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Peace protest planning

How do I get involved?
I try and go to the protests, but I often dont hear about them, or hear about them too late to go. What would I have to do to get involved in the formation of the protests? Or at least to sit in on the meetings?

Response 15.Nov.2003 08:46


Peace and Justice Works

Portland Peaqceful Response Coalition

A lot of other groups are involved in this planning, but these are twqo off the top of my head.

Hahahahahahah 15.Nov.2003 13:08


Kelso, you are already involved.... we all are. Keep your ear to the ground and form an afinity group of friends or people you trust. Don't let bullshit about how this group opperates or that one discriminates... sure there are assholes out there but the vast majority of us are together in solidarity. Good luck!

Be Careful, get a clue. Here's a helpful hint.... change starts on the inside.