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Powell's Candelight Vigil Saturday, 11-15

Our strike wednesday was such a success, we will be celebrating Saturday night from 7-8pm in front of Powell's Burnside store at 1005 W Burnside with our weekly candelight vigil. The community support we were shown at our picket was amazing, Come join us for an hour with a "more somber" tone.
A quick thank you to all who showed up on wednesday, it wouldn't have been nearly as fun if you hadn't been there.

Just a short list of who all was there

ILWU Local 4
ILWU Local 8
Laborors Union
Jobs with Justice
Portland Teachers
other groups I probably forgot (please comment if you were there and I dont mention you)

Thank you to all our customers who chose to "shop tomorrow, not today"
Thank you to all the workers intending to deliver/repair things to Powells who did not cross our picket line.

Mighty Mighty Union!

homepage: homepage: http://www.ilwulocal5.com
phone: phone: 800-878-7323
address: address: 1005 W Burnside, Portland, Or 97209

Thank You All!! 15.Nov.2003 02:24

Grateful Burnside Employee.

Let's continue our task undaunted. The support is there. Anyone serious about books loves Powell's. Just check out the many on-line forums in solidarity with Border's in Ann Arbor. There's an overwhelming outpouring to buy from Powell's. But our struggle has had less publicity. People are learning that we are a Union Shop but are clueless of OUR situation. Educate yourself & others.
The book industry needs to be shaken up & woken up.


A candlelight vigil? 15.Nov.2003 11:13


Did somebody die a wrongful death? Don't get me wrong, I support your union and all of its actions (even a few grossly misspelled picket signs last Wednesday)...but a candlelight vigil? WTF!!!???

The Contract 15.Nov.2003 15:33


Unfortunately our contract passed away at the beginning of October. Join us in mourning its passing.

while you cannot cross the picket... 15.Nov.2003 19:14


The workers at Mother Kali's Books in Eugene formed a union w/ the IWW this past spring. The Board of Directors of the non-profit did voluntarily recognize the staff . This 30 year old "feminist institution" needs your support!