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The war for privacy is being dictated by corporate greed for power.
All the information is free to the inquisitive who are willing to learn.
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VeriChip is a miniaturized, implantable radio frequency identification device (RFID) that has the potential to be used in a variety of personal identification, security, financial, and potential healthcare applications. About the size of a grain of rice, each VeriChip product contains a unique verification number and will be available in several formats. The verification number is captured by briefly passing a proprietary scanner over the VeriChip. A small amount of radio frequency energy passes from the scanner energizing the dormant VeriChip, which then emits a radio frequency signal transmitting the verification number.

Security Identification
In the security field, the company is actively developing applications for VeriChip in a variety of security, defense, homeland security and secure-access applications. These opportunities include using VeriChip to control authorized access to government installations and private-sector buildings, nuclear power plants, national research laboratories, correctional facilities, and sensitive transportation resources. VeriChip can enhance airport security, airline security, cruise ship security, intelligent transportation and port congestion management. In these markets, VeriChip could function as a stand-alone, tamper-proof personal verification technology or it could operate in conjunction with other security technologies such as standard ID badges and advanced biometric devices (i.e. retina scanners, thumbprint readers or face recognition devices). The Company recently unveiled VeriPass(tm) and VeriTag(tm), which will allow airport and port security personnel to link a VeriChip subscriber to his or her luggage (both during check-in and on the airplane), flight manifest logs and airline or law enforcement software databases. The concept of using VeriChip as a means for secure access could also be extended to include a range of consumer products such as PCs, laptops, cars, cell phones, and even homes and apartments.

Personal Identification
More to come...Under Development

Financial Identification
In the financial arena, the company sees enormous, untapped potential for VeriChip as a personal verification technology that could help to curb identity theft and prevent fraudulent access to banking (especially via ATMs) and credit card accounts. VeriChip's tamper-proof, personal verification technology would provide banking and credit card customers with the added protection of knowing their accounts could not be accessed unless they themselves initiated -- and were physically present during -- the transaction.

How VeriChip Works
An implantable, 12mm by 2.1mm radio frequency device, VeriChip is about the size of the point of a typical ballpoint pen. It contains a unique verification number. Utilizing an external scanner, radio frequency energy passes through the skin energizing the dormant VeriChip, which then emits a radio frequency signal containing the verification number. The number is displayed by the scanner and transmitted to a secure data storage site by authorized personnel via telephone or Internet.

FOUND THIS ON www.ctrl.org...read it too! 15.Nov.2003 18:18

just a reposter...that's all!


By the time you read this, I may already be dead. This e-mail might
seem a bit dramatic, and possibly even like a joke that someone is
playing. I assure you, it is not a joke!!

My name is Dan Kirk. Until recently, I worked in a security division
of a company called Applied Digital Solutions. I was involved with
cryptography, RSA mostly (that is the encryption that protects most
of the world's e-commerce), But I also worked on the highly
and highly controversial 2020 Neural Chip Implant. We were called -
"Project Group 7A." For the purposes of public consumption,
are calling it the Verichip (similar to the bio chip).

The overcrowding of prisons is not news to anyone, and many maximum
security prisons are being forced every year to release dangerous,
violent criminals back onto the streets.

The 2020 Neural implant chip not only tells officials where the
prisoner is at all times, the Verichip stores six lines of text and
is slightly larger than a grain of rice. It emits a 125-kHZ radio
frequency signal that can be picked up by a special scanner up to
four feet away.

Soldiers are currently in a volunteer only study being conducted by
the U.S. Military. The trial, which began at the start of this month,
is to run for six months. Should it be the success which project
managers anticipate, the whole of the Army could be micro-chipped by

Col. M. W. Jones, late RRW, told Soldier Magazine: "The chip, which
is implanted in the neck, would have many uses, one of which would be
to replace the current ID card. This would protect the identity of
those in the Armed Forces and prevent lost ID cards falling into the
wrong hands."

This all started in California Correction Facilities and has spread
to Massachusets and others. Cal. Penal Code 2670.5, 3521 states that
no experimental implant proceedures may be performed on inmates at
any time, but this experiment is being paid for by the Government and
they have found a way to make the entire thing look like a hoax.

The reason that I'm writing this is because I became aware of the
experiments being done at Pelican Bay mostly on EME (Mexican Mafia).
As the project grew, the Government needed a way to get detailed
information out to officials in charge of the prisons.

The NSA paid large sums of money to a girl named Molly Gilford to
write a seemingly innocent book that was actually encrypted with
detailed information about the 2020 Neural Chip Implant. The only
people that have the cipher to break the codes in the book are
officials very high on the Correctional Facility food chain.

She uses basic cryptography, four-letter and eight-letter Caesar
boxes, and hides many important names in the "thank you" section of
the book.

The book is called "The Official Hottie Hunting Field Guide" and
seems like an innocent, fun book that teaches women how to date. IT'S

I tried to go to the media, and now there are two men trying to kill
me. I know how this must sound, but please believe me.

Please forward this e-mail onto as many people as you can.


I'm not asking you for money, and I am not asking for personal
information about you. I am simply asking you to send it to everyone
that you know, so that the truth will be out there. The only security
I have is knowing that too many people know about my death to call it
an accident.

If something happens to me, the more people that see this, the harder
it will be for the authorities to prove that my death was an
accident. Please tell as many people as you can. Forward this e-mail
to as many people as you know and tell them that Dan Kirk's death

I thank you for your help.