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PPRC Rally November 14th 2003

This is just a generalization of random people about todays march
march hare: we went to bug Nike again. the war is still going. will we be home by Christmas?

leni margolas: its a chance to join with other people to protest the insanity...I've been doing this for about a year and its just nice to know that I'm not alone and i find it just very energizing. its groups like this that made me move to Portland.

pam allee: are you tired of marching/working for peace - and paying for war? (it's your taxes) then come to laughing horse books monday night November 17th at 7 PM, 3652 se division, bus 4 - learn a bit about the many options and risk levels for redirecting your taxes as conscientious objection to war and destruction.....

poetg: can you image the damage from 4 more years!

rob: coming to these rallies and coming to these protest allow me to express my feeling or to vent where i cannot otherwise. its good to know that this is making a difference in Portland. it seems that each week as we march we see more people driving by honking, waving and/or flashing the peace sign that more people are agreeing with what we have to say. that we are getting the message out and that people are finally understanding what this is all about.

Paul: i remember when there were just the 4 or 6 people just up the street picketing the federal courthouse over huac (house unamerican activities committee) in the early 60's. 4 to 6 people registering their complaint over a period of time has a effect. when we march every week people see 50 or 100 people walking down the street carrying signs, speaking out against war and/or injustice. it reaches out, reminds more people that these atrocities are being carried out in our name and i can sleep well tonight knowing that i have spoken out against injustice today.
Yeah, I vote democrat, so the Portland PD gave me a medal!!!! 14.Nov.2003 20:01

eric blair

If we could just get a democrat in office, everything would be just fine.

Just look when Clinton took office. He rolled back all of the damage that Reagan did to unions, don't you know? Yep, he quickly signed NAFTA, single-handedly the worst blow to working people since the industrial revolution.

And Iraq - well, we all know about the first Bush - who killed tens of thousands of Iraqis during his war. But Clinton - our liberal savior! Just like all of our liberal saviors before him! Kennedy - who initiated our decades long campaign of terrorist training throughout South and Central America! And Johnson - who massacred millions of Vietnamese!

Now Clinton only succeeded in killing at least 500,000 Iraqi children during his 8 years in office - by carrying out a non-stop bombing campaign strategically aimed at Iraq's precarious drinking water supply systems (revealed through leaked Defense Department documents). Now remember, this estimate of at least 500,000 children killed was given by the World Health Organization - historically a very pro-U.S. organization. So use your imagination as to the real numbers.

Now, I grant you, Bush only had 4 years. But half a million is hard to top.

So I carry my sign and talk about getting the new Bush out of office. Our only hope is a democrat.

I carry my fucking sign, just like I did back on March 22, 2003. Yes, I remember, the PPRC - they refused to even march around Pioneer Square with their signs. No - that was too violent and radical for them.

So the Portland PD gave them medals for being the despicable counter-revolutionary collaborators that they are.

Videos from the Resistance honors PPRC rallies 14.Nov.2003 20:22


the current line-up for Indymedia's Videos from the Resistance features a film honoring the PPRC's 100th rally for peace & justice.

Eric Blair is too busy feeling self-righteous contempt to notice that there was nothing in the original post about the Democrats or to remember that the PPRC refused to accept that award from the police that he refers to.

Indymedia now shows you the truth you won't get from the whores in the corporate media or the too-angry-to-think "revolutionaries."

So, you don't vote democrat, eh? Oh, my mistake . . . 14.Nov.2003 21:22

eric blair

I never claimed that the original post referred to democrats. However, I did mention events I witnessed on March 22, 2003. Some of the most cowardly shit I've ever seen. I don't need to gather my information about the PPRC from the internet - I do it with my own eyes and ears in the streets.

But . . . now that you mention it - yes, a reference is made in the original post referring to the democrats.

From the original post: "poetg: can you image the damage from 4 more years!"

Oh, but I guess "poetg" would have said, "Can you image the damage from 4 more years!" back in 1996. Right.

But again, I don't need you cowards to state your liberal beliefs to know what you're about - I've seen and heard enough first hand. Many a time.

So the PPRC members honored by the Portland pigs refused to accept their awards? Hmm, I seem to recall reading something a little different back on May 29th, 2003, on this same website. Here's a link to refresh your memory:


Notice the first comment, written by one of your liberal warrior PPRC friends - not denying that they accepted the awards, but making excuses for why they did. So next time you lie, make sure you can't be caught so fucking easily.

To quote your pathetically transparent lie: ". . .remember that the PPRC refused to accept that award from the police that he refers to."

So Zander Patterson, David Zindel, and Jan Weston "refused to accept that award"? They were members of the PPRC at the time, weren't they?

Keep voting democrat, parading with your signs, and betraying the revolution. Every fascist regime needs good lapdog collaborators like you to help keep any of the awakening masses docile. Pieces of shit like you at the PPRC and the like of Michael Moore are better than any PR that they could ever think of drumming up at Fox News and the Defense Department.

Keep on behaving just like those in power want you to behave. Maybe you can keep denying your own cowardice to yourselves for a little bit longer.

Eric Blair any relation to Tony 14.Nov.2003 21:39


Shit man you take a long time to say nothing.

Is it really hard to be postive despite it all? 14.Nov.2003 22:42

Gabe gabe121213@yahoo.com

It's sad, that people have to remain so passionately aggressive. The Codependency is rife. Instead of focusing on Negatives and Problems past definition which is crucial for problem solving, may I suggest a focus on being.

Love conquers hate. For movements to succeed they most show constance. PPRC with a 100th anniversary is an immovable force like few seen even in Portland. They do their best to keep things positive and informing the public and deserve nothing but praise.

For all those that hate the cops. Teach your enemy by example. Elevate them by elevating your consciousness. Give them nothing to fixate their hatred on and they won't have it.

What will you all do with the police. Those that succumbed to needing money for a family? Will you put them in an aparthied wall? Why is my history class show that Patriarchy always wins? Because if for one thing, Patriarchy knows how to organize. Even though they are genocidal maniachs they know how to use propoganda (the media), where the activist movement does not.

Effective Media is the key, and PPRC has been timely on several occasion on creating media that generated interest.

It's not what you don't do, it's what you do do.

Props to Eric Blair 15.Nov.2003 12:23

Michael b mbthink@hotmail.com

Thank you for taking the time to find evidence of liberal collaboration. There was a day when local "actavists" couldn't accept that the very "moderates" they held up as bieng worthy of praise are in fact steped in sympathy for the government thier "radical" rhetoric claims to fight. I too have been frustrated as grand jury envestigations widen, as charges mount, when local people who rhetoricly claim to be our allies walk in and co-operate. I've been there as "cop-watch" monitored and co-ordinated bushes visit to the YO center in NE Portland with the Portland PD. Seen as this brand of actavist take organizing "tips" from the police. Stood there and had the bullhorn snatched from my hand by a woman currently working with RAGE- Derailed our protest and sent everyone to the next site 15 minutes before Bush came (on anonamous advice from a friend)- after we had broken through police cordons twice to get within throwing distance of the YO center. Watched as they slandered my friend for believing that revolutionary change will not happen while this government stands. Respected members of the "actavist community" have come to a friends house (then recovering from police violence) and yelled at him for making "inflamatory" fliers calling for challenge the mayors violent police. Stating that they would do everything they could to undermine this protest and keep it from happening because- he didn't co-ordinate his propoganda with them. I've watched liberals of this cowardly stripe incircle and video tape people for attacking property. I've seen them do snatch and grabs for the cops- helping cops arrest protestors. I've been lambasted by indy postors from all over the place for doing and calling for un-arrests.

Gabe - your enemies have wherehoused millions of living people in this country. They use your spirit of co-operation to undermine efforts to disorganize thier "patriarchy." When women and men speak for tolerance of the united states government- they dissavow themselves of efforts at revolutionary change. Gabe- are you so morally pure that you would preserve the lives of a thousand politicions & corperate executives before the lives of the millions who rot in US prisons? And what of the 500,000 killed under a democrat, or the millions no doubt killed under the currant tyrant. No doubt, you would speak of tolarance for bush.

Clincton was worse than Bush? 16.Nov.2003 00:23


Of course the military under Clinton was controlled by the Neocon bigots. Clinton did the minimum damage necessary under tough circumstances and under pressure from the political "right". They were busy assassinating his character. GWB has no character.

George II brought about an unnecessary war that has killed thousands of civilians. This is murder by indifference at the very least.

He has not succeeded in destroying the terrorists. There is no single center of power for terrorism. All GWB has done is create another generation of potential terrorists.

This is not a person who deserves to be re-elected. He is not a moral person. If you can't figure that out soon, you are truly lost.

Sure 16.Nov.2003 12:38


Sure and monica lewinski made him bomb a pharmacy. Or double the NIH budget for animal testing. Or be the most fervent proponant of the WTO. Or allow the forest service to smash meni hana free state or ingage in numerous attempts at murdering forest actavists for like- what 7 and a half years of his residency? Both men are evel neo liberal fucks. Line'em up and...