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Cascadia Rising Benefit Rummage Sale - Pt 2

The Cascadia Rising Infoshop will have another benefit garage sale this weekend (10:00 am - 5:00 pm) in order to raise funds to keep the space open as well work on renovation project. We still have a ton of items for sale with new stuff coming in.
In December, we will be reopening as the Cascadia Rising Activist Resource Center. A few of the projects planned include a book and video lending library, a functioning bicycle library, free computer and internet access, as well as a space to hold group meetings and various events.

But, to make this happen, we need to raise funds, so come on down this Saturday and Sunday and check out the space, talk to folks about our plans, and buy some stuff, or just donate some money. We will also be accepting donation to be sold at the sale, as well as donations for our book, video, and bicycle library.

For more information:
Stop by at 1540 SE Clinton
or contact: