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(Press**Watch) call for renewed demonstrations

We've felt discouraged since the invasion began.
Now it's time to renew our efforts.
The 11-million-strong worldwide demonstration earlier this year rocked the Bush Administration
and aided greatly in denying international aid and legitimacy to the combat. The effects are
being seen now, as the various 'coalition' members prepare to remove their troops.

The Bush fascists are weakened by the prospect of military failure; now is the time to
strike with multilateral efforts, including demonstrations. If we care for human life, if
we care for our own people, we should work to end this racist imperial war.

Press**Watch for -11-13-03

I won't be the first nor the best in analyzing the meaning of Proconsul Paul
Bremer's sudden trip to Washington. Maybe a brief timeline from
Al-Jazeera says it best ( I claim 'fair use' as a media criticism):
(al Jazeera)
The following is a list of the most important attacks to rock Iraq since 1 May when United States President George Bush declared combat operations over.
US forces have borne the brunt of the resistance, losing 156 soldiers in post-combat attacks:

24 June: Six British military police are killed in the southern town of al-Majar al-Kabir in a gunbattle with residents, angry about house searches for illegal weapons using dogs, considered unclean in Islam.

5 July: Seven US-trained Iraqi police recruits are killed and 40 wounded in a blast at a training centre in Ramadi, about 100 km west of Baghdad.

7 Aug: A car bomb outside the Jordanian mission in Baghdad kills at least 14 people and wounds dozens.

11 Aug: Six Iraqi prisoners die and 59 are wounded when the Abu Gharib prison west of Baghdad comes under mortar fire.

19 Aug: A truck bomb outside UN headquarters in Baghdad kills 22 people, including the international body's top Iraq envoy, Sergio Vieira de Mello.

29 Aug: A car bomb kills 83 people, including Iraq's leading Shia politician, Ayat Allah Muhammad Baqer al-Hakim, and wounds 125 outside one of Islam's holiest shrines in the central Iraqi city of Najaf.

12 Sept: US gunfire kills 12, nine of them police officers, in Falluja. The US military apologises and announces the opening of an investigation, which exonerates those responsible.

20 Sept: First attack in Baghdad targeting an official of the Iraqi Governing Council: Akila al-Hashimi dies five days later.

The UN headquarters in Baghdad
was targeted as well

25 Sept: Eight Iraqi civilians die and 18 are injured when a mortar bomb falls on a crowded square in Baqubah, a city northeast of Baghdad.

9 Oct: A human bomber blows up an explosives-laden car outside a Baghdad police station, killing eight other people, three of them police officers.

12 Oct: At least six people are killed and 10 seriously wounded in a car bombing outside the Baghdad Hotel, home to US security personnel and contractors, as well as some members of the US-backed Governing Council.

14 Oct: A car bomb explodes outside the Turkish mission in Baghdad, killing the bomber and wounding six people, including two mission guards.

26 Oct: Rockets pound Baghdad's Rashid Hotel where US Deputy Defence Secretary Paul Wolfowitz is staying, killing a soldier and wounding 17 other people.

27 Oct: Five explosions around Baghdad target four police stations and the ICRC offices, killing at least 19 and wounding 68, including 10 US soldiers.

2 Nov: A Chinook helicopter carrying US troops on leave is shot down by a missile near Falluja, killing 16 soldiers and wounding 26 in the worst single attack on occupation forces.

7 Nov: A US Black Hawk helicopter is downed in Tikrit, probably by a rocket-propelled grenade, killing all six aboard.

12 Nov: At least 25 people killed, most of them Italian military personnel in an attack on the Italian operational headquarters at al-Nisiriya in southern Iraq

That says it all to me: "Mene, Mene, tekel, upharsin." Pardon my Christianity damage,
But that's the legend I grew up with: the writing on the wall. One ignores it at one's peril.
In discussions among leftists there has been much talk of hubris. In my experience,
These discussions are not motivated by bitterness nor even, at first, by our easy rejection of the war administration, but by a constant barrage of almost unbelievable arrogance.
Let me just list a few. I could easily start this list five hundred years ago, or with Ronald Reagan hypocritically pontificating from the Berlin Wall, but I'll start with this administration, because, as I was saying, they take the cake.

The Junior Bush Administration arrogantly informed us all, without proof nor even
Substantial evidence, that the plot to attack on 9-11 had originated in Afghanistan.
No discussion was to be allowed. The attack on Afghanistan went forward, cheered
By Americans shocked by the attacks and eager for a scapegoat. Never mind that the
Attackers were Saudis and Egyptians. Never mind that the British and the Russians
Had historically failed to occupy Afghanistan. Don't dare mention that Afghan land and
Acquiescence is necessary to pipe millions of tons of natural gas across Asia for the
Profits of Unocal.

The attack on Afghanistan is not without its costs—and we have not seen the brunt of
Those costs, yet. Daily reports—even through the information stranglehold of the US
Military—indicate that the situation in Afghanistan is, as they say, "unstable." That's
Not the word a certain British lone survivor used when he finally made it out of the
Country to report that his entire division had been wiped out. Hubris has its price.

And this year, Bush Junior has decided to occupy Iraq. The international community
Warned him not to do it; the IAEA proved there was no reason; professional arms
Inspector Scott Ritter's team proved there was no reason; but there was a reason.
The Russians and French had been making legitimate contracts with the Iraq
Government to draw out some of the world's second largest oil reserves, and that meant
That Halliburton and other US-based oil multinationals would not be first in line
For the post-peak oil profits.

We all know this. But we live in an era of obnoxious conservative intimidation, in which
It is unacceptable to speak of the truth. This hear-no-evil approach has finally cursed the
Illegitimate leadership at the top. Now they must deal with the fact that they were stupid
Enough to believe their own racist propaganda. The Bush/Cheney oligarchy sincerely
Believes in the lie of racism: they really thought that Iraqis were so lacking in memory,
So incapable of analysis, so prone to bootlicking, that they would welcome Americans
As liberators even after more than a decade of siege and bombing, even after an invasion,
Even after the occupation forces set up without attempting to repair the infrastructure.

But racism really is a lie. The Iraqis hate us for good reason, and they are strong and
Intelligent enough to desire to kick out the arrogant, destroying invaders. Perhaps the
Problem is one of projection: it is internal bootlicking—a conservative specialty—that
Led to the acceptance of cooked intelligence reports claiming that Iraq threatened the
World with nerve gas and smallpox and anthrax and nuclear bombs. No one dared,
As one conservative to another, to shout "this is the truth and that is a lie!" We all
Know conservatives, and we know the reason: once a dogma is accepted—for example,
That impoverished godforsaken Iraq is a world threat—it is a crime to state otherwise,
A crime that will be punished with banishment -at least - from those in power.

Hubris happens. People get worked up about their ideas, become beholden to their own
Social status and/or power, and refuse to consider the truth when it is unpleasant. The
Problem that we face now is that we are suffering from what Jung would call a
'psychic epidemic' of hubris. For those who side with the oligarchy that stole
power back in 2000, no truth can be heard about a number of topics—because
once the door is opened, Pandora's box will flood the mind with demons. Let me
name a few of those demons: the FBI is covering up the anthrax killer because he
acted at the behest of the -say it out loud—conspiracy to set the US at war with
the world. The Air Force didn't intercept the jets on 9-11, as they easily did with
Payne Webber's jet, because someone told them to stand down; those deaths were
Necessary to the plan. And Iraq is a war to control another people's natural resources.

Oh, and one more notice to the conservatives: We're losing our stupid solitary imperial
Racist oil war. We're losing. Those aluminum coffins are coming back from a lost
Cause. We're going to pay billions, probably trillions, to fight this unjust atrocity,
And then we aren't going to get to feed the fat wallets of oil distributors after all,
Because we're going to get kicked out, at a minimum, and possibly we're going to
See a surrender. Of US troops. For the sake of Dick Cheney's hubris.
errata 13.Nov.2003 12:28

theresa m

The phrase 'Let me list just a few' should have said 'let me list just a few examples.'

--apparently, my Word program capitalized the beginning letter of each
line. I wasn't trying to make a poem.

oh well....

the american options 13.Nov.2003 18:08


the possible solutions?

1. create reservations re-education and extermination zones. This failed in vietnam but was attempted.

3. retreat. i like this one-but its too rational-pride is truely now our enemy.

4. invade more countries in the region which well draw more occupation labor to the region.

Problem with the above occupation solutions is that the american don't want to live in iraq and will have to stay for 50 or so years till the oil is depleated.

suffering could be the answer, much as the english soldier in ireland.

another solution is the use of nigerian troops- for example, using money, oil and aids medicines for trade other african troops may trade there labor as well. Remenber when billy was there? Eurasian subcontract mercinaries are resistent since there labor further subjicates themselves.