really controlled the oil flow from the Caspian and from Russia, watched the charade with grim amusement. The Jewish State was truly desperate now, and grasping at straws which no longer existed. The Russians [and Chinese] know very well that without oil, Israel's obscene engines of war will eventually grind to a sudden halt, making the Jewish State more vulnerable than at any other time in its existence.

Having already stalled Israeli and American pre-emptive nuclear strikes by deploying the much-feared SS-N-22 Sunburn missiles to Syria. Iran and China, the Kremlin decided to turn the military wick up the same week as the Yukos debacle, by discreetly leaking a report showing the devastating Sunburns would be progressively replaced in 2004 by the even more devastating SS-N-25 "Onyx". Though at first glance it might seem impossible for the Russians to improve on the unstoppable Sunburn, they have managed to do so, thus ensuring absolute Russian and Chinese supremacy in the Eastern Hemisphere for at least the next two decades.

Though Sunburn can fly 150 kilometers at Mach 2.1 [1,520 mph] at an average altitude of 60 feet, Onyx leaves this performance for dead. Using the same launch tubes as Sunburn, Onyx streaks along its extended 200+ kilometer flight path at a blistering Mach 2.9 [2,100 mph], while hugging the ground even closer at an average altitude of only 45 feet. Onyx is 100% "Fire and Forget", meaning that once out of the launch tube, flight management is entirely automatic, and you can forget the doomed 93,000-ton aircraft carrier sitting meekly down range, only minutes away from being converted into environmentally-friendly heat and light.

Though SS-N-25 deployment might seem like giant overkill, this is far from being the case, because Onyx differs from Sunburn in one utterly crucial way. So great is the kinetic energy at the point of impact on the target, that Onyx can sink an American aircraft carrier using only a conventional penetrating warhead. Those boffins who might doubt this should calculate the impact energy of 5,500 pounds of missile striking a carrier at a terminal velocity of 2,460 feet per second. Onyx means that Russia or China can sink American aircraft carriers at will without ever having to escalate to nuclear warfare, which gives both countries a massive strategic advantage.

Returning to the Middle East and to Israel in particular, we are now obliged to take another trip down memory lane, because in order to be able to predict the future, we first need to understand the past. It is no big secret that Baron Rothschild had a lot to do with the formation of the Jewish State in 1948, and it is no big secret that the Arab countries were outraged, and immediately imposed an oil boycott. What has been largely forgotten however, is that the Arab countries were not alone in their determination to scuttle the Jewish State. This little piece of history is very important, because certain aspects of it can be overlaid directly on contemporary events.

In April 1948 the British cut off oil supplies from Iraq to Haifa, and then in May Shell and the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company [later BP] closed the Haifa refinery. Despite being eventually forced to "recognize" the Jewish State diplomatically on 29 January 1949, Britain maintained all-out covert economic warfare in concert with others. Oil supplies were erratic and uncertain, and then in 1958, two years after Russia blocked oil exports to Israel, Esso, Shell and Socony Vacuum decided to pull the plug and leave the Jewish State altogether. So just ten years after the Zionist Jews illegally invaded Palestine and declared their "God-given right" to rape and pillage the entire nation, oil supplies were cut off completely, though not for long.

The Zionists immediately contacted the Shah of Iran. Mohammed Reza Pahlavi was a man with obscenely extravagant tastes and a heady love of life in the fast lane. His autocratic style of government was also much admired by senior members of the Jewish State. If any of the Shah's peasants got out of control or even dared to ask for food, he simply called the dreaded Savak secret police, who promptly made the problem go away.

Now here was a man the Zionist Jews could really work with! In return for providing every luxury he could eat in the west, from caviar to choir boys, Reza Shah would in return provide enough crude oil to drive Israel's engines of war. Clearly there was a need to lay a big bore pipeline network to connect the ports of Eilat and Ashkelon with the refineries in Ashod and Haifa, which would also serve as "cover" for Israel's free oil supplies from Iran. A small percentage of the Iranian crude would be on-sold to European nations, thereby creating the illusion of a legitimate "commercial transfer" pipeline across Israel.

Even at this point, only half way through the short oil history of the Jewish State, the problems of the Middle East have already been brought into sharp focus. The Zionists are aggressive invaders who intend to take control of the entire Middle East oilfields, but in order to reach those oilfields they must first access massive quantities of oil to drive their engines of war. It is Catch 22. Opposing the Jewish State are Shell, BP, Esso, The Iraqi Oil Company, and a host of smaller assorted oil corporations not prepared to surrender their Middle East oil assets to a bunch of Zionist bankers in New York.

During 1957 an international pipeline company was formed and headed by Baron Edmond Rothschild, because even with free oil from Iran, driving at least one 42" pipeline from Eilat to Ashkelon was going to cost a vast amount of money. Other investors chipped in, but the largest unwitting contributors were American taxpayers. The Zionist lobbyists in Washington passed round the plate, and as usual came away with a vast wad of free cash. It goes almost without saying that free oil and a free pipeline was the ideal Zionist solution to a potentially vexing problem.

With literally free everything coming in through the ports and pipelines, the Zionists Jews then did an incredible thing, well, incredible bearing in mind they were supposed to be conquering the rest of the Middle East. The Israelis started to party night after night and week after week. With millions of workers sweating and working overtime in America to generously donate 5% of their pay checks to Israel, life was simply too good to waste time invading countries like Iraq and Syria. Mostly the Israelis lay around the beaches sniggering at the gullible Gentiles in Detroit and elsewhere, but then the dream run suddenly came to an end.

Late in the afternoon of 11 February 1979, a strange crackling voice could be heard on the radio from Tehran. The announcement was short but electrifying, "In sedaay-e enghelaab-e mardom-e Iran ast!" , literally meaning "This is the voice of the revolution of the Iranian people!" Analysts at both the CIA and the Mossad were taken completely by surprise, because both organizations were convinced the Shah would stay on his Peacock Throne for a thousand years.

Blood ran in the streets of Tehran for three days as the locals extracted a little payback for the very real sins of their former imperial masters, especially the heinous sins committed by former members of the feared and hated Savak. The Savak headquarters building was looted and names and addresses extracted, which led in turn to the genitals of former torturers being hooked up their own equipment, while the revolutionaries invented some new and truly ingenious ways of keeping their former tormenters alive in agony for as long as a week, before they were finally dispatched with a knife or a bullet. It would be impolite to details those methods here, but suffice to say that if any members of the equally hated and feared Israeli Shin Bet should somehow survive the fall of the Jewish State, they will surely be treated in identical fashion.

The revolutionaries did not spend all of their time listening to the pitiful screams of the dying Savak torturers, but sent teams down to the oil terminals to permanently shut the gate valves on Israel's free oil supply - for ever. The reaction in Tel Aviv was delayed, not unlike a crowd of junkies slowly awaking from an opiate-induced trance. The dream run had come to an end, but no one really noticed until the pipeline boosters started sucking air. Then it was all over, with the Israeli Justice Minister heard to comment, "We have lost our most important provider of oil." This must rate as one of the most stupid political understatements of the 20th Century, because Iran was Israel's only supplier of oil, and in a single day the Jewish State was once again rendered as vulnerable as it had been in the late fifties.

Within weeks the Jewish State managed to replace the Iranian supplies with oil from Mexico, which, as always, was funded by unwitting American taxpayers, but it just wasn't the same thing as having your own tame Shah just around the corner, and a fleet of Iranian supertankers waiting to discharge free crude at Eilat. It is no exaggeration to say that the current problems in the Middle East can be backtracked directly to the fall of the Shah, and the resulting cessation of free crude oil supplies to the Jewish State. In the years that followed, Zionist Jews once again remembered their quest to conquer the Middle East, though not for religious reasons.

There is no doubt that the Zionists played a major role in Gulf War One, especially in setting up Saddam Hussein to invade Kuwait. Their ultimate goal was a full invasion of Iraq designed to undermine that nation's national security, but George Bush Snr chickened out at the last minute and decided to play the game by UN rules, which required only that the Iraqis be removed from Kuwait. This was a body blow for the more rampant Zionists, who already had their eyes on Iraqi crude oil as a replacement for that of Iran.

During the nineties the Zionists penetrated deeper inside the US political and military establishment, seeking to warp and distort intelligence to their advantage, and through this find ways of getting America to act again as surrogates, sacrificing American men and women in combat for the greater good of the Jewish State.

One of the more obvious ways of warping intelligence was recently exposed as the "Office of Special Plans" in the Pentagon, an "office within an office" run by some of the most unsavory people in America, for example Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle and Douglas Feith, with Dick Cheney directly responsible for liaison in Tel Aviv. This particular unit is relatively new, but Cheney is the continuity link from one generation to another. Defense Secretary under George Bush, Cheney is an obsequious servant of the Zionists, who has been doing everything he can to undermine America in favor of the Jewish State, for at least fifteen years.

Not entirely trusting the Americans to deliver, the Zionists in Israel had a counter-plan in place during early 2001 called "Operation Shekhinah", reported by me eight months before George Bush Jnr illegally invaded Iraq. Shekhinah was a plan to hijack Iraqi oil and divert it back to Israel along mostly existing pipelines, but less than one month before it was due to be implemented in October 2001, someone somewhere attacked the Zionist banking facilities in the World Trade Center, and the plan had to be shelved through lack of financial coordination. This brings us back to the illegal invasion of Iraq, which in turn loops right back around to part one of this report.

Where we in the west have been unable to slam the brakes on the Zionists who daily risk the lives of our families and friends for the greater good of the Jewish State, President Vladimir Putin appears to have done the job for us. By letting Mikhail Khodorkovsky run with Yukos as long as he did, Putin deliberately built false hope among the Zionists, that free Russian crude oil would be the salvation of the Jewish State, and perhaps fuel its engines of war for a later putsch against lightly-defended Saudi Arabia. A cunning illusion perhaps, but that is what intelligence is all about, and Vladimir Putin used to be the Chairman of the KGB.

Now the Jewish State faces an increasingly bleak future, because this time around, there really are no more soft targets. The Shah is dead [long live the Shah... ], Iraq is in chaos, and Saudi Arabia is bristling with F-15 Eagles flown by expert and hungry European contractors. While deftly protecting the approaches to Syria and Iran with first Sunburn, and now Onyx, Russia has at the very same time neatly cut off all hope of Caspian or Russian crude.

No doubt the folk in Tel Aviv are nowadays wringing their hands and whining that it shouldn't have ended this way, but the question has to be asked, "What on earth did they expect?" You simply cannot go around killing unarmed women and children by the hundred in the short term, without expecting savage retribution in the medium to long term. The Zionist Jews in Israel have outstripped Joe Stalin to the point where they have actually become Joe Stalin, and we all know what happened to him.

Perhaps the divine Israeli madness has passed now, though I seriously doubt it. Perhaps Russia has made the Zionists think twice about their abhorrent behavior in Palestine, but deep down I know this is impossible. At the end of the day there is only one solution when a dog goes completely mad - you shoot it through the back of the head with a pistol - for the greater good of the community at large. Fortunately perhaps, that unpleasant task will not be one that you or I will have to carry out, because there are more than enough people in the local area to do it for us. Due directly to the obscene actions of the Jewish State [ and through no other cause], the Middle East is currently a powder keg with the fuze alight.

At the end of the day when America is finally forced to retreat from Iraq, and when Israel can no longer afford to buy crude oil, they will come. The Zionist Jews have already smelled the danger, and have responded by building a large brick wall. A what? This will be as effective as England's King Canute, who centuries ago sat on the beach and ordered the tide not to advance. King Canute was barking mad of course, but then so are the Zionist Jews in Palestine.

When this tide finally comes it, it will resemble the Iranians who walked over tall mountains in order to get at the Shah's men in Tehran. Remember, they walked over big tall mountains, not a silly little wall. The red tide will be unstoppable, because it will carry with it not only the living, but also the ghosts of the women and children that the Zionists Jews have tortured, raped and killed since they first invaded the Middle East.

Exactly when the red tide will arrive is impossible to say, just as it was impossible for the CIA and the Mossad to forecast that Iran was about to be freed by its own people. On the morning of 11 February 1979, Savak torturers were happily electrocuting their Iranian citizen victims, but by late afternoon the same day, were having the electrodes attached to their own testicles by the citizens themselves. It really was that fast for Iran, and so it will also be for the Jewish State.

Some Zionist Jews will escape, because as always the big bosses have a plan. Yes, there is yet another ambitious Zionist plan for the greater good of themselves. As many as 250,000 may escape the Middle East under the auspices of this top-secret "Fortress Americas" initiative, but that is the absolute maximum figure. The rest will be left in Palestine, the land they defiled, as a mass sacrifice for the angry red tide
wow! this one sure knocks your socks off, doesn't it? 15.Nov.2003 22:15


Myself, I've read few articles recently that so clearly brings into focus the where, why, how, and what's coming insofar
as this Zionist krap is concerned. I guess we'll soon see if, indeed, the Zionist's are God's Chosen People, as so
many are wont to act, and some proclaim. Don't think so, but then, we shall see!

This has 15.Nov.2003 23:45


low probablity of occurance.

That is an understatement.

King Knut 16.Nov.2003 13:35

Mulberry Sellers

Vialls' grip on relity has always been a bit tenuous, but one would think that an Englishman would at least have the story of King Knut, which is part of his country's history, semi-correct.

Knut, far from being barking mad, was heartily sick of the flattery of his courtiers. The point of the ordering the tide not to come in stunt was that Knut knew perfectly well that the sea would not obey him, thus demonstrating to the ass-kisser entourage that he was only a human being with no paranormal powers.

Meanwhile, in a world full of nuclear-armed missles which can be retargeted on pretty much anybody in minutes, it's the entire population of the world, not just Israel, which is at risk 24-7 of being vaporized.

Mis-taken 17.Nov.2003 09:45


It is the Judeo-christian myth that Russia will attack Israel that pushes this idea. Prophesy says that the enemies of God's people would attack his land from Russia, Syria, Persia (Iraq and Iran), Gomer (north European plains), ethiopia, etc to invade a defensless people in a land of unlawed towns. The judeo-christians fail to notice how it was the ZIonists who already invaded Palestine from ALL these lands, and that Palestine was defensless under the Brittish guns admitting ZIonist invadors in like Nazis let hungarians occupy Slovakia.They Fail to note that palestinians were helpless when Zionists invaded, and that the ZIonist crusader state is everything but defensless with the worlds 1/5 largest military force and uncounted (becuause they don't want them counted) weapons of mass destruction. Who could do battle with such a beast?

Sadness 05.Aug.2005 09:46

an old white guy

It is obvious from the above that people of several religians are not reading thier 'good book'. It is realy sad to read such piffle, knowing that some self appointed deity thought he or she was educating the world. Get a life loser. By the way porky, there was no 'free oil'. unlike middle eastern folk, we pay through the nose for that black gold that we showed you how to collect, from land you didn't buy. Please leave the 'web' alone and read some children's books or something nearer your mental ability.