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Fatty-capped free parking - Why??

Why do fat people get free and close in parking?
First - most of my travel is by bike or bus. I use my old car only when there is no other way or the weather is terrible. I bring this issue up because I am pissed off at the abuse by lazy, fat SOBs of a system that is supposed to help people who truly need help.

I was visiting my elderly grandfather. He is feeble and NEEDS to use a car and handicapped pass. We went to a store at a mall and tried to park in a handicapped spot. There were none available. All the spaces were full.

I did not watch everyone at that time, but have watched enough "handicapped" people to know what what most likely the case. Nearly all the spaces were taken by FATTIES. They put up their little blue signs, squeeze out of the cars, then waddle into the store. Then they plop themselves into the one of the electric fatty caddies the store provides. I think these carts are intended for truly handicapped people, but most of the time they are used by FATTIES who are too damn lazy to walk.

Has anyone ever watched who gets many of the parking places downtown? FATTIES! They park free, any time and where ever they want to. What the fuck? No meters. No time limits.

Most of these fatties are not diseased. They simply eat too damn much and exercise too little. It is a matter of impulse control, one of the things you are supposed to learn at about age 5. They do not deserve special treatment and it pisses me off that they get it and those who need it are being crowded out. If obesity is a "disease" to be accomodated, then why not other problems of impulse control like shoplifting, indecent exposure, rape, child molesting, etc? Maybe there should be special store check out lines and unsecured exits where diseased shoplifters can leave without being stopped. How about a special section of school playgrounds where sickos can whack their peckers in front of the children?
ironic weight impared home sapiens 14.Nov.2003 09:49

Dom DeLuise

Although I don't share your idea that all fat handicapped parkers are just fat, I never am surprised that whenever a car gets too close to me when I'm on my bike, and tries to intimidate me, the middle finger that comes out of the car window as they speed away is ALWAYS a fat, pasty one.

Maybe this site should be moderated better 14.Nov.2003 10:09


When I read crap like this on Indymedia that is just hateful and purposeless, I think some of the crazies on here are as bad as mainstream Amerika. Does the moderation policy of the board allow prejudices and discrimination? This is no better than Lars Larson and his ilk. I would expect better quality from Indymedia. I guess anybody can get on here and say anything, whether it's racist, classist, size-ist, negative towards people under the Americans with Disabilities Act, whatever. There are many postings on here that interest me a great deal, but I'm about ready to quit reading Portland Indymedia because it makes me too disappointed in the community.

Pissed off replies to the Bear 14.Nov.2003 11:16

Pissed off

Bear, I used to be a fatty. Then I noticed there are not very many old fatties. They die young or too immobile to leave their house. There are many with walkers and canes. I think they have legit disabilities, but they were most likely brought on by carrying around hundreds of extra pounds.

Now I am not a fatty. Being fat is a lifestyle choice. It is totally unlike being disabled by disease like MS, or CF, or polio, or being blind or deaf. It is reversable by simply not picking up the fork. It is not like being hated for being a minority like black, gay (I am gay), or Jewish (I am Jewish). You are not born fat. You get there by your own efforts.

I don't hate fat people. I hate people who steal my grandfather's parking place and think they deserve it because they are too fat. I hate people who steal parking meter income from the city and think it is ok because they are too fat.

To Pissed off, and then to Bear 14.Nov.2003 11:34

Comments r us

Pissed off, have you considered that people with disabilities are often unable to participate in activities the rest of us do for exercise? Perhaps THAT is why so many people who park in handicap spaces appear overweight to you. Correlation is not necessarily causation. Be pissed off about real issues. Not parking problems.

Bear, I agree with you that the original post seemed nasty and irrelevant. It's a waste of time to read stuff like that. But I disagree about the need for someone to do more moderating. The strength of this site is that you are free to respond to what the person said. When someone says something like this, you can immediately refute it. Real democratic communication.

Bear is defensive about being a fatty 14.Nov.2003 12:50

not a fatty

There are far, far too many fatties. Drives up my health insurance costs, all their health problems. OK, not all fatties are fatties because of laziness. Still, Indymedia is about posting news items freely, and it is certainly news if fatties and not true handicapped are taking up valuable handi-parking spaces.

who drives up costs? 14.Nov.2003 12:55


Their is no one to blame for rising insurance costs except the insurance companies themselves and the politicians that support them. Just because they tell you a particular group is causing costs to go up for everyone doesn't make it true. Or do you think that countries with lower health insurance costs (which is, well, all of them) don't also have people with the same health issues?

If you want lower insurance, single payer is the way to go, not shifting blame onto already stigmatized groups.

Really, if the thing that makes you VERY ANGRY 14.Nov.2003 12:57


is parking spaces, then you're not looking at the big picture. There's a lot to be upset about this world, and fat people and parking spaces doesn't make the top 500 for anyone with a heart and intellect. Serious advice: try channelling that anger for a real cause.

to ALL--and btw Bear this isn't a "board" 14.Nov.2003 13:33

say what you want, but . . .

none of this changes the fact that 21st century Americans are the most overweight group of human beings ever to have existed.

I see tons of terminally obese people (300 pounds +) on the bus and MAX lines daily.

Pissed off replies to heh 14.Nov.2003 13:57

Pissed off

You obviously are not or do not know anyone who is genuinely disabled and CANNOT (I did not say does not want to) do what they need to do because others have selfishly taken up the few disabled parking spaces for the fat ass lazy convenience.

This is a REAL problem for a few folks. The whole disabled parking concept was designed to help them out, not provide free and easy parking for the cheap and/or lazy.

I just walked a few streets downtown. In 3 blocks of metered parking over half the spaces were taken by "disabled" parking permits. It is not possible that that many people genuinely need that benefit. I have personally witnessed countless able-bodied people park, scan the area, slip up their blue card, and scurry out of their cars walking away with no visible problems. Most of these people are grossly overweight. I also know from personal knowledge that some are using other people's cards.

I am sorry if I offended someone who truly needs this benefit. That is a mistake. My opinion is that YOU need this benefit and the abusers are taking it from you for their own selfish reasons.

tubalubs 14.Nov.2003 14:27


How many moon slugs do you know who actually exercise and eat properly? I'll bet more people get handicapped from being fat, than people get fat from being handicapped. I've seen handicapped old ladies who are able to drag their wheelchairs down the street with their feet. Those piggies you see that park in the handicapped spots and drive those little carts around the store filling their baskets with cheeze balls aren't making it any easier on themselves.So while it's not nice to make fun of fatties, it's not nice to hog handicapped spots for people who really ARE handicapped. Get it, hog spots, ha ha ha.

Well, well 14.Nov.2003 14:31

Israel Bayer

I pondered at weather I should just ignore this or not, but considering I'm fat and sexy I couldn't resist. First off, if you are so bold and rightous about your conviction of fat people, at least use you're real name to bring some credibility into the mix. I don't have a car so I'm not guilty of parking in reserved parking for anything, but I will say being fat or not fat shouldn't really matter to you. People are people, and beautiful at that, all sizes, shapes, and colors!! Besides often times people mistake people being overweight with money, but more times than not it's a product of being po, so maybe you just need to lighten up! Seize the weekend!

Isreal is right 14.Nov.2003 14:54


Your are right Israel, I am sorry for making fun of fat people. If weed was a cheeseburger, I'd be fat too. I think the point of this whole argument is that if someone does choose to be fat, or doesn't have the will power to eat properly and exercise, they should not be taking parking spots from people who CAN'T do anything about their condition. This doesn't apply only to fat people, but people who are getting over injuries and are almost fully healed, but still have the parking sticker and anyone else who abuses handicapped parking.

First... 14.Nov.2003 17:40

Bison Boy

First they came for the Yuppies
and I did not speak out
because I do not drink Starbucks.
Then they came for the Car Owners
and I did not speak out
because I ride a bike.
Then they came for the Fat People
and I did not speak out
because I was not Fat.
Then they came for me
and there was no one left
to speak out for me.

If you have a problem with the disabled permit process, Pissed Off, then rant about the crappy permit process. I see lots of people, of all shapes, that appear to be abusing the handicapped parking. Are you blind to the skinny ones, jumping out of their sports cars? You're just picking on an easy target, and it's little different from all the times it has been done before.

Shame on you.

Anyone can abuse disable parking 14.Nov.2003 18:41


One way to keep undisable people out of disable parking is to increase public spending on public transportation. I am fucking sick of hearing plans to shut down Amtrak let alone not expand it! We were supposed to have a highspeed passenger train system in this country long ago, but that ass Reagan, who obviously has never heard of the "necessary but unprofitable" syndrome, killed it and subsidized the oil prices to kill off solar energy and get people to drive more cars. It's not just bad for consumers, workers and the environment, it is also just plain bad economics.

Apology 14.Nov.2003 21:01

Pissed off

Bison Boy, you are right. I was out of line. It seems I have some impulse control issues myself.

I am really sick of the jackals scavenging the weak and disabled. I struck out at an easy and obvious target. Just like the assholes I am complaining about do to the disabled.

Apology, more 14.Nov.2003 21:12

Pissed off

Jackals and Assholes: fat, skinny, white, black, male, female, gay, straight, etc.

Just to clear it up, I am trying not to pick on just the fat ones. I am a recovering fatty myself. No one is nastier to a smoker than an ex-smoker. Fatties, too.

Bravo 15.Nov.2003 16:13

Bison Boy

Bravo, Pissed Off, for having the courage to admit your mistake.

Now, I challenge you to find the courage to avoid repeating it. It's an altogether harder proposition, but I expect you're up to it.

This is not a joke, but I'm sure many will see 15.Nov.2003 16:45


it as one: I can't stand it when people use animals to refer to derogatory human qualities. "Jackal." Humans do enough damage to animals--let's leave 'em alone in our speech. I totally aplaud you for apologizing--you're wonderful for doing that. But please everyone, hear this too.

give me a fucking break 16.Nov.2003 13:07


i'm gonna puke now. thanks. i just ate, now i'm gonna have to eat again. (i didn't eat any animals or any animal derived products, fyi, jackass (HA))

Use of Handicap Parking for Placard/Plate Bearers 11.Dec.2003 15:50

Mama Rabbit

Not all people who use handicap spots LOOK like they are handicapped. I'm a case in point. I have gained considerable weight due to medication required to control my condition, mainly prednisone. I have had to call an ambulance from a store, able to walk in, but not out. As I said, I don't look handicapped. To give you an idea of the problems, I have acute, chronic asthma, diabetes, arthritis, Graves Disease, among others.
My beef is with people who park in the handicap spots without the placard or plate. The local high school in Prescott Valley, AZ doesn't care if people park in the reserved handicap spots. They refuse to announce the offenders or ask the owners of the cars to move. They refuse to call the police to cite the owners. The athletic director did tell me that the jocks were allowed to park in the spots because it was closer to the facility (Duh.....and these sports are not Special Olympics). The local police won't accept dated/timed videotape of the cars parked during sport events. This has been going on for a few months after I have complained to the school. My daughter is receiving pressure from students. My car has been keyed when parked at the school for 15 minutes. For these reasons, I'm not going to drop asking that the school and local police cooperate to keep these spots for people who truly need them, per doctor's directions.
If the school can afford to have a "Food Police" to make sure noone carries a drink or food into the gym, they can have someone check the parking.

fat people stealing my handicap spaces!! 05.Sep.2004 12:28

bum knee

Hi. I am a 33 years old and was involved in an accident last year which left me handicap. I truly NEED to be close because I can barely walk and I still want to be able to go places. My leg is full of steel rods and screws and it hurts. Why is it that fat people park in those spaces? Go on a diet or get bypass surgury for gods sake. Don't tell me you can't walk from the parking lot to the door, because I see you in the store walking all over the damn place.. if you can do that then you can walk from a regular space. There is nothing I can do to fix my leg, I am stuck with it. Stay out of handicap spaces lard asses!

Hey 13.Mar.2005 18:26


Excuse me...but I don't mean to be rude but...fuck you...with all due respect. I am a "fatty" and I have a serious respitory illness. I am unable to work out for long periods of times without my lungs closing up better yet walk a half a mile up hill to get to my destionation. Who are you to say that the people that you see are not disabled, just because they don't have one leg. Maybe they can't walk for long periods of times. As much as I wish I could...I can't. You sound like a horses ass and a very uneducated person. Your ignorance will get you killed. Please get it together. Try shutting your mouth and opening your mind!! Yes, some people that are overweight are lazy. But not all.



Fuck you.