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imperialism & war

See what The Standard call "Stunnung Arrogance"

An editorial from The Standard [Hong Kong]
To avoid copyright infringement, I will only post the URL, but it's worth reading.
okay, so MY typing leaves a bit to be desired 14.Nov.2003 13:25



It'd be funny, if... 14.Nov.2003 14:47


"As of Wednesday last week the tally of American dead in Iraq, where US forces number about 130,000 troops, was 397. The Vietnam War, which the US Army says officially began on December 11, 1961, saw 392 deaths by the end of 1964. [With] just over 17,000 troops in Indochina."

Now that's efficiency! What took Kennedy & Johnson 3 years, Bush managed to surpass in less that 9 months (by 5 deaths). And y'all thought he didn't have a knack for numbers!