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state-sponsored Lynch cover up?

Possibly bogus thread from real story about Pvt. Jessica Lynch/Iraqi hospital/military ops. Apparently Pvt. Lynch's rescuers are suiciding or getting killed. Can anyone check names of these soldiers as K.I.A. or dead?
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The Lynch That Stole America

There are reasons why people like me are called conspiracy theorists. It is because that is the lable you give someone when they tell you a story that you think is cynical or paranoid. Many Conspiracy guys are paranoid, some are dupes, and well there are a few that see inconsistency and point it out. They also point out when they smell a rat. The Jessica Lynch story stinks more now than it ever has.

Soon we will be sold a bag of goods about how she is a hero and that the men who went in after her went in Rambo style kicking a s s and taking names.

Well of course we remember how the BBC reported that this event never happened.

People in the United States were crying foul. They were to quick to praise the hero.

They didn't want to hear about the crap that the BBC was spewing.

Sure enough, Lynch has selective amnesia and cannot remember the events of her capture and rescue. The whole situation is laughable. Though we continue to see her rake in the millions of dollars for her hero worship and a book deal that some how landed in the lap of accused New York times plagiarist Rick Bragg.

When we heard that the Department of Defense was going to stick to the original story of the events and when people were kicking at me saying I was wrong about her I said, okay if it is a real conspiracy they will knock of a couple of the "rescuers" who may want to spill the beans about the true story.

So far four of Lynch's colleagues have assumed room temperature.

Here is a list of who they are and how they have died.

Petty Officer First Class David M. Tapper died of wounds received in Afghanistan. He took part in the rescue.

Lance Cpl. Sok Khak Ung killed in a drive-by shooting. He was also part of the rescue team.

Spc Josh Daniel Speer died when his car went over an embankment. He was part of the rescue team.

Kyle Edward Williams who worked in the same company as Lynch, died of "suicide". This suicide took place after Williams shot a man who was trying to break into his car.

So is this a coincidence?

If it is, it is quite frightening.

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Been there dune that 14.Nov.2003 21:59


Conspiracy theory, just the facts thanks for the story man. It looks like we may have a new contender for the highest death rate of a group of witnesses. Until now the hands down winner was the group of people in Daly Plaza on 11-22-63. In the first five years after the killing witnesses dropped like flies. But this may be a higher rate.