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AT&T WorldNet Services

One has to really wonder why those from the far right don't won't anyone reading or downloading files off the net concerning the Bush Administration when it comes to going to sites such as Democracynow.org. Then consider the following from those network that ley their users use a "Denial of Service Ping" to stop your download.
I went to Democracynow.org to find the article and this IP address "" came up on my fairewall log sending a "Denial of Service" to my computer. You'd think that AT&T Advanced Service would do something to their user? That remains to be seen! This IP address belongs to AT&T WorldNet Services, who is registered to none other than Network Solutions Inc. You think? Why do I include Network Solutions Inc. Lets start by stating that most attacks are coming from their registered domains.

Here 's the trace I did to get the info on this IP address:

3 2.610 ms isi-1-lngw2-atm.ln.net [AS226] Los Nettos origin AS
4 6.294 ms gigabitethernet5-0.lsanca1-cr3.bbnplanet.net [AS1/AS3356] GTE Internetworking / Level 3 Communications North America
5 9.925 ms p6-0.lsanca1-cr6.bbnplanet.net [AS1/AS3356] GTE Internetworking / Level 3 Communications North America
6 6.592 ms p6-0.lsanca2-br1.bbnplanet.net [AS1/AS3356] GTE Internetworking / Level 3 Communications North America
7 19.496 ms so-5-2-0.bbr1.LosAngeles1.level3.net [AS3356] Level 3 Communications North America
8 8.016 ms unknown.Level3.net (Fake rDNS) [AS3356] Level 3 Communications North America
9 9.911 ms att-level3-oc48.LosAngeles1.Level3.net [AS3356] Level 3 Communications North America
10 9.893 ms gbr6-p90.la2ca.ip.att.net (DNS error)
11 8.747 ms tbr1-p013601.la2ca.ip.att.net (DNS error)
12 13.223 ms tbr2-cl3.sffca.ip.att.net (DNS error)
13 29.090 ms tbr1-cl1.st6wa.ip.att.net (DNS error)
14 27.938 ms gbr2-p40.st6wa.ip.att.net (DNS error)
15 28.009 ms gar1-p370.st6wa.ip.att.net (DNS error)
16 28.559 ms mdf1-gsr12-1-pos-7-0.sea1.attens.net
17 29.325 ms mdf1-bi8k-1-eth-1-1.sea1.attens.net
18 29.503 ms DNS error

AT&T Enhanced Network Services (ATTENS3-DOM)
POB 919014
San Diego, CA 92191-9014

Domain Name: ATTENS.NET

Administrative Contact:
CERFnet (CA597-ORG)  cerf-admin@CERF.NET
PO BOX 919014
SAN DIEGO, CA 92191-9014
Technical Contact:
AT&T Enhanced Network Services (CERF-HM)  hostmaster@ATTENS.COM
AT&T Enhanced Network Services
P.O. Box 919014
San Diego, CA 92191
858-812-5000 fax: 858-812-3990

Record expires on 28-Jan-2010.
Record created on 28-Jan-2000.
Database last updated on 15-Nov-2003 02:02:21 EST.

Domain servers in listed order:




Old news.

But what can we do to fight it.