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ACORN turns in 2000 voter registration forms after deadline

ACORN turns in 2000 voter registration forms after deadline
According to the new Willy Week, ACORN turned in upwards of 2000 voter registration forms after the deadline. In addition, many of the forms were expired. I registered with ACORN and put my trust in them, and missed an opportunity to vote in PUD election.

Can anyone confirm or deny that this is really what happened? I know Willy Week is prone to hyperbole, and I'd like to know what's going on.
Apology(?) 14.Nov.2003 15:11

anon boy

I cannot confirm or deny the WW article. I used to work for ACORN on voter registry. Not speaking for them but just for myself, I apologize for any screw-up in the process. Even though I don't work there anymore, I know there are some good people there (despite the organization's faults) and I would imagine any problems are undoubtedly unintentional.

it's probably true 15.Nov.2003 17:51


In late October I was at the Mult Cty Elections office getting some data for the PUD campaign. One of the women in the office helping me told me that "a group" had been registering voters and had turned them in two days late. She didn't say which group is was.

I was hoping that it was a pro-PGE group, but I doubted it. They would have their act together.

Losing an election is an accumulation of little things like this, esp when the other side spends $2 million & you only have $35,000.

I didn't think they deserved the Rogue of the Week. There are plenty of better candidates for that award.