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Cat killer/Ex Cop

Ex cop traps cats and has them euthanized, go figure.
If you've read the news on KGW today, you would see that an ex-cop named Mike McCabe is trapping neighborhood cats that roam into his backyard and taking them to the pound to be killed. What a sick sick man.
McCabe-the-kat-killer...name is familar...why???? 13.Nov.2003 10:34

Tiny Tim

Mike McCabe! No wonder the name seemed familar. This guy is frequent writer to letters-to-the-editor; and is always
hyper "pro" cop. As I recall he was especially nasty in his lambaste's at people who questioned the "official version"
of the Kendra James murdering. So, yes indeed, this business of him killing cats...why sure...makes sense! What a
bunch of sickos these blue bastards are? So, McCabe is a KKK...Kat-Killing Kop!

indymedia 13.Nov.2003 11:06

strikes again

Ex-cop did not kill cat. Rather he is a bird lover who sought to protect birds in his yard from predatory neighborhood cats. He caught the cat in a safe trap and turned it into animal control. There it was killed. If the owner had spent the 25 bucks or so for a chip the cat would be alive today. Cat lover myself, but reckon birds take a different view as does the above poster although a bird brain remark might not go far wrong here.

stop typing and grab a brick! 13.Nov.2003 11:07


"It only took one brick to make that window drop..."

Thanks to the information age, if you have someones full name, one can easily find their address using readily available tools...

Kat Killin' Kop has kindred in my neighbor 13.Nov.2003 11:17

disgusted in Salem


I went through this same thing here in Salem a few years ago. My neighbor trapped and poisoned my cats as well as any others that were unlucky enough to make it through his yard without being draw to a free fried chicken leg in a box dinner...

The police were useless in dealing with this sick-O and were even run off his property (in my opinion Officer Brassfield is a weak kneed little sissy)

The parallel here is that the culprit in my case is a former Army helicopter door gunner that served a few terms in Vietnam. What value does an animal have after you've shredded humans with a machine gun.

Maybe a closer look at McCabe's past will turn up some skeletons literally...

folk's this is something else...flood Vera's office with E-mail NOW! 13.Nov.2003 11:22


This tale is outrageous! It stinks to high heaven and has plenty of BLUE SMOKE coming from the pile of cat shit! We need to rise up and e-mail Vera and the other officials NOW. Here is their e-mails: Mayor Katz: mayorkatz@ci.portland.or.us Randy Leonard: randy@ci.portland.or.us D. Saltzman: dsaltzman@ci.portland.or.us Erik Sten: erik@ci.portland.or.us Jim Francesconi: jfrancesconi@ci.portland.or.us Animal lovers/Human lovers of Portland...these people need to hear from you NOW!

regardless 13.Nov.2003 12:03

herbtarlek herbtarlek@excite.com

Regardless of whether or not he directly killed the cat himself, he still trapped it and brought it to the humane society; which is pretty darn close. And guess what? Cats eat birds, cayotes eat cats, oh yeah, and birds eat worms. Should we kill 'em all? Worm lovers unite! Let's face it, anyone who would knowingly trap an animal with even a possibility the animal dying has a screw loose. Want to get rid of cats in your yard? Get a dog or a hose like everyone else.


gotta a tale to tell too!

I'm so sorry I missed this story on Channel 8! From the context of this page, it seems that KGW broke the story. I have a tale to tell too! Naturally I wouldn't bother with the police. So, please...someone...write back here and give the name of the KGW reporter that broke this story and how I can reach him/her! Thanks!

there is more to this story.... 13.Nov.2003 12:10

look below

Folk's, there is more to this story....go below to page that is entitled............SE Portland cat trapper!

I'M HOPPING MAD! 13.Nov.2003 12:20

bird/dog/cat/human lover

After reading this one and the one below...I'm hopping mad! Tell me? WHAT CAN I DO?

Channel 8 13.Nov.2003 13:21

Interviewed the cat's owner

Turns out McCabe knew the cat and knew the owner. He even took care of the cat for the owner while she was out of town. I think something really nasty must have happened between them... sounds like a feud between neighbors. I am a cat lover and own two of them. I could horsewhip this despicable bastard McCabe. Wild crows do more to decimate the tweety bird population around Mt. Tabor than all the cats collectively. This McCabe is just one sicko bastard who had it in for his neighbor. He probably took off the cats collar so it couldn't be identified at the pound. I had both my cats micro chipped and am glad I did so.

don't forget... 13.Nov.2003 13:39

yum yum

hell, I've got a microchip myself, just in hopes it will protect me from the cops too!

don't you people get it? 13.Nov.2003 14:09

i do

Damn! Don't you people get it? This story is just one more example---as if we really needed anymore---that these cops here think differently that the rest of us! Also, they do as they damned well please, and to hell with any of 'em being accountable! Neighbor's! Get your shit together...you know WHAT to do? Do it!

THIS IS DISTURBING NEWS. 13.Nov.2003 14:33


I've noticed a lot of what they call "bad press" about the local police rising over the past few years. I usually live my life
so that I have minimal contact with any of them, and so can't speak from actual experience. But, the trend I'm getting
isn't a good one. Let's hope this new chief will have the backbone to stand up to those bad elements in his force, as
well as the Mayor to give him her full support, and we citizen's must keep the pressure on them to make sure that they
do bring changes, err we'll all regret it, in our own individual ways, as this disturbing news so clearly demonstrates!
While I quite realize this strange man is retired, let us not forget that his mind didn't get that way in retirement. It has
had a career in that sort of mindset that allowed him in his old age to feel so entitled to do such as this and know he
would get away with it too! Sorry! People of Portland! We'd better wake up and take notice of just what is going on
around us. We live in strange times and there is lot's of very strange people out there, as this old man has shown!

thought I'd repost the KGW news article from their webpage 13.Nov.2003 14:47


I'M REPOSTING THIS COPY/PASTE FROM KGW's WEBPAGE...SURELY THEY DON'T MIND AS LONG AS THEY GET THEIR DUE CREDITS...WE NEED TO THANK THEM FOR THE COURAGE TAKEN TO REPORT THIS KIND OF STORY. SE Portland man trapping cats who wander into his yard 09:07 AM PST on Thursday, November 13, 2003 By JACK PENNING and ANTONIA GIEDWOYN, KGW Staff A southeast Portland neighborhood is on edge in a 'cat spat' that is pitting neighbor against neighbor. It stems from one man's effort to rid his yard of wandering cats by trapping them and taking them to a shelter that sometimes euthanizes strays -- a controversial approach that state law allows. Ironically, the man's neighbors call him a "pet lover" and say they are shocked by his actions. Panda was euthanized at a local shelter. (KGW photo) The controversy began with Panda, a black and white cat that was Jan Kowalk's beloved pet. Several weeks ago, Panda wandered outside Kowalk's home and trespassed into a nearby yard. A short time later, the cat had been put to sleep. Neighbor Mike McCabe, a retired police officer, trapped Panda and took the cat to Multnomah County Animal Shelter, where it was euthanized. The cat had wandered into McCabe's yard--a bird "sactuary" with bird nests. McCabe said he feels badly about the cat's death, but he believes his neighbors need to be more responsible for their pets. He said he is merely protecting the birds in his yard from being attacked by cats. He has trapped about a dozen cats in the last year, McCabe said. "I don't dislike the cats, it's the owners that are not responsible for their pets," McCabe said. According to McCabe, the cats walk into his cages voluntarily and without any luring. He said he doesn't use bait. "He should have called me, he knows I have two black and white cats," said Kowalk. She said she has been letting her cats out in the neighborhood for the last 20 years. Neighbors have posted flyers around the area warning pet owners to keep their pets inside to avoid being trapped. McCabe said his traps are unbaited, and in the case of Panda -- the cat just wandered right into the trap without any coaxing. According to Oregon state law, trapping a wandering pet in one's yard and taking it to an animal shelter is legal. Shelter employees euthanized Kowalk's cat immediately; because Panda had no identification, they feared it was a feral cat, shelter officials said. Most animals are kept at the shelter for 24 hours before being put to sleep. Tips for keeping your cat safe To keep your cat out of harm's way and prevent it from becoming a neighborhood nuisance, the Oregon Humane Society offers the following guidelines for cat owners: --Identification: A collar and tag along with a microchip. When lost cats are brought to shelters and veterinarian clinics, they can be scanned for microchip identification. Keep the information current with your microchip provider. --Inside only is best: Cats can live three times longer when kept happily inside. Even cats who were once let outside can be converted into content indoor dwellers. Provide toys, climbing perches, scratching posts and the cat will adjust. --Get that cat fixed: A neutered cat is much less likely to roam or spray. --Know your neighbors: Make sure your neighbors know you and your pet. This is helpful should your cat accidentally get outside. --Keep current photos of your cat: Photos will come in handy if you notice your cat is missing. Use them for posters and provide them to animal shelters in your area. --Know the law: check with your county control office to determine any laws or regulations that may affect you and your pet including licensing and trespass ordinances.

my crystal ball says more cat's are missing than report 13.Nov.2003 15:05


Wow! Is Portland turning into "rip city" or not? Well! A quick look at my crystal ball tells me that more cat's are missing
than are reported. Some dog's as well. I'm putting that ball aside, as the picture is getting awful! Ball gazing isn't fun
anymore here in Portland. Too many ugly gazings come into view far too often now days!

let's give this McCabe Cat a few tests, shall we? 13.Nov.2003 16:35

test grader

As I read this tale, it does seem he may have been within the "law"! Having said that, however, I'd say while he passed his exam for the "law", that he flunked it for the "spirit of the law"! Also, he flunked the test for emotional maturity, flunked the test for ethics, flunked the test for integrity, flunked the test for morality, and flunked the test for social awareness! Oh! What! Oh! What! Are we to do with him? Why sure! Let's make him a cop! Oh! I see...he done been one!

Incompetence 13.Nov.2003 18:49


Those shelter workers knew the cat wasn't feral. A feral cat behaves completely differently than a cat who has been under the care of a human for awhile. That's outrageous that they would kill the cat immediately instead of waiting the piddling 24 hours. But note: if your cat doesn't come back for one day--better check animal control for it. Screw channel 8 too for using terms like "euthanized" and "put to sleep." The cat ain't sleeping, and it wasn't a "good" killing. Dumb humans. Do y'all know how gruesome the "euthanizing" is too? It's not like when you take your beloved pet to get a shot to be put down. At the shelter the animals are alone--except when they're mass killed, which is horrific too--afraid, and it is not a humane procedure. Also, animal control is different from the Humane Society. The Humane Society will not kill the ones who are adoptable. But you can't always get them in right away. So of course cop fuck-up wasn't going to wait.

Responsible Cat Ownership 13.Nov.2003 19:43

St. John

Shelters are awash in cats and kittens right now as a result of the unseasonably warm weather which triggers breeding. They have the unpleasant task of euthanizing more than they would like. This is the explanation I got when we called one shelter after another trying to find cat lovers or animal care professionals who would accept the feral kittens we'd captured under our front porch. We were turned down by all but one facility which insisted that we had to catch the mother too or "just let them loose and try again later"! This was not an option, as we are very near to the street, where the kittens could be run down by cars, and our fenced backyard is an exercise area for our two dogs who are not cat friendly. There was no question of our trying to keep or raise six kittens. I very much appreciate June's post giving the full story. Someone who cares about their "beloved pet" doesn't open their front door and let it wander at will - especially if it is not neutered or spayed. The life of a cat allowed to run at large is much shorter than that of a cat kept in the house or yard of its owner. Cars, dogs, parasites, angry homeowners, poison, can all spell danger to a "beloved pet" allowed to roam. We ended up taking the kittens out to Troutdale where the employee who took them in thought they were still young enough to attach to humans and some might find caring homes. The mother, who we were unable to catch in several sizes of humane live traps rented from Linnton Feed and Seed, finally made the mistake of sneaking into our kitchen to eat out of the dogs' dishes and was killed instantly when our larger dog caught her. What could drive that man (and that he is a police officer is probably beside the point) to capture and remove cats from his yard? One of our neighbors had to replace the wood around her back door because of a wandering tom cat that would back up to and spray it every day to intimidate her inside cats. We cannot turn any soil in our flower beds or plant flowers because they immediately turn into cat boxes and the flowers clawed out by the roots. Visiting cats drop fleas in the yards they pass through and I very much doubt we'd have to use Advantage year round on the dogs if they weren't picking these pests up in their own yard courtesy of visiting cats. Every morning one of us has to go out into our yard before we let the dogs out to make sure all of the cat piles are picked up. High protein cat feces are very attractive to dogs and often laden with tapeworm. The man could have poisoned or shot the cats outright . . . he didn't. He captured them live and took them to Animal Control. The article mentioned that he knew the owner of "Panda" and probably of the other cats. Had he spoken to these people about their wandering cats? I would assume that he probably did and they just ignored his concerns with a "cats will be cats" or "cats must run free" remark. I hate to see any creature destroyed but as far as I am concerned, every time "Panda's" owner opened her front door and let the cat run out, she was taking the chance that she would not see her cat again . . . beloved or not.


do this

This for those neighbors of Mike McCabe that are pissed-off at his sneaky ways. Since he has claimed the reason he
is trapping these cats is because they are a threat to his beloved birds, here is what to do: buy a bird eliminator and
put it up in your neighborhood on your property and turn it up to it's highest setting, and keep it on. There will not be a
bird within 1200 feet diameter of your bird eliminator. It's more safe than his method of dealing with cats, as it's totally
electronic and based on high frequency that is unheard by humans, cats, or dogs, but is wicked on birds tiny ears. It
is so bad that they'll avoid the area that the ampted frequency ranges. Won't kill any birds, but will keep 'em away from
his place, provided you're placement of this instrument is within the range. The electrical demand on it is somewhat
high, so might want to turn it off during dark hours, as only need it during daylight hours anyway. It's easy to operate
and set up. They used to be available from Sharper Image, Inc., and those sort of electronic speciality places. They
work and they're humane....which is much more than we can say about this Mike McCabe. So, there you go...the info
is in your hands to do with as you like! Enjoy!

neighbor of GUESS WHO? 13.Nov.2003 23:10


Techno-poster, thanks very much for that info. Am a neighbor of "guess who?" and am reeling with laughter as I con- template acquiring one of these niffy items soon. We'll not be hearing the tweeky sound of birds around here you can bet, cause Tweety will go elsewhere. Course, Tweety will live to go elsewhere. Not so with our cats. By the way, the reports being given on tv are low as to the numbers missing too. In their attempts to give "fair 'n' balanced" reporting, they've all but whitewashed it as it is. But, thanks to them for at least getting the "word" out there!


teck geek

Don't gorfet now; there is a solution for every PROBLEM. Just have to be willing to look for it and have balls to do it!

He is well within the law... 13.Nov.2003 23:57

Cats/Katz suck

Mr. McCabe is well within State law. The cats are tresspassing on his property and under state law he can trap them, and take them to the county animal shelter. The cat owners need to be MUCH more responsible with there cats and have them licensed, and ALSO have the pet ID chip put in them. It's that simple! As for Mr. McCabe being a former Police Officer---what does that have to do with ANYTHING? He was a great cop!

reply to Cats/Katz Sucks 14.Nov.2003 00:18

bible thumper

In reply to "Cats/Katz Sucks", let me urge you to grab your Holy Bible for within it's pages you shall find enlightenment as to your inquiry. What this whole issue is about is there is a difference between "the law" and the "spirit of the law" and you and your dumbassed pal, Mike McCabe are obviously hung up on the difference. If you will turn to the book of Matthew, Chapter 23 and read it in it's entirety. You will learn that Jesus spoke to the Scribes and the Pharisees for their hard-heartedness and their putting the LAW above the spirit of the law. It's quite a read! It was His--as you may know--last sermon, and for having given it, these same sorry Scribes and Pharisees had Him up on the cross before the week was out. What is at issue here is the point: the Scribes and Pharisees had the POWER to enforce the LAW that they wrote and selectively enforced and were totally devoid of the true "spirit of the law" (the Law of God's Mercy!). Now, Mr. Cats/Katz Sucks, would YOU and Mr. McCabe like some more public preaching and rebuke, or is this enough to suit you?

nope 14.Nov.2003 05:38


Poster above who assumes ex-cop talked to his neighbor about the cat first...I sincerely doubt that. Regardless, knowingly taking someone's pet--it seems quite clear he knew this animal was a pet, as he had taken care of it before--to a place where they are at best killed within a 24 hour period, is beyond cruel, even if he is annoyed about poop in his damn yard. And a bell around the neck will take care of most attacks on birds. It would have been cheaper for him to get 100 bells (plus some cheap collars) than to buy a safe trap and spend the gas money to go out to animal control. I personally agree that I would never let my beloved cats out, but many people are still in that mindset in which that's the best thing for cats, and feel it would be cruel to keep them in. Even my vet thinks cats should go outside, as do many of them. I don't think it's right, but that's still the established thinking by many pet care advocates.

Pigeonholing 14.Nov.2003 06:12

Animal Lover

Posters of IMC comments and people in real life often make the mistake of pigeonholing people as "all good" or "all bad", e.g. claiming "If someone is a racist cop, they must also be an animal abuser". Often this is the case, but not always. I believe all the claims of this cop being racist, but this doesn't prevent him from having humane kindness to animals. His cat-trapping behavior (as long as he didn't bait the cats to encourage them to enter his property) sounds similar to what I recommended in the thread in which a dog-hating cat-owning propagandist tried to blame dogs and dog owners for the death of some area cats, even stooping so low as to post a photograph of an innocent dog, trying to get people to think that dog killed the cats. Anyone who lets their cat outside is the real cat-killer. If you keep it inside it's unlikely to get hurt. As said in previous posts here, cats spread germs and parasites. They kill huge numbers of birds and other animals (including other cats). After I posted the truth about cats, I was attacked with profanity and name-calling by the people who let their cats outside, the attackers not caring that their cats spread disaese, breed like rabbits, murder tons of innocent animals, and have an expected lifespan of only 2 years as opposed to 12-15 years if they kept the cats inside.

I don't lure cats into my yard, but if they enter, I'll trap them and take them to the pound if they lack an ID (hypothetical, I've never had to do this). If they have an ID, I'll call the owner to pick up the cat and tell the owner to keep the cat inside from now on. If the same cat reappears, I'm taking it to the pound. I hate cops and think they're the scum of the earth, and am disgusted by attempts to associate police brutality/corruption with humane animal control. So don't even think about calling me a cop-lover.

If you don't want to take a cat to the pound because you think this might have a hand in causing its demise, one way you might be able to prevent it from entering your yard is to urinate in a container and pour the liquid around the border of your yard, giving the cats the message a large unfriendly predator owns the territory.

To show another example of pigeonholing, IMCs are often spammed with right-wing anti-environment propaganda associating conservationists with Nazis. Their argument: because Hitler was a conservationist, anyone who supports the environment is a Nazi, furthermore, because environmentalists are "leftists", Hitler was a leftist and anyone with "leftist" attitudes is a Nazi.

Another thing I don't like about some local IMC posters is their attitudes on the dog poisoning epidemic. The vast majority of the posts were in favor of (or overly permissive to) poisoning dogs.

Ass Backwards 14.Nov.2003 08:17

Embracer of All Creatures

I think we need to review who the real culprits are in this case.Granted the cat was trapped by a person who puts one life over another and he is wrong in doing that.But it was Multnomah County Animal Control who accepted the cat into their care and then killed it without allowing it the traditional 3 day to be reclaimed by the guardian.We need to put the screws to Multnomah County Animal Control who has the logo "Saving One Pet At A Time." According to the BS that Mike Oswald, director of MCAC,is putting out,he claims the cat was acting like a feral cat and that was why it was killed.He also told me that McCabe had only brought cats in on 2 other occasions but KGW said he had brought in at least 12 other cats.When I asked KGW where they got their figures they said it came straight from McCabe.Don't think for a minute that cats are the only animals who are killed needlessly or senselessly out at the shelters.Dogs are killed on a regular basis for the simplest of reasons too.If you are interested in getting involved to stop the killings you can contact WATCHDOG at 503 625 4563.Make a committment to the animals.Do not allow your tax dollars to be used for the killing of innocent animals just because this county does not know how to run a humane animal shelter.I was told that it was MCAC who loaned the trap to McCabe.

what is all this about? 14.Nov.2003 08:28


Cats...Katz...matz! What is this all about? Where is the "thou shalt love thy neighbor...." ect. ect. in all this? Better wake
up there in the Rose City for Jesus is coming SOON and will take thee to an account for the way ye treated ye neighbor.

Ass Backwards is on to something here! 14.Nov.2003 08:41


Thinks about it! The news report says the lady who owned the cat stated it had an ID collar. McCabe claims it didn't. The director of the Multnomah Animal Shelter says they put it to sleep because they couldn't identify it and feared it to be a feral cat. This clue proves that their was a BLUE FIX on in this. The director of the Animal Shelter is also, as I'm told, closely connected to Animal Control, which is closely connected to the police (active or inactive...same thing) and all McCabe had to do is take off the collar once he entrapped the pet cat, take it to his "connected" pal at Multnomah County Animal Shelter and give a wink! wink! and, of course, they are going to think the cat is feral and needs to be dealt with on the spot. They kill it with a wink! wink! McCabe wink! wink!'s back and goes home. The poor unfortunate lady who owned and loved the pet is left with the tears. Can't you darn people see? It was a BLUE FIX and it is just as plain as daylight if you'll only throw off that blue veil and blow away that blue smoke and see it for what it is!

yeh! I see the picture too... 14.Nov.2003 08:56

got a lot of blue in it

yeh! hell yes! I see the picture now. Thanks inspector for your "art history" commentary. I too notice all the various
shades of BLUE in this picture to go along with the red (bloody mess), yellow (cowardly treatment of neighbor), and
of course, brown (the shitty minds of the people in blue). who painted this? seems like a Vincent Van Gogh master-
piece to me! So full of blue and all it's tones and hues!

It it's legal, DO IT 14.Nov.2003 10:39

higher than law

It's legal to kill people during war, it's legal for cops to beat people with sticks, it's legal for people to trap their neighbors' pets, it's legal for animal control to kill an obviously domesticated, fat, fed, loved cat after only 24 hours. It's also legal for walmart to have someone kicked off land that their family has lived on for 100 years because it will "create jobs" for the community. We all know the difference between right and wrong, and trapping cats is wrong. They are cats for heaven's sake, innocent loving creatures. The most damage they can do to your yard is take a crap and fertilize your rose bushes. Sure it's his property, his right, blah blah blah. Just keep telling yourself that, I'm sure you talk yourself into justifying all kinds of harm you inflict on others.......because it's legal.

Multnomah County Must Be Held Accountable 14.Nov.2003 12:02


This really sucks. Really. I have to agree with "Embracer of all creatures" on this as well. While it was truly mean spirited of the cop to trap a cat in his yard (MAN, people suck), it is Multnomah County that deserves our rage. There is simply no excuse for their policy of killing animals. Don't let them get away with this!

The Humane Society was falsly accused above, by the way. They don't "euthanize" adoptable animals. But Multnomah County does, and has been doing this for years. There's no reason to do this. Many cities and counties all over the country have gone to no-kill shelters. The State of Oregon has done it at the Humane Society. Why can't Multnomah County do it? Don't have room for em in the shelter? Then don't accept em. Simple as that. It is NOT "humane" to kill animals, even if you dress it all up in words like, "put to sleep" or "euthanize."

Multnomah County has gotten in trouble for this before -- putting people's pets to death within hours of their arrival at a shelter. People lost jobs over it, and the "euthanization" of animals was stopped for a period of time. It's time to look at this again. The county commissioners need to hear about this, the shelter needs to hear about this. Do what you can to change this. And get out there and get those animals out of their clutches!

Multnomah County Chair Diane Linn can be reached at 503-988-3308, extension 83308. Her fax number is 503-988-3093. You could also call the Multnomah County Animal Shelter at 503-988-7387, but you will probably only get some volunteer or a machine. If you're able to get the number for the director of Animal Control, please post it here.

indy media 14.Nov.2003 12:03

strikes again

I love my kitty which is why he has a collar and a chip. It's also why I watch him close when he goes outside and why he never goes out when I'm not home. I wish that I had kept him an indoor cat.

I've long protested the selfishness of off-leash dog users on Mt. Tabor Park. However, I've had to realize that my letting my cat run wild is no better than their irresponsibility. My cat's shitting and tearing up a private garden in no whit better than a dog's shitting and tearing up a community lawn/garden, anbd running down birds and other animals.

This isn't rural America, but a city w/high density planning. Moreover, the birds are here more or less organically. For the most part they are indigenous. However, my cat is a domesticated animal that is imposed on the landscape.

The real matter here is responsibility. Just as the dog owners on Mt Tabor have for so long been deaf to citizen commentary, so, I fear, have I and too many cat owners.

You want to save birds and cats? Help the feral cat coalition, the Audoban Society, and other outifts. This cop hate thread is irrational; most especially here in this discussion

Ass Backwards Yes 14.Nov.2003 13:13


I'm sick of this "if it's on your property you can do whatever you want crap" I don't give a rats ass if it's the law. This law is justifying unneighborly behaviors. What ever happened to talking with your neighbors, finding out who might own the cat. This person is no different from the dog killer of Laurelhurst Park. Total lack of respect for a species they declare inferior. Also, I agree, the cop thing is irrelevant in this case, the dog killer got a lot of raves at IMC. He was merely a jerk. The problem are an underfunded shelter system thanks to all those asshole antitax advocates and morons who don't neuter/spay animals. I live next to a jerk who's loose cats bred litters of unwanted kittens. What a waste. Some people in this town are just plain ignorant and that you can put on bad parenting and a diminished school system. Don't believe the high scores propaganda, kids are not learning even close to what was taught years ago. gets off soapbox.....>

Hey Ranger (and anyone else who 14.Nov.2003 13:26


knows a cat who's not fixed)...

This place will help you get a cat fixed for free if you need it:  http://www.poppainc.org/index.asp as may the Feral Cat Coalition. If the neighbors won't fix their pets, you should get involved to help end the suffering of unwanted animals. I know it sucks, but we have to pick up the slack for those who won't take responsibility. It's not them we're doing it for, it's the innocent animals.

I also don't know that it would be more humane for Mult Animal Control to just not accept animals they can't keep. Life for a homeless, starving animal is worse than death.

this is what I think 14.Nov.2003 14:14

nw neighbor

My neighbor's and I have been moving back 'n' forth to each other's houses with coffee cups in hand since this story broke yesterday. We've listened to, read, and discussed amongst ourselves all the pros and cons. We too have had some problems in our neighborhood with cats missing, feral cats, and hard feelings between neighbors. And, yes we too have a "problem neighbor" that remarkably fits the "profile" discussed herein. We've resolved to make sure all our beloved cats are spayed, microchipped, collared, and kept indoors; and should one inadvertently gain escape, we will notify each other as soon as we discover it so a communial effort can be had in quickly finding the pet before it falls into the hands of a McCabe sort, or God forebid, be turned over to the Multnomah County officials. We feel that this will spare us the unnecessary grief that another NW community is now experiencing. As for this "problem man" I referred towards earlier, if he continues to wade deeper into his little "pet campaign" we shall simply make sure our neigbhorhood's WELCOME WAGON doesn't stop at his place anymore. And there is NO law to prevent us from that! There! This should be simple guidance for the rest of you out there struggling with same type of "problem (s)"! Please let's get things under control so that such awful disharmony does not destroy our neighborhoods. Thanks for considering these ideas, and as always, we too welcome feedback to further finesse/refine our own thinking!


nw neighbor2

Though I certainly think "inspector" is right (I mean, my God, how much more news do we need to realize these blue
guys are jerks whether they're "ex" or "are"?), I also think "nw neighbor" just above has moved this debate into the
arena of sane talking. I urge all of you to read it, talk together with your neighbor's about it, and get up and do it!

I've Never Seen An "At Large" Cat With a Collar 14.Nov.2003 15:28

St. John

We know our neighbors' cats and that's not what we see coming through our front back yards at all hours of the day and night. They don't wear collars. Over the last two years our dogs have killed three cats in our backyard and two when taken on leashed walks (the cats were in bushes and lawn clippings along the walking path; not in private yards). There was never a question of saving the cat; they were dead almost instantly. Even if we had been able to track down the owner, what good would it have done? Cats are 100% safe if they are kept in their own home or yard. If someone were to threaten us and demand reimbursement of some kind for a cat killed in our backyard, we would offer our condolences, but such an accident is the fault of the owner and entirely preventable. Now, on the other hand, the neighbor living behind me would love to discover the owners of two Siamese who have urinated and left pawprints on his boat, as well as trashed the fabric cover by sharpening their claws on it. They can be seen, most days, perched on the top of the boat, surveying the neighborhood; they run whenever people approach.

Ooh, poor baby, pawprints on his shiny 14.Nov.2003 17:11


boat. Poor guy. Well, I don't like trash on my street but people's snot nosed kids dump it there when they're coming home from school. I guess we don't get to control everything that another living creature does. There's a lot going on in the world right now that's actually important. Who the fuck cares about pawprints. I hope the loon shoots himself. Fool.

Obviously You've Never Had Anything Vandalized 14.Nov.2003 17:48

St. John

Try to control your compassion, IIIII. We live in a lower middle class neighborhood; our neighbor is not Bill Gates but a working guy with a second hand boat he's toiled over for weekends to fix up for fishing. He bought the cover to protect it. Comparing destruction on his property to kids throwing trash in a street is not a valid parallel. We're not talking just pawprints . . . we're talking shredding and urine on a custom boat cover. If those kids brought their trash onto your property and threw it into your car, breaking a window in the process, I bet you'd be all over their parents to collect damages in nothing flat.

what part of my tabor does mcabe live in? 14.Nov.2003 18:25

owner of a missing cat

would like to know.

I would value a living animal more than 14.Nov.2003 18:47


I would a boat. There are other things he can do--put plastic sheeting over the whole thing...a whole range of ideas if the cats treat the boat that badly. Look, I keep my cats inside. I just don't agree with trapping and killing everything that bugs you and what you imagine is your property. I also don't agree with getting pissed off when animals do what they do. We need to adjust to the animals around us instead of expecting every damn thing that isn't human to behave as we want them too. Join PETA's movement to abolish pets, if you can't stand it. I happen to agree with that movement. Cats and dogs aren't natural and are completely dependent on us. But as long as they're here, we need to treat them as though they're more important than a stinking boat and some dirt in your yard.

Nobody's Equating Animals With Private Property, Idiot 14.Nov.2003 19:08

St. John

I'm talking about personal responsibility. And, IIIII, you're confusing my neighbor with the cat trapper. My neighbor hasn't trapped, shot at, or abused any cats. All he's been trying to do is find out who owns the cats so that he can ask them to keep better tabs on them. It's not unreasonable for him to expect someone to be responsible for the actions of their pet. Why should he have to assume all of the responsiblity and expense for damage caused by somebody else's cat? Kids like to pee in the park, rather than go to a restroom - it's more convenient! Should we let them go ahead and "do what they do"? If you don't care about controlling the natural impulses of anything or anybody, perhaps you'd like to open your backyard afternoons for a neighborhood dog park! They've gotta play somewhere. And if they do any damage . . . hey . . . it's just what they do! No biggie in this world of much more serious problems, right?

St John, my what a fabulous 2 inch dick you have! 14.Nov.2003 19:36

Carl Panzram

Hey, two incher, you say, "Over the last two years our dogs have killed three cats in our backyard and two when taken on leashed walks (the cats were in bushes and lawn clippings along the walking path; not in private yards). There was never a question of saving the cat; they were dead almost instantly."

My, what a potent virile man you are! Those MASCULINE dogs of yours are so FEARSOME and DEADLY! Why do you feel you need a bunch of dogs to prove your manhood and protect you?

Two inches.

Maybe you should apply for a job with the Portland PD, if you aren't a pig already. You know, their motto is, "I gotta two inch dick, gotta grab my stick!"

Your insecurites couldn't be any more obvious.

Wow! What a stream of conversation 14.Nov.2003 21:05

pissed reader

I'm hopping mad after reading this stream of conversation. First, all you who love your kitty's, you need to heed the advice given by one of the "neighbors" above, as it sure makes commonsense to me. If I could have a kitty, I'd sure follow that line of thinking. Secondly, as for this dude (forget his name...Mcsomethingorother) and his being an ex- cop, don't forget their motto: TO PROTECT AND SERVE. He protected his birdies and served up his neighbor's kitty to do so. It's a blue ass-kissing story when he brings in the other government jokes at animal shelter. Yeh! they all "protect" and "serve" don't they? EACH OTHER and the rest of us get, as one poster wrote, tears! Enuf!

Seriously 14.Nov.2003 21:55

Insanity lives among us

Having dogs that kill cats so easily, and talking about it as if it's okay... that's weird. If you can't stop your animal from killing other animals while it's on a leash, you shouldn't have that animal. Your dog is a menace, and you blame the cat for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

St. John is a psyco 15.Nov.2003 10:02

not St. John

I agree that St. John should control his rabid beasts. Do you own a pack of wolves or something? Gimme a break St. John, maybe you already ARE a cop, you sure sound like one. There was never a question, what good would it have done? sounds like pig statements to me. People have cats for 15-20 years and they become part of the family, think about that "what good would it have done," jeez, you jerk.

So, this McCabe fellow likes to creat messes, does he? 15.Nov.2003 10:17

pie maker

I'mm having a fit as I read this page with all it's comments. Seems like McCabe took advantage of his neighbor's neigbhorlyness and created quite a mess. These kind of messes are CALCULATED, they don't just happen outta the blue! Those of you neigbhor's of this creep that are into "revenge/retribution/retaliation" might want to get very calculative and give him a REAL mess to content with too. Here is a hint: since you're loving neighbors and want to put aside the pass for the sake of the future, just bake him a nice delicious chocolate pie and then take it over with a phoney smile to match his. Of course, you'll have used a box or two of EX-LAX along with the regular ingre- dients, and he'll naturally be caught in the dilemma of deciding motives. But, I'm betting he'll act like a PIG and just hog it down. Why? He's already acted like one. With that sweet smile, sweet tooth, sweet pie, his innards will be working together to give HIM one heck of mess. Don't like this idea? Get creative! Get imaginative! Just do some- thing so this sorry jerk learns something from all this!

right on pie maker, darn good idea... 15.Nov.2003 10:47

little lizza

that's a "creative" idea there pie maker. thanks for the idea and the chuckles!

Oregon Humane Society 15.Nov.2003 14:16


Q: Does OHS receive money from my taxes and how is OHS different from the county animal control agency?
A: The Oregon Humane Society receives no tax money or government support. OHS is funded by the voluntary contributions of individuals and businesses in this community.

With regard to how OHS compares and differs with county animal control agencies in Oregon, OHS operates the largest animal shelter facility enabling us to place more homeless animals. Both OHS and animal control agencies have the similar goal of controlling the population of homeless pets by stressing the importance of spaying/neutering. Both also place pets into new, loving homes.

The difference between OHS and animal control agencies lies in the focus of each organization's protection arm. Your local animal control agency is generally charged with the duty of protecting you from animals. They are the ones you call when a dog is running at large or barking too much. Animal control is also the agency that deals with vicious dog bites or attacks. The license your pet wears comes from your local animal control agency and you'd visit their shelter if your pet were lost. Most animal control agencies are also the ones you contact if there is a dead animal in your yard, road, or neighborhood.

The Oregon Humane Society works to ensure quality lives for all animals. Our main concern is for the well being of the animal. OHS is the place to call for help finding a home for your pet, to get information on responsible pet ownership, for tips on solving training and/or behavior difficulties, to find out about animal welfare legislation, and more.

The Oregon Humane Society's Investigations Department works throughout the state, many times assisting local law enforcement agencies including animal control, looking into allegations of animal abuse or neglect with the emphasis being on making the conditions better for the animal - whether that includes providing education for the owner or removal of the animal.

Q: If I make a gift to a national organization, does OHS receive a portion of my donation?
A: No, currently there are no national organizations that financially support local shelters. OHS is a non-profit independent organization funded solely by the voluntary donations of individuals and businesses in this community. Funding for OHS's services and programs is received in the form of cash donations, bequests, trusts and endowments, and fees.

I can vouch that Oregon Humane Society is great... 15.Nov.2003 16:56


they don't kill adoptible animals, and they involve themselves in the protection of all animals. The volunteers really seem to care about the animals. Mult Animal Control, on the other hand, has a bad rep. Of course they're underfunded. I wish that we would allocate more money to these agencies. Since we created domestic dogs and cats, the least we can do is protect them. If we're not willing to do that, then we should phase them out. No more breeding of domestic dogs and cats. WE want them, but overall they do not benefit from us, and more suffer miserable lives and deaths than enjoy loving homes.

Remember one Thing 16.Nov.2003 09:25

McCabe used BAITED traps

BAITED traps are designed to ATTRACT animals. I.E. He was trying to attract the cats into his yard so he could dispose of them. Cats can smell food from a long way off. I know, because I sometimes leave a bowl of dry kibbles outside for mine and every cat in the neighborhood drops by for a snack.


bluebirds of a feather, flock together---are we surprised? 16.Nov.2003 21:05

bird watcher

Surely you saw today's THE OREGONIAN's Letters to the Editor section, which was devoted solely to this McCabe cat- killing business? Well, a little while ago, a friend of mine called to share what she/other's had done. They checked out the names of the "pro" McCabe letter's through the data bank they've accessed and found that ALL the names, as shown, were either currently or retired police. So, the old adage, "birds of a feather, flock together" holds true, and it seems especially so, if it's BLUEBIRDS. Let's not forget that while bluebirds are noted as North America's "songbird" with blue plumage, it's also a subspecies to the predatory Thrush family, which are master deceiver's. As songbirds, they're noted for singing in harmony with each other. Indeed! And some of these guys are noted to be burned-out from the "us vs. them" bunker mentality. They get no sympathy from me! Not after this one!

cats/katz suck is a moron! 03.Dec.2003 14:00


The cats did not just happen to 'trespass' into the psychos yard, dodo brain, he set up BAITED TRAPS. That means he tried to get cats to go into his yard for the specific purpose of doing away with them, plus he KNEW the owner of the cat and did NOT speak to them about the cat. He's just a petty, evil man.

as rumor has it ... 04.Dec.2003 18:58


was told but not sure if it is true that multnomah county animal control had loaned the trap to mccabe that he used to trap the cats.anyone know how to check this out?

Save a cat kill a human? 05.Dec.2003 03:39

Mad Dog

Ever here of Toxoplasmosis; it is one of a number of diseases infecting humans via cats leaving there waste in the neighbors garden. Ever had your wife nearly die from hemorrhage after being infected by one of these nasty little diseases? Ever have your kids treated for worms after playing in the sand box after the neighbor's cat used it for its litter box? Why don't some of you get educated on the diseases and dangers these stray cats cause? Any one ever hear of being responsible? Ever stick your hand in the neighbor's cat's waste while weeding the garden? Come on!!! You love a cat so much why not keep it from bothering your neighbor, how about if I crawl over your fence and use your back yard as my toilet? That puts it in perspective I think, so who is sick? The cop that traps cats of irresponsible people or irresponsible people spreading waste and disease around the neighborhood. McCabe your welcome to be my neighbor any time, keep up the good work!!!!!!! And by the way my wife nearly died.

You are one twisted, illogical f#*$ 'save a cat kill a human?' 05.Dec.2003 18:42


Unless you don't wash your hands, you won't get toxoplasmosis. Try better hygiene. Ya sick imbecile.

one more thing to 'save a cat kill a human' sicko 05.Dec.2003 18:45


Same goes for worms genius; you have to ingest the little buggers/eggs. There are many other ways to get all types of worms, also, cats being a very easily preventable and unlikely source. Practice and teach good hygiene.

Cat trappers are doing what law requires. 08.Dec.2003 11:26

Concerned citizen

Not much mention has been made about what the LAW actually says re: what to do about cats in one's yard. Even the newspaper doesn't mention it. Do they just not want to look up the law?

The law states, "It is unlawful to let a domestic animal trespass upon the property of another." Simple. But I would guess about 80% of cat owners do not know this law or do not care.

What to do if a cat or dog is trespassing upon your property and you don't like that? The law recommends you trap the cat and/or "detain the dog upon your property and call animal control." That's right: If a stray dog is on your property, the law says for you to tie the dog to a fence post or something, call animal control, and they will come and get it. It is not recommended that you try to find the owner yourself. If a cat trespasses on your property, the law says for you to trap the cat and bring it to animal control. Animal control even rents traps for this purpose, because this is the law.

Why trap them? Because it is the simplest solution if you are bothered by trespassing cats. You will bring the cat to animal control, they will look at the license (cats are required to be licensed), call the cat owner, and the owner can come pick up the cat. Hopefully the cat owner will then realize their cat has been bothering others, they learn their lesson and don't let their cat trespass again. Unfortunately, many (if not most) cat owners don't have tags on their cats. This is no ones fault but the owner.

Why not trap a cat, and then ask your neighbors whose cat it is? Because that is placing far too much burden upon the person whom the cat is bothering. If you live in a typical city block, you might have 10 immediate neighbors. And then you might have four times that many if you count one block over, in each direction. And cats can wander in from a number of blocks away. Do people really have that kind of time to canvass a neighborhood? I for one would not. I have small children at home. I would not at all be willing to put the kids in the stroller in the rain, and go door-to-door to people who are probably not even home, asking, "Is this your cat?" And let's say I miraculously found the owner. The owner would most likely not, from that point on, decide to keep his/her cat upon his/her own property. They would continue to do what they normally do. Also, a cat owner might even be angry at you for detaining their cat. It would be dangerous for a person to go door-to-door asking "is this your cat." A number of people I know have cat doors built into their doors, so that their cats can roam as they please. It's as if the law means nothing to them.

What about just keeping the offending cat at your house and posting flyers that state you've found a lost cat? To that I ask you: Is it the law-abiding property owner who is responsible for printing out flyers, using their own money and time to post flyers, and then take them down later? Is it the law-abiding property-owner's responsibility to keep a cat in their own home, feed it, water it, until the owner is found? No, that's ridiculous. As tax-payers, it is far more simpler and straightforward to utilize our local animal control and take a cat there.

What about just spraying cats with hoses when you see them upon your property? That would only work if you could stand in your yard 24 hours per day, and had nothing else to do in your life. Most cats come through yards at night anyway. The cats that come through my yard do so at night, and in the morning my preschoolers and I are greeted with a yard full of fresh cat poop. And what about using chemical deterrents? Simple answer: They don't work. What about purchasing a dog to keep away cats? Again, that would be forcing the property owner to do something they don't want to do, in order to accommodate law-breaking cat-owners.

It is by far more simple, safer, less time consuming, more frugal, and above-board to just do it the way the law requires: Trap offending cats, bring them to the shelter, the owner will be contacted, and the stray cat can be picked up. If the cat has no tag or microchip, that cannot, by any stretch of the imagination, be the property-owners fault. Some bothered property owners have said that they wish they could just shoot cats. That would be cruel and illegal. However, people who trap cats are getting death threats for humanely trapping cats, and trying to return them to their owners the way the law requires. Cat owners should be GRATEFUL if someone traps their cat: It means someone was following the law and not just putting out a bowl of anti-freeze.

Now, some people wonder what harm a little cat can possibly do just crossing someone's yard. Well, if that's all trespassing cats did, then there would be no issue. But cats poop in gardens, under play structures, swing sets and play grounds, they urinate on car wheels and tires which immediately starts eroding the paint, they keep people awake at night with yowling, they mate with feral cats and make more starving feral cats, they make bird feeding stations death-traps for birds, and they carry diseases.

I have a friend who was 20 weeks pregnant and lost her baby due to cat manure. She herself owned no cats, but she loved to garden. The doctor told her she must've ran into some cat manure while gardening, because what killed her 20 week old fetus was toxoplasmosis. A not uncommon disease found nearly exclusively in cat manure. A 20 week old fetus is half-way through gestating. Yes, that's right; someone's cat killed her baby. Trespassing cats can be much, much more than just a nuisance. I suppose if she could have somehow found out exactly which cat the manure was from, she would have quite a law suit against the law-breaking cat owners. But that of course would have been very hard, as so many people let their cats roam that the manure could have been from any number of cats.

Another thing that surprises me about this cat-trapping issue is how it brings out the worst in people. I've heard wonderful, sweet people spew venom when they talk about people who dare to follow the law and trap cats. I've heard super-nice people say that if a cat-trapper lived next to them, they'd break off toothpicks in all their door locks, or slash their tires. I just don't understand how people would want to become law-breakers themselves to punish people who are breaking absolutely no laws themselves, in defense of cat-owners who are breaking a very clearly-spoken law. I feel sorry for anyone who traps cats, because they are literally in fear for themselves, their families and their property, as cat-owners and/or sympathizers can turn into vigilantes and break even more laws in retribution. I do hope that anyone who is known for trapping cats invests in some hidden surveillance cameras, so they can convict anyone who tries to further trespass, vandalize or harm. I have yet to hear one cat owner express that they would like to change the law in a legal, democratic way. I have only heard threats of violence, which is not helping your case, cat-sympathizers.

The whole thing would be a non-issue if cat-owners would a) follow the law and not let domestic animals trespass upon the property of another, and b) get their cats licensed as the law requires. It is ALL the responsibility of the cat-owner, and what I've been hearing is that very few of them want to take that responsibility. If people don't like the idea of a domestic cat having to stay indoors or having a fenced cattery, then they shouldn't get a cat, since a confined cat offends their sensibilities so much. I've also heard the defense that cats are like wild animals and would hate to be confined. There is no such animal as the domestic housecat in nature, so rest assured your cat is not going to suffer being kept upon your own property. I wouldn't do that with a tiger, but a housecat is far, far from being a tiger. It has been domesticated. For thousands of years. To live happily with humans. They do not "need" to roam, especially upon the property of people who don't want to deal with it's poop, urine, noise, deadly disease, etc.

If one were to bring a trapped cat into animal control, did you know that you would be required to leave your name and address? And that the cat owner would be allowed to have the name and address of the person who brought in their cat? This is a fact. After hearing all the threats coming from the cat-owner camp, I would be very afraid knowing that a cat owner could have my name and address. Who is to be afraid in this storm? Cats, or cat-trappers? I think law-abiding cat-trappers unfortunately have much more to fear. Cat-trappers get death threats from people who can't stand to think of a cat dying. How illogical and purely emotional is that?

A Message To Concerned Citizen 08.Dec.2003 16:01

From Yet Another Concerned Citizen

You need to practice tolerance toward all living things.

Talk about illogical, "concerned citizen" 11.Dec.2003 15:28


1. Um, the cat the guy trapped and took in to animal control had a collar. He proceeded to take OFF the collar, before taking the cat to animal control. Evil. And who makes sure the real name and address is given to m.c.a.s. anyway? I also find it hard to believe that the pet's guardian would get access to that info. What actual law is this that you're reffering to??
2. Regarding your comment: *"A 20 week old fetus is half-way through gestating. Yes, that's right; someone's cat killed her baby".*.. COME ON!!! "someone's cat killed her baby?!?! How INANE is that statement? What about the millions of babies killed yearly by the medical establishment? Oregon allows abortion until the 24th week. Washington-26 weeks. Funny you should directly blame an animal for one 'baby killing'. Like I said before, HYGIENE!
Ya dig in dirt, wash your damn hands. I agree that it is tragic that the baby was lost, but you're reaching.
3. Your statement: *"... people who can't stand to think of a cat dying. How illogical and purely emotional is that? "*
I'm at a loss as how to address that incredible statement......You are a sadly deluded bitter person.

Reply 12.Dec.2003 17:05


>>Um, the cat the guy trapped and took in to animal control had a collar. He proceeded to take OFF the collar

I believe that is an unsubstantiated rumor. The owner of the cat admitted in the paper the cat "wriggled out of its collar," and that's why animal control couldn't contact her. The owner admitted that the cat probably had no collar when it was trapped. If it had a collar, they would have contacted her. My guess is that the cat probably never had a collar, like the majority of pet cats out there.

>>>And who makes sure the real name and address is given to m.c.a.s. anyway?

They ask for your driver's license to make sure you are from Mult. County because people from Clack. Co., etc. can't use Mult. Co. facilities.

>>>I also find it hard to believe that the pet's guardian would get access to that info. What actual law is this that you're reffering to??

It's a fact that a pet owner can ask and find out who brought in their cat. I asked the director of the Mult. Co. animal control myself.

>>>COME ON!!! "someone's cat killed her baby?!?! How INANE is that statement?

Well, technially, a parasite carried in cat manure killed her baby. But you need a gun to shoot a bullet, too.

>>>Funny you should directly blame an animal for one 'baby killing'.

We're not talking about the death of babies here. I mentioned ONE baby I knew that died directly as a result of cat feces. It's true and it's not debatable. Why you would want to bring up "all the babies killed by the medical establishment" is beyond me.

>>>Like I said before, HYGIENE! Ya dig in dirt, wash your damn hands.

Talk about a cold and callous reply.

You show your ignorance here. The eggs of many parasites found in cat manure are called oocytes, and are impervious to heat and cold, etc. Just takes one bacterium, one oocyte stuck under the fingernail...

Question: I'm assuming you wouldn't mind if cats pooped in your yard and garden, then. It's a basic right of cats to be able to use your garden as a catbox, essentially?

>>>You are a sadly deluded bitter person.

It would be much more enjoyable to debate with you if you didn't resort to name calling.

To 'reply' 15.Dec.2003 23:32


Funny, you go from sounding pranoid to wanting to debate, 'concerned citizen'? Doesn't sound like the original poster....
>>>Like I said before, HYGIENE! Ya dig in dirt, wash your damn hands.

>Talk about a cold and callous reply.

You show your ignorance here. The eggs of many parasites found in cat manure are called oocytes, and are impervious to heat and cold, etc. Just takes one bacterium, one oocyte stuck under the fingernail... >
What?! I don't understand your response about 'you show your ignorance here'. What are you reffering to exactly, that is ignorant? I did not address heat/cold/number of bacteria....I said wash your hands; the only way to get toxoplasmosis is to ingest oocysts (not oocytes). Yes, I did forget to add other ways toxoplasmosis can be transmitted though, but I doubt that is what you're reffering to, since you also did not mention them.
You never answered my question about what law your reffering to; we just need to take your word that you asked and that is what you were told. Oh yeah, it's a 'fact'. Even so, I was just curious is all, no biggie.
The safest thing for cats and humans if for cats to be indoor only,period.

Just a little more info:

**** ***

Toxoplasmosis: Reducing the risk to humans and your cat
An extremely common source of concern, anxiety and confusion among cat caretakers, especially in families with expectant mothers, is a disease known as Toxoplasmosis. The following is an attempt to describe this disease and its transmission, and in so doing hopefully allay unnecessary fears and the needless euthanasia of household cats due to misinformation and paranoia.
Toxoplasma gondii is an organism whose only definitive hosts (i.e. the only species in which Toxoplasma can reproduce) are members of the cat family. Basically, the organism can produce oocysts in the cat, which are passed through the feces of infected cats for only a two-week period. If the environmental conditions are just right, these oocyts may survive and linger as a source of infection in soil or litter for about two years. If another animal or person ingests these oocysts while they are still infective, the transmission of Toxoplasmosis occurs.

The organism cannot reproduce within any other animal besides the cat. In other animals and in humans, the organisms migrate to various organs (heart, brain, muscle, lymph nodes) and remain there in an inactive state. The only way for transmission of the organism in this state to occur is through the ingestion of the infected animal. This is, in fact, the most common way for Toxoplasmosis to be transmitted. The frequency and risk of human infection are most likely associated with ingestion of infected meat, not exposure to cats. It must be emphasized that although the possibility of transmission from humans to cats exists, there has never been a documented case of prenatal Toxoplasmosis infection in a human caused by a cat.

Most people infected with Toxoplasmosis do not become ill or exhibit any symptoms. Veterinarians are often requested to run blood tests on cats from households where pregnant women have been found to have positive antibody titers to Toxoplasma. Many cats from households such as these have been euthanized if the blood test results show that the cat also has a positive titer to Toxoplasma. It is unjustifiable to euthanize cats on this basis for several reasons. In order for a mother infected with Toxoplasmosis to pass the disease to the fetus, she must have been exposed after conception. Otherwise, she is immune to the disease. In addition, most people contract this disease from eating raw or improperly cooked meat, mainly lamb or pork products.

There are several basic preventive measures which can eliminate the fear of Toxoplasma infection:

Always wash hands before eating and teach children to do the same.

Keep cats indoors. A roaming cat can kill and eat an infected animal, thereby ingesting the organism.

Never feed raw meat or unpasteurized dairy products to cats.

For extra precaution, pregnant women should have another family member change the litter box. If that is not possible, she should wear rubber gloves while handling soiled litter and wash her hands thoroughly with soap and water afterwards.

Changing the litter box daily will prevent disease transmission, as it takes 2 to 4 days before the oocysts shed in the cat's feces become infective.

Never eat raw or undercooked meat, especially lamb and pork products. Unpasteurized dairy products should also not be eaten.

Cover children's outdoor sandboxes to preclude contamination by stray or roaming cats.

Brooks, Karen D., DVM, "Feline Toxoplasmosis and human health," Veterinary Technician, Vol. 13, No. 8, September 1992.

Client Information Bulletin: Toxoplasmosis; The Cornell Feline Health Center

Musselman, Kelly, "And Baby Makes Four," Cat Fancy, December 1995

O'Dea, Colleen, "The Facts About Toxoplasmosis and Pregnancy," Cats, March 1995.


fed up

How about a little respect for your neighbors? So you think its a good idea to let your cats loose to crap all over your neighbors property, kill birds and tear up the neighbors garbage bags? If you cared for your pets and your neighbors youd keep them indoors and get a litter box like everyone else........yea i have a trailer park trash neighbor with five cats that continuously crap all over my backyard, i brought a shovel full of cat crap over to her and asked her to please control her pets...you know what her answer was? first it wasnt her cats doing it..........when i proved her wrong she suggested i get a bunch of cat repellant...i told her id need 50 gallons of it a week and that she should get a litter box instead.. guess what...theyre still crapping all over my property. i tried chasing them, squirting them with water, even putting up a fence.....nothings worked...if you dont give a f@ck about your neighbors or your cats then you deserve to have them taken to the humane society....and i like cats, just not the cats selfish, inconsiderate and obnoxious owners....ps. after five yrs of having my kids covered in cat s#it ive had enough! tommorrow i go out and buy a havahart trap......off to the dog pound they go!

fed up? 17.Jan.2004 01:09


Hey, fed up, just wondering whom you're reffering to, when you say 'how about a little respect for your neighbors'? Since you posted right after my comment, I would guess it was to me. IF it is directed toward me, no, of course I don't think it's ok to let a cat crap in another's yard; I said in my post cats should always be inside for everyones sake. I'd be upset also (at the neighbor) if their cats pooped constantly in my yard; she sounds like a doozy. I don't think anyone else thinks it's dandy to let a cat do it's business in a neighbors yard, we just don't think it should be taken out on the cat, is all.
The problem is the neighbor; the poor cats don't know any better and unfortunately they suffer, due to poor guardianship.

Happy Trapping McCabe!! 12's Not Enough ! 30.Mar.2004 02:45


If any harm in any way comes to Mr. McCabe's property or himself as a result of this discussion forum by a few of his PETA-flower-children-Portland neighbors, we'll see them behind bars doing time! Learn from Cattrapper.com because there's a whole lot of homeowners fed up with lame cat owners! If you think for one second, a homeowner is going to tolerate a loose cat crappin in their yard, we got a newsflash for you - -you're loose cat will be trapped at $70 bucks per Humane pickup! Purchases of cat traps is at an all-time high right now! I'm a responsible cat owner and he stays inside. So McCabe may trapped about 12 so far, well, hope that number climbs if that's what it takes to clean up his Portland home of all the cat litter. Leave it to a PETA coward to threaten violence against those who disagree with them!