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Poems for the Anti-US Resistance Forces

Poems for the Anti-US Resistance Forces
Poems for the Anti-US Resistance Forces

"You guys are coming into our countries, and you're going to rape our women and kill our children."--- Hasan Karim Akbar, The beloved People's Soldier

He goes to the store
to buy himself a coke.
The merchant hands it over.
The soldier goes
... to his grave.
A bullet in the head.

A mob ripping him
from limb to limb.
Voice of the People!!!
Democracy in action!!!

When you crack a cops head
like a coconut,
the meat comes out
to feed the people's needs.

A crater in the ground
several feet deep.
Conveniently located blocks down the street
from the US Embassy.
Last night this is were the ambassador eternally sleeps.
A tourist destination.

How many Zionists can you send hell bound,
with a simple round of ammunition?
When they're talking smack,
grab a baseball bat,
Attack, and beat their face in.

Fuck up a flag-waver!!!
Burn it in their hair.
If they die who gives a damn?
For hillbilly-fascists the world doesn't care.
Please don't give me some of what you're smoking 12.Nov.2003 13:28

migratory bird

umm, senseless violence?

it sounds like the same old ununited states logic of violence and instigating violence.

it bores.

?????????????????????????? 13.Nov.2003 20:09


Could this just be bullshit, from the cia watchdog's.


Bite Me!