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Hey Poor! you don't have to be Poor anymore!

A "civilian" is any gook locked behind razor-wire,

preferably starving, bound, gagged, and blindfolded.

Everyone else is a "suspected terrorist".
This was inspired from my comments in in an earlier post called : "Low wage work -- Nickle and Dimed". I felt it important enough to post it as a front page post as we need all the help we can get in these dark times. The information here ( and in the book) will help you free your mind. And is what the establishment would rather you didn't know.

As civilization has advanced, the pack-bond (the tribe, the extended family) has been broken. This is the root of the widely diagnosed "anomie" or "alienation" or "existential anguish" about which so many social critics have written so eloquently. What has happened is that the conditioning of the bio-survival bond to the gene-pool has been replaced by a conditioning of bio-survival drives to hook onto the peculiar tickets which we call "money".

Concretely, a modern man or woman doesn't look for bio-survival security in the gene-pool, the pack, the extended family. Bio-survival depends on getting the tickets. "You can't live without money," as the Living Theatre troop used to cry out in anguish. If the tickets are withdrawn, acute bio-survival anxiety appears at once.

Imagine, as vividly as possible, what you would feel, and what you would do, if all your sources to bio-survival tickets (money) were cut off tomorrow. This is precisely what tribal men and women feel if cut off from the tribe; it is why exile, or even ostracism, were sufficient punishments to enforce tribal conformity throughout most of human history. As recently as Shakespeare's day the threat of exile was an acute terror signal ("Banished!" cries Romeo, "the damned use that word in Hell!")

In traditional society, belonging to the tribe was bio-security; exile was terror, and real threat of death. In modern society, having the tickets (money) is bio-security; having the tickets withdrawn is terror.------Bio-survival anxiety will only permanently disappear when world-wide wealth has reached a level, and a distribution, where, without totalitarianism, everyone has enough tickets.------The "married look," "the "Mom and Dad look," etc., which are not scientific concepts but which everybody can recognize at once, have to do with an acute time-sense. The parent is concerned not just with acquiring bio-survival tickets for personal nurture, but with acquiring tickets for the young, and for the future.

Behaviorists tell us wonderful stories about the intricate patterns that can be conditioned into experimental animals. See they say we have, by selective reinforcement, trained this rat so that at the sound of a bell, he runs up a ladder, presses button A, races across a plank and down another ladder, presses button B, dashes across the cage and waits at the food-slot for his meal to arrive.

Lest anybody think this book is written from a perch of superiority, consider the similar, but more complex, behavior which the author followed for twenty years. He would set an alarm-----This behavior sequence had been shaped, as B.F. Skinner would say, by reinforcement delivered every second week in the form of bio-survival tickets (money). These tickets were necessary to the bio-survival of four dependent children.

The reader of this book can probably remember, somewhat dimly, the imprinting and conditioning of each of these circuits.

We all began as infants in a one-dimensional world, orally hooked to Mommy. The further away from Mommy we crawled, the greater was our bio-survival anxiety, and we generally returned to Mommy as quickly as possible. The key imprint incidents of this period, together with associated conditioning, determine, concretely, how much we currently exhibit of:-----Political power, as a typical alpha male once said, grows out of the barrel of a gun. This is metaphorically as well as literally true. The "gun" may be symbolic and fairly abstract, consisting of ritualized social expectations ("Don't talk back to your father") or concrete in a non-violent but deadly way, e.g., the capacity to remove bio-survival necessities by cutting off the ticket supply in a Capitalist society ("One more word and I'll fire you, Bumstead!").

Under the primate second-circuit socio-biological rules, everybody tends to lie a little, to flatter or to evade displeasure, when exchanging signals with those above them in the pack-hierarchy.

Every authoritarian structure can be visualized as a pyramid with an eye on the top. This is the typical flow-chart of any government, any corporation, any Army, any bureaucracy, any mammalian pack. On each rung, participants bear a burden of nescience in relation to those above them. That is, they must be very, very careful that the natural sensory activities of being conscious organisms—the acts of seeing, hearing, smelling, drawing inferences from perception, etc.—are in accord with the reality-tunnel of those above them. This is absolutely vital; pack status (and "job security") depends on it. It is much less important—a luxury that can easily be discarded—that these perceptions be in accord with objective fact.

For instance, in the FBI under J. Edgar Hoover, the agent had to develop a capacity to see godless communists everywhere. Any agent whose perceptions indicated that there were actually... Note all excerpts are taken from Robert Anton Wilson's "Prometheus Rising" do yourself a favor and read it...