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What's level.net about? I'll try to explain how it effects everyone of us here in the US of A. Everything we do on the net goes through level3.net, every web page we request goes through level3.net. Even our mail servers go through leve3.net.
Think of it this way , you lock your doors at home but someone found a way to get in and cause trouble for you but you have no tools to keep out the intruders. That is what level3.net is. A tool for people like Ashcroft to get inside your computer and cause trouble. When you go a who isyou find a phone number to call level3.net and find out that if you want to go to the WWW you have go through them to get to the site you want. You send a request to your mail server, it also goes through level3.net.

It is at this point where those whom wish to gather info concerning your e-mails can be intercepted and you have no one to trun to because those at level3.net say that the ip address or 209.244.04 are robotic servers that only route your request. Standrad statement coming from this level3.net.

But firewalls tell the story differently and log every entry made on your computer, every request send to your computer and every request you send out to either get to your mail server or the WWW. When these servers start attempting to get to protected files on your computer and your firewall puts up a stop on the ip address such as, which translates to resolver1.level3.net one starts figuring out what is going on with level3.net.

When you call their 800 number you start figuring out a few more things that maybe you didn't know about level3.net such as fiber optics being phone lines and the like along with a few other very interesting bits of infomation of concerning the internet.

That this one more step and you realize that if you go online to do your banking it goes through level3.net since you are using the web .

Are you starting to get the picture yet!

level3.net 13.Nov.2003 19:51


I am level3.net I lev3el3.net your level3.net email.

Common, really. You can do this thing called "traceroute" and findout what comptures you go through to contact a website. We don't all go through ;eve;3.net whatever the hell that is supposed to be. If the government wants to monitor they would use standard cisco routers placed at major hubs in the original DARPA network. And in fact, they do. Of course they've added a few listening points at major universities and satellite uplinks, but same system, just improved upon and upgraded over time. It is called echelon and by doing a search on google you will find plenty of public info on it. But then again, this could just be a trick by level3.net to catch you muahahahaha...

More on level3.net 13.Nov.2003 21:08


[whois.arin.net] for "IP address"

OrgName: Level 3 Communications, Inc.
Address: 1025 Eldorado Blvd.
City: Broomfield
StateProv: CO
PostalCode: 80021
Country: US

NetRange: -
NetHandle: NET-209-244-0-0-1
Parent: NET-209-0-0-0-0
NetType: Direct Allocation
NameServer: NS1.LEVEL3.NET
NameServer: NS2.LEVEL3.NET
RegDate: 1998-05-22
Updated: 2001-05-30

TechHandle: LC-ORG-ARIN
TechName: level Communications
TechPhone: +1-877-453-8353
TechEmail:  ipaddressing@level3.com

OrgAbuseHandle: APL8-ARIN
OrgAbuseName: Abuse POC LVLT
OrgAbusePhone: +1-877-453-8353
OrgAbuseEmail:  abuse@level3.com

OrgTechHandle: TPL1-ARIN
OrgTechName: Tech POC LVLT
OrgTechPhone: +1-877-453-8353
OrgTechEmail:  ipaddressing@level3.com

OrgTechHandle: ARINC4-ARIN
OrgTechName: ARIN Contact
OrgTechPhone: +1-800-436-8489
OrgTechEmail:  arin-contact@genuity.com

# ARIN WHOIS database, last updated 2003-11-11 19:15
# Enter ? for additional hints on searching ARIN's WHOIS database.

Whois complete 11/12/03 06:06:42 AM
Start: 11/12/03 06:09:40 AM
Whois user[@<whois.server>]:

No match for "".

Please be advised that this whois server only contains DOD Information.
All INTERNET Domain, IP Network Number, and ASN records are kept in
the Internet Registry, RS.INTERNIC.NET.

Whois complete 11/12/03 06:09:57 AM
Start: 11/12/03 06:10:38 AM
;; Query: ,type = ANY , class = ANY

;; ANSWERS: 908 IN PTR resolver1.level3.net.

244.209.in-addr.arpa. 2991 IN NS ns2.level3.net.
244.209.in-addr.arpa. 2991 IN NS ns1.level3.net.

ns2.level3.net. 1234 IN A
ns1.level3.net. 1210 IN A

DNR Query complete 11/12/03 06:10:54 AM

Check the site out for yourself " http://www.level3.net/"

When you see entries on your firewall log: unkown.level3.net which is You have to wonder who owns this corp and who they give campaign money to!

Here is there site 13.Nov.2003 21:44


"Based on the amount of Internet traffic on Level 3's IP backbone, Level 3 is among the top three largest Internet carriers in the world. Through Level 3's dial-up ISP customers, the company's dial-up infrastructure is accessible to approximately 90% of the U.S. population. When a typical Internet user at home dials the Internet using a modem in the U.S., there is better than a one-in-three chance that their call is being completed within a Level 3 data center."
from  http://www.level3.com/576.html

More info on level3.net 14.Nov.2003 00:05


This imsges clearly illustrates that those at level3.net use their servers to attempt to block access to mail servers when you send a request to get your messages.

more on illegal activity by level3.net 14.Nov.2003 00:39


This image clearly illustrates how those using their services can attempt to access protected areas on anyone's hard drive. My firewall blocked this IP address for attempting to gain access to areas I selected to protect from intruders.

More info 14.Nov.2003 01:13


This image illustrates the intent by (which is, according to level3.net as being a robot server which holds data only)to block my access to the web until I unlocked certain settings for the internet, enabling true site IP's being listed by my firewall. Note the IP address third from the top which translates into "unkown.level3.net."

Host Names truncated to 32 bytes
1 nas16.portland1.level3.net. ( ): 153ms 200ms 147ms
2 gige7-0-2.hsipaccess2.seattle1.l ( ): 144ms
2 gige7-0-1.hsipaccess2.seattle1.l ( ): 196ms
2 gige7-0-2.hsipaccess2.seattle1.l ( ): 188ms
3 ge-4-0-1.mp1.seattle1.level3.net ( ): 313ms 203ms 142ms
4 *
4 unknown.level3.net. ( ): 159ms 157ms
5 so-2-0-0.gar2.sanjose1.level3.ne ( ): 163ms 232ms 158ms
6 so-10-0.hsa4.sanjose1.level3.net ( ): 156ms 202ms 160ms
7 globix-level3-vni.sanjose1.level ( 158ms 200ms 161ms
8 ge-0-1-0.core2.pao1.globix.net. ( ): 162ms 220ms 152ms
9 so-4-2-0.core2.sjc3.globix.net. ( ): 162ms 230ms 156ms
10 so-0-0-0.core1.sjc3.globix.net. ( ): 312ms 233ms 158ms
11 so-1-0-0.core2.cgx2.globix.net. ( ): 223ms 229ms 223ms
12 so-0-0-0.core1.cgx2.globix.net. ( ): 222ms 222ms 314ms
13 so-1-0-0.core2.nyc8.globix.net. ( ): 218ms 231ms 226ms
14 pos15-0.core2.nyc1.globix.net. ( ): 355ms 229ms 217ms
15 v6-edge8-gw2.nyc1.globix.net. ( ): 326ms 240ms 221ms
16 ( ): 301ms 234ms 237ms
exit settings to access.gif
exit settings to access.gif