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FTAA approaches Miami as activists mobilize

Seven days before the mass march and Direct Action against the FTAA (Free Trade Area of the Americas) the city of Miami is bustling. The police are mobilizing against protestors, while activists mobilize against the FTAA.

The convergence space is a vibrant mix of diverse peoples setting up aid for those converging in Miami. There are several working groups, including housing, food, legal, and action medical/wellness, set up to make sure that all needs are covered. The FTAA-Miami IMC space is also located in the Convergence Center.

The city, state, and county police have been actively harassing protesters; three activists were arrested Monday November 10 without provocation.

Today, November 13, the "Protest Ordinance" passed unanimously, giving the police a supposed upperhand. However, their trainings have focused on the things that they have made illegal, and the global justice movement has creativity in their pocket. The police may be facing tactics that they have never trained for.

Local, grassroots groups representing communities of color have been taking an active role in resisting corporate globalization. The Root Cause is releasing a Community Impact Report, outlining the impacts of free trade policies on poor communities and communities of color in South Florida.

Overall, the air is buzzing with excitement. New people arrive everyday and immerse themselves in organizing, learning new things and meeting new people working to create a wonderful community. Florida activists have set up a Free Carnival Area of the Americas, building puppets for the protests and using education, art, and action to create positive change. Two streaming IMC radio projects have been set up, and print and video working groups are also active.

homepage: homepage: http://www.ftaaimc.org