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Call out from ELK CREEK (B.C.)

Help needed NOW in B.C.
The oncoming winter bodes shorter days for the activists residing in the forests of the Elk Creek watershed, a place newly interspersed with around 800 truckloads of timber lying throughout selective- and clear-cuts on the forest floor. Despite the recent destruction, concerned people hold hope that justice may somehow still be served - both for native title, as well as for the forest itself.
What is apparent now, with recently inspired changes - both in the Land Act that permits logging within formerly protected watersheds such as Elk Creek, and the far-reaching tenets of the Working Forest Initiative, is that the provincial government is attempting to liquidate the value of terrestrial resources before their unfounded right to carry out such acts is superceded by indigenous title. The Pilalt people have always gained their physical, cultural, medicinal, and spiritual sustenance in relations with the mountainside of Elk Creek, giving their unceded title legal precedent to the in situ corporatist agenda now attempting to eradicate their very link to the earth.
The logging of this formerly pristine environment simply carries no long-term, substantial economic benefit for anyone local to the area, nor for the province; the logs have a longstanding appropriation to international markets, while the operation itself perhaps provided 4 months work for a Cattermole falling crew of no more than 20 individuals. The ecological set-back of the once remnant environment of Elk Creek, home to rare and endangered varieties of life, compared with something so vile as a gross economic benefit procured from such a short-term exploitation, is a blatant extension of Anglo-North American colonialism.
Any sort of assistance is greatly needed now in Elk Creek. Members of the forest defense camp are making a call out to all willing people; please consult www.elkcreekaction.org for more information and contacts.

homepage: homepage: http://www.elkcreekaction.org