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Kucinich on Palestine and Nader

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Milan, Italy: Mr. Kucinich

How are you going to end the Israel-Palestine conflict?


Rep. Dennis J. Kucinich : It is urgent for the United States to become closely involved in the efforts to reach a peaceful agreement which protects Israel and which provides for the creation of an autonomous Palestinian state. Additionally, such an agreement must call for the rebuilding of the Palestinian areas which have been devastated. The U.S. can help to lead the way in such an agreement by participating in rebuilding housing, schools, hospitals, businesses, roads and other infrastructure. This is necessary because economic stability is a precondition of political stability. The U.S. must foster a climate of negotiation so that the Palestinians and the Israelis can come to an agreement of the sharing of water rights and on provision of mutual security. Such agreements would engender trust and confidence building and create the possibility where the parties can then deal with the issues of borders and right of return. I believe the government of Israel can help take a step in the direction of setting the stage for negotiations by stopping the building of new settlements and by ceasing in the building of walls. The United States lost an opportunity to bring peace to the region when it decided to wage war against Iraq. We must be mindful that the cause of peace is difficult to advance if we simultaneously are pursuing war. My administration will take the initiative in peacebuilding.


Albany, N.Y.: Congressman Kucinich, let us assume that you do not win the Democratic nomination for president. Given the similarity of your positions to those of the Green Party and Ralph Nader, would you support the Green Party's presidential candidate or throw your weight towards a more conservative Democrat?

Rep. Dennis J. Kucinich : Ralph Nader and I have been friends for nearly thirty years. When I needed help saving Cleveland's municipal electric system twenty five years ago, Ralph came forward to help. He and I share many ideals and goals. I have a great deal of respect for the Greens and I consider myself a Green Democrat. However, I want to make the Democratic Party more relevant. That is why I am running as a Democrat. I believe my presence in the campaign is already moving the entire party in a more progressive direction. Just think how progressive it will become when I am the nomineee and when I take the oath of office. I will certainly support the Democratic nominee. It should be easy because I expect to be the Democratic nominee.


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