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Misogyny, Racism, Fascism all have the Drug War as their common bond.

How The Drug War is the root of most isms we deal with in the world today. Without stopping the Drug War none of the isms will stop.
Addictions are hard to kick!
Addictions are hard to kick!
For the roots of Misogyny and racism look to the Drug War which is the essence of Fascism (a natural aberation of Patriarchy).

The following is a Dan Russellism see if you can get it. Taken from Shamanism and the Drug Propoganda.

The pharmakon, Dionysos, was the herb eaten, sacrificed, to satisfy the soul. The pharmakos, Pentheus, the herb's mythic double, atavistically, psychologically, identified with the herb, became the scapegoat sacrificed to satisfy the community, once the pharmakon was prohibited, once the community was convinced that healing and rebirth were second hand, not entheogenic, not sacramental, but sacrificial, political. The psychological transition was simultaneously political, religious and medical - none of the elements can be separated from one another.

The eidolon became the focus of the lost group emotion and identity, the pharmakon athanasisas, the 'medicine of immortality' to use Ignatius' phrase. The pharmakos, the official scapegoat identified with pharmakon - the Slave, the Judas, the Witch, the Nigger (a perfect pharmakos, embodying, historically, a close connection to tribal culture) became the living example of what happens to practitioners of the now prohibited shmanism. The emotive meaning, the archetypal apprehension of the originary shamanistic imagery is intentionally used against itself by the fascist high priesthood, the industrial state. Much of the unconscious hostility of racism and misogyny can be understood in terms of neurotic hostility to shamanism, that is, to nonconformity to the official cult, emotionally misunderstood, as intended, as a betrayal of the sacred.

In other words, until we stop the Drug War, non of the rest of Patriarchy will stop.




You'll wish you had supported Kucinich more.

homepage: homepage: http://www.drugwar.com/cure.shtm

the Patriarchy will Never Stop 14.Nov.2003 23:15


the Plutocracy has relinquished control of the economy,

and the People no longer rent their labor to the Plutocracy.

Patriarchy, sure... 14.Nov.2003 23:19


But what about heirarchy in general? Are you against that?


Do you really believe that the "drug war" is the root of sexism and racism? That has to be the stupid thing I ever heard.

One of the 'isms' is . . . 15.Nov.2003 02:22

glen owen theKnownUnivcerse@yahoo.com

. . . evangelical CHRISTIAN FASCISM in America.
A prime example is our local Ecumenical Ministries Oregon who openly pander for further criminalization of drug possesion including even MEDICAL marijuana (unless you are rich, white and well connected with authorities of the Police States of America) and welcome the obscene upward spiral of incarceration.
In addition all of EMO's member institutions -- except for the Episcopal Church -- are queer bashing enthusiasts. And if you're following the money, it looks like little more than a Morman brainwashing machine. EMO also has long history of vi9olasting Federal civil rights law and regulation.

503 287 3473

malarkey 15.Nov.2003 10:46

ed harley

the drug war is just another tool plucked from the ever-evolving grab-bag of fascist militarist imperialists, but racism and sexism were around long before the so-called war on drugs.