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Mayor Katz and Chief Foxworth scheduled to walk with NE Portland foot patrol

Mayor Katz and Chief Foxworth join the Vernon Community Association foot patrol to learn more about crime in an inner Northeast neighborhood. Scheduled for Friday night November 7th the foot patrol plans a stop at Alberta Park to discuss crime and graffiti.
Inner NE Portland is seeing an increase in gang activity, burglaries, and person to person crimes accouding to the Vernon community Association (VCA). The VCA is the citizens group supporting one of the hardest hit neighborhoods. To help address this problem a new foot patrol has been formed. This volunteer group gets a helping hand and the attention of City Hall this week when Mayor Katz and the new Police Chief Foxworth will join the patrol. The Mayor and Chief hope to learn firsthand about crime in this neighborhood accouding to the VCA. The VCA foot patrol plans stops a the site of a recent murder on 18th Ave in addition a stop at Fire Station 14 located in Alberta Park at NE 19th and Killingsworth.

During the stop at Alberta Park (7:20 PM) the "Friends of Alberta Park" citizens group will register volunteers to help clean up graffiti using one of the new "Graffiti Kits" being supplied by the city. Kits are now available throughout the Portland with Fire Station 14 one of the checkout locations. "Friends of Albert Park" will be one of the first citizens groups to take advantage of this new anti crime tool.

For more information about "Friends of Alberta Park" or the "Vernon Community Association" reader visit:


homepage: homepage: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Friends-of-Alberta-Park/
phone: phone: 503-288-1226