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9.11 investigation

Radio Frequency Identification: Portland to be Laboratory

The RFID issues goes well beyond just tires. They've been putting them in dogs for years, and most recently children. Soon virtually every product sold in Portland will have a chip. Vera Katz recently signed an executive order allowing portland to be a RFID test lab.
This is an extremely excellent report on the full government mandated homeland security plan for RFID. Basically those little plastic slips that are now in all the money are going to be in everything. So the Katz-Shop will know where everyone is, what they did, and when they did it. www.engr.uky.edu/~pgoodrum/smartchips/files/ Schneider%20-%20Report_final.pdf
Fact Checking 14.Nov.2003 17:03

Bison Boy

"... Vera Katz recently signed an executive order allowing portland to be a RFID test lab. ... Basically those little plastic slips that are now in all the money are going to be in everything. So the Katz-Shop will know where everyone is, what they did, and when they did it. www.engr.uky.edu/ ~pgoodrum/smartchips/files/ Schneider%20-%20Report_final.pdf"

Amazing. Dr. Spichnter, what comes out of your mouth is tuly amazing. It's also complete bunk.

There are some problems with your facts. For instance, any executive order by Vera Katz is pretty much irrelevant, even if it exists. (Which I doubt. Show me.) "Allowing" is hardly the same thing as "requiring". You seem to have a much exaggerated opinion of what a mayor is empowered to do. I'm sure she must be flattered by that.

You also seem to have an exaggerated opinion about what RFID tags are capable of, and how small and unobtrusive they can be made. The little plastic strips in money are *not* RFID tags.. they're *plastic*. You'd need some metallic components to make an RF transponder. (If you don't believe me, there's an easy solution: just microwave your money. No sparks? No metal. Besides, that'll burn out any circuits small enough to fit in the strip.) And if those little strips *were* RFID tags, why bother putting them in everything else? Most people carry at least a little cash.

RFID will be introduced by major retailers and their suppliers, not the government. The companies will do it to help them control their inventory. There are legitamate privacy concerns raised by this, but they have nothing to do with the government. (Of course, the companies may someday share data with the feds.)

And, of course, the link you provided does not work.

There are real privacy concerns about RFID tags in everyday products, but you haven't hit them. Check your facts some more..

Lojak for teens 14.Nov.2003 19:26


You know I've been saying this for years, and damn it, I'm glad things are finally going my way.

Imagine.....it's 1:30 am in the morning and your 16 year old is 4 hours past their curfew. Their pager is turned off and you have no way to know if they're bent over a filthy porcelain toilet in a dingy club, or out of their miind on E, or under a tree after dog run hours without a condem in sight.

BUT, you have lojak for teens and all you have to do is log on to your personlized web site, plug in their social #, and up comes your satelite beam, with your kid's exact coordinates.

Yep. That's what I'm talkin about!

Pink and Proud

Get chipped! 14.Nov.2003 21:56


I've been wigging out ever since I saw this site:  http://www.adsx.com
also www.digitalangelcorp.com
and www.verichip.com
It starts with the pets. Then come the children we're afraid for...
Then we need to "get chipped" just to be able to enter public buildings....
for our security.

bad link 14.Nov.2003 22:31


so old sweetie pie Vera is behind this???? 15.Nov.2003 10:00

Tin Man

So the Old Bolshivik Biddy did this by simply signing an executive order. Why this old wornout windbag not let her fellow toadies debate on it and all vote on it? With this damned old woman, we'd all better wake up and see what is going on with these damned empty suits, lead by the Wicked Witch of the West. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

Why doesn't this surprise me? 15.Nov.2003 11:20

Astar Rover

I would fully expect that Vera would be among the fearful Zionist politicians who are panicing in the face of a general uprising by their American slave population. "Get em chipped...get em dumbed down...get em robotized as soon as possible - we must have our army to drive across the middle east!"

Just as Siagon fell in one day, just as Tehran fell in one day, just as La Paz fell in one day...so also shall the Zionists fall in one day:


hope it's real soon... 15.Nov.2003 13:09

am smiling now

Last poster has keen sense of humor as well as HISTORY. I too hope the Great Revolution takes place soon (at
least before I soon pass on from liver cancer), and while I won't be able to actually get out and participate, I'll get
the laugh of my life to see that damned old Vera waddling away from City Hall when the revolutionists take it over.
It'll be better than her waddle across the PHIL & KELLY stage (the CBS tv bullshit program she was on just after
9-11) and it'll be at a faster gait too! ha! ha! ha! ha!

Katz waddling away from City Hall...when? 15.Nov.2003 13:25

wanna see it

My! That's sure the Katz's meow. how wicked and terribly FUNNY!

she wasn't on the PHIL & KELLY show, you da... 15.Nov.2003 13:48


She wasn't on the CBS PHIL & KELLY show as there is no such. But there is the REGIS & KELLY or is it LIVE
WITH REGIS & KELLY? Don't pay no attention when I walk across the stage. And yeh, I remember this gal,
as she was on a "ME-ME-ME-TRIP" and while ostentatiously about how Portland was coming to New York to
revitialize the tourism industry, the conversation seemed to center more on HER! What an ego?

Miniaturized, Implantable Identification Technology 15.Nov.2003 15:18


We know the problem.
It's time to fight the problem.
Corporate control of goverment.

Here is the information.

On July 13, 2000 the Senate passed a measure in the FY 2001 Defense Authorization Act that - if approved by the full Congress - would severely undercut the public's ability to obtain critical human rights information gathered by U.S. defense attachés (DATT) and other U.S. military representatives abroad. The provision would exempt from release under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) the "operational files" of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA). This would include most of the documents produced by the Defense HUMINT Service - files that have been declassified routinely in the past and which in many cases contain crucial information about human rights violations committed by foreign military and intelligence units and other important information about political and military developments around the world.
The DIA and the military services maintain a large number of military attachés and a much smaller network of clandestine case officers to satisfy foreign intelligence requirements. The Defense HUMINT Service became operational October 1, 1995, to consolidate the human intelligence (HUMINT) capabilities of the DIA, Army, Navy, and Air Force.

The proposed section extends to the DIA the language of the CIA Information Act of 1984, which exempted certain files in the CIA's directorate of operations from the Freedom of Information Act on the basis of an extensive public record, multiple hearings, and specificity as to exactly which files would be covered. Unlike the CIA Act, however, there were no public hearings on the proposed DIA exemption, no debate, no testimony, and no public record other than a misleading five-paragraph "background paper" from the DIA. And while the CIA had argued in 1984 that the operational exemption would actually produce a net increase in released material, it is clear that the application of such an exemption to the DIA would drastically reduce the number of documents currently being released.

If passed by the full Congress the legislation would effectively shield the activities of foreign death squads, torturers and kidnappers from public scrutiny and would greatly undermine the efforts of official truth commissions - many of which have been aided by the declassification of such records - to clarify responsibility for human rights violations. Below are examples of the kinds of military HUMINT reports that would be exempt from release if the Senate language is included in the final bill. The first eleven documents - released through FOIA and special declassification projects - contain important information on human rights abuses committed by Chilean and Guatemalan security forces. The next set of documents cover a range of political and military matters and are included to illustrate the broad range of topics covered by defense intelligence operational reports. These records are just a small sample of the hundreds of DIA HUMINT reports that the Archive has obtained. There are also many more of these kinds of DIA documents available at the State Department's Electronic Reading Room, including dozens of additional reports about human rights violations in Chile and Guatemala.



VeriChip is a miniaturized, implantable radio frequency identification device (RFID) that has the potential to be used in a variety of security, financial, and other applications. About the size of a grain of rice, each VeriChip product contains a unique verification number and will be available in several formats. The verification number is captured by briefly passing a proprietary scanner over the VeriChip. A small amount of radio frequency energy passes from the scanner energizing the dormant VeriChip, which then emits a radio frequency signal transmitting the verification number.

Can you see the big picture.

a different prespective on these VeriChip RFID's 15.Nov.2003 17:45

just a reposter


By the time you read this, I may already be dead. This e-mail might
seem a bit dramatic, and possibly even like a joke that someone is
playing. I assure you, it is not a joke!!

My name is Dan Kirk. Until recently, I worked in a security division
of a company called Applied Digital Solutions. I was involved with
cryptography, RSA mostly (that is the encryption that protects most
of the world's e-commerce), But I also worked on the highly
and highly controversial 2020 Neural Chip Implant. We were called -
"Project Group 7A." For the purposes of public consumption,
are calling it the Verichip (similar to the bio chip).

The overcrowding of prisons is not news to anyone, and many maximum
security prisons are being forced every year to release dangerous,
violent criminals back onto the streets.

The 2020 Neural implant chip not only tells officials where the
prisoner is at all times, the Verichip stores six lines of text and
is slightly larger than a grain of rice. It emits a 125-kHZ radio
frequency signal that can be picked up by a special scanner up to
four feet away.

Soldiers are currently in a volunteer only study being conducted by
the U.S. Military. The trial, which began at the start of this month,
is to run for six months. Should it be the success which project
managers anticipate, the whole of the Army could be micro-chipped by

Col. M. W. Jones, late RRW, told Soldier Magazine: "The chip, which
is implanted in the neck, would have many uses, one of which would be
to replace the current ID card. This would protect the identity of
those in the Armed Forces and prevent lost ID cards falling into the
wrong hands."

This all started in California Correction Facilities and has spread
to Massachusets and others. Cal. Penal Code 2670.5, 3521 states that
no experimental implant proceedures may be performed on inmates at
any time, but this experiment is being paid for by the Government and
they have found a way to make the entire thing look like a hoax.

The reason that I'm writing this is because I became aware of the
experiments being done at Pelican Bay mostly on EME (Mexican Mafia).
As the project grew, the Government needed a way to get detailed
information out to officials in charge of the prisons.

The NSA paid large sums of money to a girl named Molly Gilford to
write a seemingly innocent book that was actually encrypted with
detailed information about the 2020 Neural Chip Implant. The only
people that have the cipher to break the codes in the book are
officials very high on the Correctional Facility food chain.

She uses basic cryptography, four-letter and eight-letter Caesar
boxes, and hides many important names in the "thank you" section of
the book.

The book is called "The Official Hottie Hunting Field Guide" and
seems like an innocent, fun book that teaches women how to date. IT'S

I tried to go to the media, and now there are two men trying to kill
me. I know how this must sound, but please believe me.

Please forward this e-mail onto as many people as you can.


I'm not asking you for money, and I am not asking for personal
information about you. I am simply asking you to send it to everyone
that you know, so that the truth will be out there. The only security
I have is knowing that too many people know about my death to call it
an accident.

If something happens to me, the more people that see this, the harder
it will be for the authorities to prove that my death was an
accident. Please tell as many people as you can. Forward this e-mail
to as many people as you know and tell them that Dan Kirk's death

I thank you for your help.