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I just wanted to know......

Hello my fellow Americans.
You like me, right?
You like me, right?
I would like to know how you think I am doing as the President of the United States. I don't suck do I? Please, let's have a discussion about what I have done for Americans and our allies these past three (only been that long?) years.
Hold On, We'll Get This Mess Cleaned Up... 12.Nov.2003 12:19

Bush Sr.

To All,

I sincerely apologize for my son. He is a monstrous fuckup. I should never have let him weasel his way into the White House. I assure you and all of our shareholders that we will get this mess cleaned up and get him out of there. Just like me, he will be a one term president. Sorry for the inconvenience, soon everything will be right as rain.

Bush Sr.
One-Term President
Sorry for the mess...
Sorry for the mess...

you've given me lot's of laughter...thanks! 12.Nov.2003 20:25


GeeDubya: You've asked for what we think? Well, given your our Emperor (or want to be anyway) and you wish
to bring back Empire, you know that two hallmarks of Empire is good bread and good circus to keep us amused
while you Empire Builder's go about your tasks. The bread ain't worth a damned, but the circus is the absolute
finest our money could buy. We've paid a literal fortune for it, so it ought to be good. It is. Buffonish-character's
come to life, and you've one of the stars! Keep it up till your ass is swept off the stage....SOON!