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Jason Newell for Portland City Council

NEW candidate for Portland City Council to take on the "business as usual" candidates.
NEWELL FOR COUNCIL - www.newellforcouncil.com

For Immediate Release: November 12, 2003

On Thursday, November 20, at 12:05 PM, political activist Jason Newell will announce his candidacy for the Portland City Council outside City Hall on 4th Avenue. Please come to show your support, and join us in the celebration to take back our city.

Surrounded by enthusiastic supporters, Jason will briefly speak about why he has chosen to run for the Portland City Council. His message will focus on his goal of returning the city to the people as he competes against the insider, "business as usual" crowd.

Jason Newell has already been gaining credibility through his passionate and enthusiastic introductions to small businesses around the city. He has already made more than 15 visits to neighborhood and business associations, and has generated support from many moderates and conservatives.

Usually reserved for the big money insiders, Jason Newell has proven his worthiness as candidate by garnering endorsements from small businesses and neighborhood groups throughout the city in only two short months of campaigning.

Contact: Jason Newell for Portland City Council

homepage: homepage: http://www.newellforcouncil.com

thanks 13.Nov.2003 00:34


Now I know one more person not to vote for.

"Tax and regulatory reform can reduce the unnecessary costs for business, and allow them to put more money into the economy by hiring more people, purchasing more equipment and providing health care for their employees. This will create revenue for the city, and create more jobs."

Yeah, because tax cuts for businesses has such a successful history... And yes, he says he will cut taxes for the rich but increase revenue for the city. I guess that means shifting the tax burden from businesses onto...

"One approach should be to contract out as many programs as possible to small businesses in the community."

Yeah, because privatizing government has such a successful history.

"We must have more police on the streets"

Yeah, because they're doing such a great job. Speaking of cutting government costs, the police are going to cost the taxpayers how much in civil lawsuits?

just what we need in city council -- 13.Nov.2003 02:08


another white guy. probably straight too.


no way is Jason straight! 13.Nov.2003 07:52

this jason guy sounds confused and arrogant

Take a look as his photo. No way is he straight. And besides, Francesconi is gay or at least bi.