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The biggest fuck up ever

How can money allow you to commit mass murder, fraud, extortion, and the maiming of innocent men women and children?? Just ask George, he has done it all!
GEORGE BUSH - "The Worlds Biggest Fuck Up - Ever"
The Destruction of America Continues
by voxfux

Undoubtedly George W. Bush is the worst fuck-up in the entire history of fuck-ups. Never in US history has there been a politician who has so completely, devastated the economy of the United States and imperiled so many future generations of American citizens as this war profiteering scum, George W. Bush.
Never in the history of the world can one find a single world figure who was as blustering and blundering an idiot as this colossally blundering retard, George W. Bush.
In fact even Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin ladin have never proven to be as incredibly inept to the point of near certifiable retardation as the globally hated retard, George W. Bush.
Try to name just ONE SINGLE THING in George W. Bushes ENTIRE LIFE that he didn't completely fuck-up. You cannot. And do you know why? Because there has never been a single venture or business or political office or anything in his life in which he has done anything other than completely fuck it up.

Starting in 1975 when Osama Bin Laden's older brother Saleem financed the young George Bush in his very first business with his very own oil company, Arbusto Energy Inc. Which the young Bush promptly drained of all it's cash and drove straight into the ground while extracting delirious profits for himself, to the present day where he exhibits the same pattern of sneaking in, then looting and driving the thing straight into the ground - George Bush is consistent about one thing - He fucks things up big time, and loses money for everyone else, yet extracts delerious profits for himself and key buddies of his. It's what the Bushes are designed to do - it is all they have ever done.

George Bush Jr. was designed from the beginning to fuck up, and fuck up BIG TIME and rip everyone off - and cash in. Oh there is one other fuck-up who comes in a close second place to Bush Jr. His dad. Remember that fuck-up? He's the fuck up who didn't finish the job in Iraq the first time. He's the fuck up who thought that it would be a great idea to not harm Saddam - presumably so that his retarded son could come along years later and have have another four year stint at US Treasury looting AND STILL NOT GET SADDAM - just like his dad did.


But wait a second though - These two fucking reptiles are both descendants from Prescott Bush, who it took an act of Congress to get to stop HELPING THE NAZI WAR EFFORT.
And remember this - ONCE A NAZI, ALWAYS A NAZI.

But wait there's more...

homepage: homepage: http://www.voxfux.com

I agree with voxfux 15.Nov.2003 19:18

sick of bush

This essay is a great emotional release of all that is evil and true about the Bush bloodline. definitely needs broad readership

Right On! 15.Nov.2003 20:01


Right on....that's all I wanted to say.

Que se Vayan Todos! AHORA MISMO!! 15.Nov.2003 21:42

uneasy in transylvania

In the spirit that "this too shall pass"--although one cringes at the potential carnage yet to come until this apocalyptic crew moves on--thoughts must be focused on locking them out of public life for the rest of their lives.

Recall that key players in the wrecking squad--Rumsfeld, Cheney, Abrams, Perle, Wolfawitz et al, are retreads from a sorry trail of maniacal criminal, conniving, capitalist, conservative, imperialist regimes, headed by such choice examples as "I am not a crook" Nixon, "I don't remember" Reagan and "Thousand points of light" bu$h the first. Furthermore, there are ambitious acolytes in the present, runt of the litter's, entourage, who will be poised to join the next assault. Figure the current National Security Advisor (named after a Chevron oil tanker) getting appointed as U.S. ambassador to the UN in some future administration.

I wish there was a way to get legislation in place to ban these killers from elected and appointed public office for life--drive stakes through their necrotic, blood sucking hearts. If not, expect them to return to slumber in the corporate casket when the electoral tide turns (sunrise)-- only to resurrect, like Dracula, when the sun sets--when the proto-fascists "win" another election.

When that last day of the runt's time in office comes--and it will--I fully expect, as one of the last official acts he will be given by his handlers to perform, a Presidential directive rendering immunity from any criminal and civil prosecution and investigation for the wrecking crew--Rove, the above mentioned, Libbe, Feith and the other ghoulish pack of neocons, fetus fetish fundamentalists and PNAC nuts.