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9.11 investigation

RFID tags in tires required by 2004

posted on comments slashdot the yester day
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surprisingly wasn't censored by today (like many slashdot posts)

please spread the word ! / and post on other boards if possible ... apparently they've been in some tires since 2002.
Your car tires have RFIDs in them ALREADY!!! (Score:4, Interesting)
by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday November 11, @07:09PM (#7449433)
Its a us federal sponsorred initiative to track vehicles near certain highways feeding certain urban areas.

basically the fbi enters a rfid number into the database and then history of travel for the car pops up.

the feds can also pre-enter rfids they want to watch after getting a reading off your parked car or from the canadian-us customs border (where they already actively log the car rfids in the tires and associate them with plates)

Your tires have a passive coil with 64 to 128 bit serial number emitter in them! (AIAG B-11 ADC v3.0) .

Photos of chips before molded into tires: www.sokymat.com/applications/tireid.html

Californias Fastpass is being upgraded to scan ALL responding car tires in future years upcoming. I-75 may get them next in rural funnel points in Ohio.


YOU MUST BUY NEUTRALIZED OR FOREIGN TIRES!!!!! Soon such tires will become illegal to import or manufacture.

Using these chips to track people while they drive is actually the idea of the us gov, and current chips CANNOT BE DISABLED or removed. They hope ALL tires will have these chips in 4 years and hope people have a very hard time finding non-chipped tires. Removing the chips is near impossible without destroying the tire as the chips were designed with that DARPA design goal.

They are hardened against removal or heat damage or easy eye detection and can be almost ANYWHERE in the new "big brother" tires. In fact in current models they are integrated early and deep into the substrate of the tire as per US FBI request.

Our freedom of travel are going away in 2003, because now there is an international STANDARD for all tire transponder RFID chips and in 2004 nearly ALL USA cars will have them. Refer to AIAG B-11 ADC, (B-11 is coincidentally Post Sept 11 fastrack initiative by US Gov to speed up tire chip standardization to one read-back standard for highway usage).

The AIAG is "The Automotive Industry Action Group"

The non proprietary (non-sokymat controlled) standard is the AIAG B-11 standard is the "Tire Label and Radio Frequency Identification" standard

"ADC" stands for "Automatic Data Collection"

The "AIDCW" is the US gov manipulated "Automatic Identification Data Collection Work Group"

The standard was started and finished rapidly in less than a year as a direct consequence of the Sep 11 attacks by Saudi nationals.

I believe detection of the AIAG B-11 radio chips (RFIS serial number transponders) in the upgraded car tracking  http://www.tadiran-telematics.com/products6.html is currently secret knowledge. Another reason to leave "finger print on Driver license" California, but Ohio gets it next, as will every other state eventually.

The AIAG is claiming the chips reduce car theft, assist in tracking defects, and assists error-proofing the tire assembly process. But the real secret is that these 5 cent devices are a us government backed initiative to track citizens travel without their consent or ability to disable the transponders in any way.

All tire manufacturers are forced to comply AIAG B-11 3.0 Radio Tire tracking standard by the 2004 model year. www.aiag.org/publications/b11.asp

Viewing b11 synopsis is free, downloads from that are $10 and tracked by the FBI. Use the google cache to avoid leaving breadcrumbs.

A huge (28 megabyte compressed zip) video of a tire being scanned remotely is at  http://mows.aiag.org/ScriptContent/videos/ (the file is "video Aiagb-11.zip"). I would use a proxie when touching it. The FBI is monitoring the "curious" hackers.

And just as showerheads are now illegal to import into the USA from Canada or mexico, as are drums of industrial Freon, and standard size toilets are illegal to import for home use, soon car tires without radio transponders will be illegal to bring across state borders.

All the tires stored in the federal logging computers at the current and future interstate highway chokepoints can be (with some effort) tied to particular peoples vehicles, but typically they are used forensically, (ie. After a vehicle is found, its history of travel is used as evidence against it, installing at factories, and people using credit cards to buy new tires makes a few more strategies easy for the feds).

The US gov is getting away with this. You read it here first. Well over a YEAR and a HALF ago, from me, but fbi shills kept marking my message to -1 to silence this post except in recent post where it survived at +2 after 20 hours.\. It never gets modded up (after 12 hours), and this is the probably fourth time I posted it over the last 14 months, each time within hours, a cluster of shill slashdot accts by the government mod it down to 1, 0 or most often -1.

I do not care, but come people might.

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another article :


RFID Tags Gain Traction in Tire Tracking

August 28, 2001—When tomorrow's rubber meets the road, it will likely be carrying a small, electronic tracking device that will aid the verification of tire warranty, authenticity, and performance. A new standard, developed by the Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) is ready for roll-out. Called B-11, the soon-to-be-released standard is said to be the world's first application standard addressing item-level identification using RFID technology.

This past June, the AIAG conducted a technical demonstration to evaluate RFID technologies, and in July, the organization's Tire and Wheel Identification Work Group adopted the MH10.8.4 air interface standard. ("Air interface" refers to the way RFID interrogators interact with the computer chips on tags.)

Placed on the inside of the vehicle's tires by the tire manufacturers, the UHF-based, 128-byte, read/write RFID tag provides the ability to associate that tire with a specific vehicle. Along with the unique tag ID, a 12-character coding structure, called the DOT (Department of Transportation) Number, will be written to each RFID tag by the tire manufacturer. The DOT code identifies the manufacturing plant, tire size, unique components of the tire, and the week and year that the tire was manufactured. Congress's recently passed Transportation Recall Enactment, Accountability and Documentation Act (TREAD) supports this initiative. Tires with RFID chips could be released as early as January 2002. According to the Rubber Manufacturers Association, last year's shipments of tires for new passenger vehicles and light trucks totaled 67.3 million, while replacement tires totaled 233.2 million.

Prime among the RFID tag manufacturers for this new application is Intermec Technologies Corp. (Everett, WA), whose Intellitag system supports the new standard. "Intermec has been working with the major US auto makers and tire suppliers for some time to develop an RFID product to provide a permanent and unique identity for each tire that goes on a vehicle," said Eric Freeburg, a Detroit-based executive with Intermec and a member of the AIAG committee (see related item under "PEOPLE"). The application means improved data collection and sharing throughout the supply chain, noted Jim Evans, vice president of Intellitag product management for Intermec. "Now we're taking the technology to the next level by working with the major auto makers to develop an inexpensive chip that will provide real-time inflation and temperature information to the driver."

Silly Humans Enslave Themselves to Their Automobiles and Big Brother 13.Nov.2003 20:57


If it makes it easier for the government to track your movements, then it's just another reason not to be a slave to your automobile. Use public transit, ride a bike or walk and you become more invisible to Big Brother. I guess this will also create a black market in NOS (new old stock) tires, too...

wow 14.Nov.2003 03:28

Black Sheep

The posibilities of RFID technology are quite chilling. It is truely starting to look a lot like 1984. You mentioned taking the chips out, but didn't talk about blocker RFIDs. (i.e. An RFID that emits all the potential responses when queried thus blocking any usefull data collection.) Does anyone know what the status of those is? Is anyone making them or close to making them? The difficulty as I understand it with having a blocker RFID at this point is that there are a number of competing RFID technologies all of which operate of different frequencies, etc.

the funny thing is 14.Nov.2003 14:13


Tires are just the bigenning.

There was a story on NPR's "Marketplace" a few weeks ago about RFID's being installed into all clothing at stores such as The Gap. Purportedly this is done so inventory can quickly and constantly be monitered by scanning the radio signatures in the store. They suggested that this technology can be used to stop shoplifting, and make distribution of inventory more efficiant.

The story claimed that the chips can be disabled upon sale to prevent tracking of shoppers. On the opposition, privacy groups said that we are stuck trusting the store to do so, as their is no way to check if a chip has been disabled.

The things cost a nickel, they'll mandate them in everything. Cell phones (all ready a law), BIKE TIRES, shoes... Heck, before long they'll probably design ones to put in food that our bodies absorb during digestion.

RFID: The new chemtrails? 14.Nov.2003 17:22

Bison Boy

Well, maybe not "the new chemtrails". At least this menace actually exists.

Let's consider a couple aspects of these things.

First, we must remember that this is a radio transponder. As such, it needs some source of power. So, either it has a battery, or it might conceivably be powered by the "query" signal.

If it has a battery, the battery has a finite lifetime. It will expire; it's only a matter of time. (And the more queries, the shorter the lifetime.) If it does not have a battery, then the transponder range will be very short, maybe a couple dozen feet.

Either way, jamming (that is, sending a bunch of nonsense signals in reply to queries) or burnout (that is, blowing out the antenna circuits with an overload signal) should be relatively easy and effective countermeasures. I am not an electrical engineer, but a microwave oven should do the trick.

Second, the designs for retail RFID tags originally did not include a mechanism to disable the tag. But last I heard, about a year ago, the concerns about privacy sent at least one manufacturer back to the drawing board to include an easy way to permanently disable the device by burnout. It is likely other manufacturers will follow suit.

It is not necessary to ban RFID outright. (They have a lot of benefits for inventory control, or folks like Wal-Mart wouldn't be spending money on the systems.) Instead, what we need to do is demand regulation that ensures all RFID devices will be disabled at the time of purchase, or at least that they can easily be disabled by the customer at home.

Keep an eye on RFID, but there's no need to get really worked up about it yet.

Tires? Ha. 14.Nov.2003 22:29


here is another prespective of these VeriChip RFID's 15.Nov.2003 17:48

just a reposter


By the time you read this, I may already be dead. This e-mail might
seem a bit dramatic, and possibly even like a joke that someone is
playing. I assure you, it is not a joke!!

My name is Dan Kirk. Until recently, I worked in a security division
of a company called Applied Digital Solutions. I was involved with
cryptography, RSA mostly (that is the encryption that protects most
of the world's e-commerce), But I also worked on the highly
and highly controversial 2020 Neural Chip Implant. We were called -
"Project Group 7A." For the purposes of public consumption,
are calling it the Verichip (similar to the bio chip).

The overcrowding of prisons is not news to anyone, and many maximum
security prisons are being forced every year to release dangerous,
violent criminals back onto the streets.

The 2020 Neural implant chip not only tells officials where the
prisoner is at all times, the Verichip stores six lines of text and
is slightly larger than a grain of rice. It emits a 125-kHZ radio
frequency signal that can be picked up by a special scanner up to
four feet away.

Soldiers are currently in a volunteer only study being conducted by
the U.S. Military. The trial, which began at the start of this month,
is to run for six months. Should it be the success which project
managers anticipate, the whole of the Army could be micro-chipped by

Col. M. W. Jones, late RRW, told Soldier Magazine: "The chip, which
is implanted in the neck, would have many uses, one of which would be
to replace the current ID card. This would protect the identity of
those in the Armed Forces and prevent lost ID cards falling into the
wrong hands."

This all started in California Correction Facilities and has spread
to Massachusets and others. Cal. Penal Code 2670.5, 3521 states that
no experimental implant proceedures may be performed on inmates at
any time, but this experiment is being paid for by the Government and
they have found a way to make the entire thing look like a hoax.

The reason that I'm writing this is because I became aware of the
experiments being done at Pelican Bay mostly on EME (Mexican Mafia).
As the project grew, the Government needed a way to get detailed
information out to officials in charge of the prisons.

The NSA paid large sums of money to a girl named Molly Gilford to
write a seemingly innocent book that was actually encrypted with
detailed information about the 2020 Neural Chip Implant. The only
people that have the cipher to break the codes in the book are
officials very high on the Correctional Facility food chain.

She uses basic cryptography, four-letter and eight-letter Caesar
boxes, and hides many important names in the "thank you" section of
the book.

The book is called "The Official Hottie Hunting Field Guide" and
seems like an innocent, fun book that teaches women how to date. IT'S

I tried to go to the media, and now there are two men trying to kill
me. I know how this must sound, but please believe me.

Please forward this e-mail onto as many people as you can.


I'm not asking you for money, and I am not asking for personal
information about you. I am simply asking you to send it to everyone
that you know, so that the truth will be out there. The only security
I have is knowing that too many people know about my death to call it
an accident.

If something happens to me, the more people that see this, the harder
it will be for the authorities to prove that my death was an
accident. Please tell as many people as you can. Forward this e-mail
to as many people as you know and tell them that Dan Kirk's death

I thank you for your help.


RFID in all shoes!!! 21.Mar.2004 03:16

Victim of mugging

The fbi has RFID in shoes... I was mugged the FBI was in the Vicinity and I saw the person that ripped me off enter a local store. The FBI went it and easily identified that the criminal with overhead satellite trackers was at the location where I was MUGGED got me back 1000 dollars cash he had mugged me for. Nice people the FBI...

Digital Angel the satellites are the Angels of GOD. 21.Mar.2004 04:00

Chips all Over


Isnt it NICE those beautiful Digital Angel Satellite tracking chips they are putting in everything, everyone. In your Tennis, or shoes, or even toilet paper, or condoms they will find you, know what you did, when you did it, and to who?? What is neat they can now find you in metal enclosures, under metal enclosures, buried six feet down. There are specific frequencies that as TESLA proved penetrate all matter... There is NO SHEILDING for those newer commercial types. They are VLF modulated. There is only one solution. EMP pulse burn them by using a welder and a few FINE strands of COPPER wire, a few 1 farad capacitors charged to max then a switch thrown to create an emp pulse strong enough to burn them up. Of course you will feel one hell of a sharp hot spot or burn in your body as the chip shorts out.. The reason for those chips is FOR TRACKING PEOPLE. If you get kidnapped they will know where you are AT. Who really has to worry here THIEFS, ---TERRORISTS---, CRIMINALS, MURDERERS, RAPISTS, CONMEN.... A bank is robbed, 14 people killed the theifs get not more than 10 miles away the DIGITAL ANGEL CHIP allready IDENTIFIED them, IT ALLOWS FBI overhead satellites to track them. They are put in federal pen for life. OH WHAT A NICE CHIP... NICE NICE NICE..... Here is a place that you can use the device in a NON COILED COPPER FASHION to create an EMP GENERATOR that will SHORT OUT ALL THE DEVICES ABOVE. YOU LIFE IS IN YOUR HANDS LITERALLY!!!!! When you FIRE that switch you better KNOW EXACTLY how far to stand to SHORT OUT THE DEVICES IN QUESTION WITHOUT KILLING YOUR SELF!!! THIS WILLL KILLL>...


Nothng to fear 23.Nov.2004 17:31

ken sheck b119911b@yahoo.com

Hello all.

If a person is doing well and not doing anything illegal, they have nothing to fear at all. It is a truth that the law is there for those who would break the law, not for those who already know it and do not break it. There is too much persecution complex in many of us today. In fact, some one who is overly worried about their privacy probably has something they are ashamed to have anyone else find out about.

As for the media itself, they are completely star struck and think that that is no one worth anything of importance unless they are the star of famous person of some sort of media in entertainment. The medis industry gives itself awards for MEDIA attractions and to cause many who are not happy with their life to think the only thing worth while to be of do is to sing, or be in movies, or on the news and in talk shows and so on. The media is very immature about most things. The news today and many many talk shows and so on are nothing but the rantings of people after ratings and they are GOSSIP, not news.

Thanks, Ken