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Support Needed: Miami activists arrested

Hi Friends,

On Saturday, Nov 15, five activists (including two from the Pagan cluster) were arrested in Miami for the crime of leafletting, that is, peaceful organizing for the upcoming anti-FTAA mobilization. Urgent support action is needed.
Please contact Mayor Manuel A. Diaz ("Manny") and City Attorney Alejandro
Vilarello ASAP. Briefly and strongly, let them know that...

* pre-emptive arrest of dissenters must stop right now;
* the charges against these five people are without merit and should be
dropped immediately;
* the City of Miami is expected to behave like a democracy!

Contact information:

Mayor Manny Diaz
email to his chief of staff, Francois Illas:
(that's an "eye" and two "ells" in Illas)  FIllas@ci.miami.fl.us

mayor's website:  http://www.ci.miami.fl.us/mayor/synopsis.as

This link lets you submit a "complaint or suggestion" directly to
the mayor's office:  http://www.ci.miami.fl.us/mayor/form.asp

City Attorney Alejandro Vilarello
email:  law@ci.miami.fl.us

Please do what you can to assist our friends on the frontlines! And feel
free to spread this bulletin among your friends and networks.

Also, fyi:

Near-daily updates of my Miami Journal posted on www.starhawk.org, and on
the Utne web site: www.utne.com Stay tuned, stay informed, and look for
places to join in and help with this crucial effort to turn the tide toward
a world of freedom and justice for all

homepage: homepage: http://www.starhawk.org,

more info? 15.Nov.2003 15:37


Can you explain more? All they were doing is leafletting? How is that legal to arrest them? Do the police say they were doing something else too?

Obstructing Justice 15.Nov.2003 19:33


You know, obstructing justice? That's an important charge to make when people are on the sidewalk or are observing an arrest - they are 'obstructing justice.'

Now, dropping bombs on families in Iraq, well, that's just a necessary evil of life, but obstructing justice on the sidewalk in Miami, that's something else entirely! Even removing voters from the rolls in Florida doesn't come near this. It's just in a league of its own.

Are these the same activists? 15.Nov.2003 20:42


Terse item at FTAA-IMC site < http://ftaaimc.org/en/index.shtm>

"15-11-2003 18:00: 5 activists released / 5 activistas libre
All 5 activists, including the legal observer, were released around 6 pm.

Los 5 activistas, incluso el observador legal, han salido de la cárcel a las 6pm."