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World Social Forum 2004

The new website of the Intercontinental Youth Camp is finally online! With this message we want to introduce to you one of the features we are most proud of, the Intercontinental Virtual Youth Camp. The IVYC (or just the Virtual Camp) can be accessed at  http://www.wsfindia.org/youthforum/forum
Dear Friends,

In our intentions (in our dreams) the Virtual Camp
will be a Forum were people can start meeting and
share ideas, dreams and knowledge virtually, along the
information highways, even before the actual
Intercontinental Youth Camp takes place in Mumbai next
January. At the moment the Virtual Camp looks
slightly empty, but the infrastructure is ready, and
some of the groups have already a facilitator, the
virtual host of the space, ready to welcome you.

How the Virtual Camp looks like: Three categories, or
virtual spaces, have been set up so far: The first is
the actual Virtual Camp. In that category each
Functional Group that is working at the organisation
of the Intercontinental Youth Camp 2004 has its own
Forum. Here you can meet with the people in charge of
the Programme, the Logistics and so on and discuss
with them ideas and proposals to make the IYC 2004 an
open, democratic, inclusive, participated and
successful event. The second category is Thematic
Forums: here topics for discussion have been set up as
spaces for people to share and create knowledge. We
thought of these forums like something that would
reproduce the Thematic Tents that you will find in the
IYC 2004. At the moment few categories have been set
up but more can be added according to your
suggestions. One more section is called Movements
and Organisations. Here we imagine to create spaces
for organisations and movements to moderate and
facilitate the discussions on the issues they deal
with in their daily struggles. If your organisation or
movement is interested in facilitating a space in the
Virtual Camp please contact us we will be happy to
make this possible. All the mentioned categories
will be facilitated in order to avoid misuse of the
forums. In our dreams this will be the actual
beginning of the Intercontinental Youth Camp 2004. You
will be able to join activist and friends from all
over the planet and at the same time you will be able
to breath that energy and enthusiasm even arriving in
Mumbai. At the same time you will be contributing to
the process of "making" the actual IYC in terms of
structures (with ideas and suggestions), content (with
debates and thematic conversations), creativity, and
dreams. The Forum is still a young creature but we
believe you will contribute to make it a creative and
lively space. Please register and become a member of
this great community.

See you all soon in the Virtual Camp

(IYC office - Mumbai)

For information and suggestions please write to the
Intercontinental Youth Camp 2004 office in Mumbai at

homepage: homepage: http://www.wsfindia.org/youthforum

Anybody going? 14.Nov.2003 16:58

agent orange

...caus i am. if you are headed to wsf2004 post a response!