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Portland's shopaholic liberals distraught at prospect of no Powell's Xmas

Portland's shopaholic liberals are distraught at the prospect of no Powell's holiday shopping.
I admit it, I'm a liberal shopaholic. I revel in my recycled toilet paper and Mini Cooper. I am deeply upset by the prospect of greedy Powell's "workers" killing Santa this year because they want health coverage. Why can't they whine AFTER the holiday season. Likely, I'll be pinching pennies in January anyway, and will not feel tempted to cross their picket line. But threatening to strike during the holiday season is a low blow.

So what if Michael Powell paid X million dollars for a new warehouse? If he says there isn't enough money for healthcare, who am I to question?

Why are Powell's workers so greedy...taking away Christmas from Portland's chrildren, and stuff? If I can't assuage my guilt by shopping at a "cool" store, I'm liable to buy less than I'd like, and that would be bad for the economy.

I've always supported the CONCEPT of unions, but ILWU local 5 is going too far in threatening to ruin Christmas. I'd rather be a scab shopper than support a bunch of union scrooges. Maybe I'll form "Citizens Against Wrecking Holiday Shopping."
another Oregon Union Bookstore 15.Nov.2003 17:02

no need to cross the line

another Oregon Union Bookstore
by Emma Vermont
The workers at Mother Kali's Books in Eugene formed a union w/ the IWW this past spring. The Board of Directors of the non-profit did voluntarily recognize the staff . This 30 year old "feminist institution" could use your support!

I thought Irony was dead. 16.Nov.2003 04:46

Burnside Employee

Shopoholic, French wine & Nicaraguan coffee always make a fine gift. Your comments sound a bit TOO familiar. Who is robbing whom? Bush hijacked this country & our Constitution. 420 dead for oil. Buy a gun & "Final Exit" (it's been marked down to $2.95) to placate the shopping misery you struggle with.

Healthcare is for yuppies 16.Nov.2003 14:36

Ouch Thats Gotta Hurt

Boycott healthcare until universal healthcare is available to all. No good radical would do otherwise.

can't really tell........... 18.Nov.2003 01:59

trying to crack this

i can't really tell if you are being ironic or not. whatever your true sentiment, you leave it ambiguous. i'm going to assume that you are saying all those things ironically, though, as a clever way of supporting powell's employees.

who can go to the dentist if they get a nasty toothache? mr. powell. what happens if a powell's worker gets a toothache? she has to decide between going to the dentist or eating.

unions can be managed poorly, but the benefits of them far outweigh any drawbacks.

and don't worry about powell's being disrupted during the holiday season. that is a tiny issue compared to the scandal of people in the richest country in human history not being able to get sufficient healthcare.

100% behind the employees.

what? 18.Nov.2003 23:01


dude, noone said that your babies couldnt have christmas. What management's proposal did say to us is that OUR babies couldnt have christmas. I say, you steal from me, I steal from you. Besides, its not like we'll be picketing every friggin day. Shop when you can, but don't expect to shop on black friday. ;)