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Inspirational Fighter in the War On (humans who consume) Drugs

The drug war not only affects otherwise law abiding citizens in America, but transcends national borders as well, so the fact that this outspoken advocate resides in BC should be of little importance. I believe that if we had more like him here in the United States, particularly in green friendly Oregon, we could help draw attention to how many people's civil liberties are being violated and begin to mobilize change.
My grandmother once told me of when she was a young child, recalling how her father and some of his close friends would spend an evening in the basement playing cards and consuming an illegal substance - alcohol. These men should not have had to hide, nor feel threatened by the law, just as those that choose to smoke bud today should not either. Here in Oregon, I know of so many people that smoke that I am amazed so many feel compelled to remain so discreet about it. An opinion is not an arrestable offense yet, and Canada has the same right of speech guaranteed, so I invite you to take a gander as to what one man with conviction, five hours north of us, is doing with that right (alongside a sprinkle or two of civil disobedience). http://archives.cbc.ca/400d.asp?id=1-69-652-3582 Note: If you are behind a personal firewall such as Norton Internet Security, ActiveX controls will have to be enabled in order to view the clip. If you don't know what this means, you most likely will be able to view it just fine.
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inspirational fighter against those who use drugs

You should meet Rush Limbaugh

Who is my lord and master.