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NZ Grocery Chain Goes GE Free!

NZ Grocery Chain Goes GE Free!

Pam's brand goes GE-free
06.11.2003 9.03 am

The Pam's food brand will go GE-free, says Foodstuffs managing director
Tony Carter.

The supermarket chain, which runs the Pak'N Save, New World, Four Square
and Write Price stores, is asking for written confirmation from suppliers
that the housebrand's products contain no GE ingredients.

Without that assurance, the company would switch suppliers, Mr Carter said.
Acorns to oaks 14.Nov.2003 21:30


This is really good news. N Zed has been used as a Marketing 'Test Bed' for the Western markets for years, decades. For example EFT's were tested there in the late eighties. Also in New Zealand one can grow anything very well, so the population as a whole tend to be 'picky' eaters. With a long history of successes there being shipped up country this can only help.