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Important Targe in Portland

THERE IS A SUMITOMO IN PORTLAND! Activists all over the country and the world are putting their might together right now to make them drop HLS.
Sumitomo Corporation of America
1300 SW 5th Avenue,
Suite 2800
Portland, OR 97201-5667
Tel: 503.226.3271
Fax: 503.220.0233

Don't you feel lucky?

Damn. I guess it's time to get busy. 13.Nov.2003 22:56


What shall we do?

more information, please. 14.Nov.2003 11:58


Could someone please explain HLS and what's going on with this company? i want to know, and i couldn't find anything but the abbreviation on the linked website. Thank you.

learn more 14.Nov.2003 12:08


Who they are and what they do: