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Major attack since Anaconda ...

Since March of 2002 "Operation Anaconda", which was a major U.S engagement in
"close-in" combat with al Qaeda and Taliban fighters in the rugged terrain
of northeastern Afghanistan, starting today "Operation Iron Hammer" is going
to be another successful combat engagement for U.S in Iraq .....
Posted on Wed, Nov. 12, 2003
Major Developments in Iraq on Wednesday
Associated Press

Major developments in and about Iraq on Wednesday:

_ A suicide bomber blew up a truck packed with explosives at an Italian
paramilitary base in Nasiriyah, killing at least 26 people, including 18
Italians. The attack was the deadliest against an American ally since the
occupation began and appeared to send a message that international
organizations are not safe anywhere in Iraq.

_ In Baghdad, U.S. forces from the 1st Armored Division attacked a warehouse
used by insurgents, setting off explosions after nightfall that reverberated
through the capital, as part of "Operation Iron Hammer," a new "get tough"
policy for confronting insurgents. In a related operation, an Apache
helicopter gunship killed two men and wounded three after they were seen
firing mortars in the capital. Five other suspects were arrested.

_ In Washington, President Bush and his top foreign advisers reviewed new
strategies to speed the transfer of political power in Iraq. The top U.S.
administrator in Baghdad, L. Paul Bremer said he presented proposals to hand
over more authority to the Iraqi Governing Council.

_ A new top-secret intelligence report warns that Iraqis are losing faith in
U.S.-led occupation forces, a development that is increasing support for the
resistance, officials said. CIA and White House officials refused to confirm
the existence of the report.

_ An American soldier was killed when a roadside bomb exploded near a patrol
by the town of Taji northwest of Baghdad, and another died of wounds
suffered in a roadside bombing in Baghdad. The deaths occurred Tuesday but
weren't reported until Wednesday. The deaths bring to 153 the number of U.S.
soldiers killed by hostile fire since Bush declared an end to active combat
May 1.

_ U.S. paratroopers killed six attackers and wounded four others in a
shootout outside the hospital run by the Jordanian government near the Iraqi
city of Fallujah, the Army's 82nd Airborne Division said Wednesday. A
division statement said troops fired after coming under automatic weapons
fire Tuesday from a vehicle stopped near the hospital.

_U.S. troops in Baghdad accidentally fired on a car carrying Mohammed Bahr
al-Uloun, a member of the Iraqi Governing Council, wounding his driver.

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