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A Left-Liberal's view of the Portland Oregon flavor of Anarchism

What is this Anarchy thing?
My purpose, to start a discussion of the meaning of the Portland Oregon flavor of Anarchism as it currently exists, and see how far it goes.

A Greek definition of Anarchy:
An Archeron: No leader. Leaderlessness. My understanding is that

My understanding of Anarchy, from what I have seen of it in the downtown Portland area over the course of the last two years is that it is more of a demigogic tribalism than a classical leaderless movement. What this leads to in the actions that I have seen is certain personalities make on the spot decisions, and the crowd that is attending follows alon. It could not be said to be completely egalitarian.
I have heard of the occasional use of what are called spokescouncils as compared to a more centralized Roberts rules of ordertype of meeting management. In the spokescouncil, as I understand it, everyone is allowed an equal voice. This kind of thing happens at the beginning of the Portland city council meetings also, where citizens are allowed to speak for three minutes on any topic they personally think is important.

I prefer a more Left-Liberal view, where personal liberty is maximized, and close control is kept on business activities (especially big business activities.)

This is just a loose description of what I have seen going on and not a complete picture by any means.
News flash 14.Nov.2003 15:22


Don't you know? Chown is a brave leader, the true leader, the only and best. Obey Chown!

unfortunately, this seems accurate 14.Nov.2003 17:27


as an anarchist, I agree with much of your assesment. it's a bummer, and I wish there were other ways to deal with the unegalitarian nature of things. Unfortunately, any attempt to deal with such dynamics gets labeled authoritarian by self appointed leaders, when in reality only some of the measures suggested probably are really contrary to any form of anarchism other than radical individualism.

I don't think Portland Anarchism is bad per se 15.Nov.2003 23:55



it's kind of archaic. Mohamid of Islamic fame had to create cooperation amoung waring tribes. Now it is a major religion.

I suppose if anarchism were to grow, it would have to become a kind of nation within itself, or fall back into individuals deny any higher power than their own ends.

In such a case it heads straight towards Libertairansim. Individual selfishness rules all. It's a problem to solve, but I think the solution is provisional and temporary in each human beings case.