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Goy: A Poem

Anti-Zionist Poem

Rats skirmish for bread crumbs.
Emptiness never ends.
One says what is, is not to maintain their "friends".
A dialectical drought.
A Pig, A Human.
Did I hear you say same thing,
and hide it behind 10,000 holohoaxes full of holes,
just to look me in the eyes,
and talk about soap and lampshades,
smoothly suggesting why a Roma, a Serb doesn't count,
then duck and cover
under pathological tears,
that smell like occupation and colonialism.
A blood cringe then the rest of the west "feels your pain",
and spits in vigilante fashion,
chauvinistically their despicable saliva
on the Periphery's death march,
adding insult to injury.
Who needs a reason when you have a short skirt?
... And so they call it a Jewish "peace" Movement for another piece!!!
A scam that hides its scandal,
through vicious barbarism
I'm gonna call it like I see it,
and the Grudge-match is a reason for living!
get a life 12.Nov.2003 09:10


JP, you are a hateful anti-semite and you're not helping the cause for liberation in any way.

Semitic Shemitic 12.Nov.2003 10:27

quit the "anti-semite" knee-jerk

Semite - noun, a member of a people speaking a semitic language, in particular the Jews and Arabs. (AND ARABS)

Semitic - noun, an Afro-Asiatic subfamily of languages that includes Hebrew, Arabic, and Aramaic and certain ancient languages such as Phoenician and Akkadian.

Source: Oxford English Dictionary

Anti-Semitic does not mean anti Jew. So quit using that term; it is incorrect. To be truly 'anti-semitic' you would have to be against just about everyone in the Middle East. You hate Osama Bin Laden? You are anti-semitic. You hate Saddam Hussein? You are anti-semitic. You hate Yassir Arafat? You are anti-semitic. If Jews hate Arabs and Arabs hate Jews then they are both anti-semitic. Anyone using the term 'anti-semitic' or 'anti-semite' from now on will be seen as ignorant.

re:semitic 12.Nov.2003 11:22

JP Cupp

Regarding The term semite, It is essentially a grouping of nationalities of a similar laguage groups. Their is NOTHING( AND I CHALLANGE ANY ZIONIST JEW TO PROVE OTHERWISE!!!) semitic about the "hebrew" language. Hebrew is not an extention of an old hebrew language, and it is a very modern language in comparassion to the age of Judahism, which is far more similar to greek and cyrillic. Now then, no one disputes that Arab Jews are semitic. Nor does anyone really dispute that non-semitic jews have religious right to travel for prayer and study to jeruslaem, (which of course DOES NOT INCLUDE COLONIALISM OR DENY THE ARAB CHARACHTER OF PALESTINE.), however most jews moving to the Zionist Entity of "israel" are not even semitic, though of course the term is quite often used (improperly) to include "hebrew".
I noticed our little Tel Aviv comrades did not like to comment on the term goy, or goyim, or goyem, which is the Jewish word essentially for nigger, and implies all non jewish humans are equal to dogs, pigs, cows, etc. In the zionist entity, the arab comrades often speak of the abuse the recieve and are not allowed to defense themselves against " god's chossen people".
Our little tel aviv,comrade, that unfortunately has not been blown up in a martyrdom operation yet, crack me up with this suggestion of being a bigot, when in fact this is poem against bigotry, and to expose the zionist propaganda and pathological lies of the overwhelming majority of jews , which is used to justify a clear cut oppression of the arab masses, and the obvious fact that "israel" is an illegitamite e, I ntity.

To my little Tel Aviv Comrade, who may eve reply to the post by suggestion they are an anti-zionist, (which would make them an "anti-zionist:" zionist), I ask you to establish were I suggested the idea of persicuting someone for simply growing up in a jewish household or enviroment. This of course is differance for waging a legitimate struggle against opertunism, and unravalling the lie of the Zionist paradigm.

a clear view 12.Nov.2003 12:30


Would saying that allegedly Christian crusaders had no right to be murderous thieves in Palestine also make one anti-Christian? The only thing that makes the "conflict" a battle between Jews and Muslims is the fact that the Zionist crusaders are Jewish.

Palestine is not a Jewish homeland. 3000 years ago, Hebrews murdered the Canaanites, etc and stole the land, ruled there a while, got kicked out, and now Zionists think that because Hebrews were murderous thieves who stole the land, that they too have a "bithright" (as they claim in words and actions) to also be murderous thieves.
And Jerusalem is not Jewish city. There was a town there before Hebrews murdered for the land. Also, the Jerusalem built by the slaves of Hebrews ( ansestors of the Palestinians, 153,600 in Soloman's day, 2nd crinicles ch 2, and genetics bares this out, thanks to leviticus 19:20) was compleatly destroyed by the Romans who kicked the Hebrews out of the land they murdered for. Romans then used the slaves they got from the Hebrews they kicked out to rebuild the city. I forget what they called the city built on the sight. And I don't know who renamed the place Jerusalem. Was it the Byzantine Christians, who renamed the city with the Jewish name. Or was it the Muslims who liberated the slaves of Byzantine masters across the middle east, was it the allegedly Christian crusaders, was it the Turks? Like the Hebrew masters, Romans, Byzantines, Muslims, Crusaders, Turks all inserted thier blood line into the locals population. But Jerusalem is NOT a Jewish city.

Islam spread so quickly in the Byzantine dominated lands because Muslims could not be slaves in early Islam (the Turks changed that rule when they invaded). Slaves were offered instant freedom after 1200 years of slavery to the Hebrews occupying the land, and anouther 600 under Roman (east and west) masters, if they converted to Islam. Hard choice? I don't see how. If you were a slave, would you look into joining a particular religion if doing so would mean instant freedom? The lines for conversion (instant freedom) were probably streching from town to town.

MAny in the places liberated by Byzantine lands by Muslim armies remained Christians and Jews. They were obviously not slaves, and regularly, owners of the slaves who converted for instant freedom. Writen text from the period of Islamic coversion show that it took a hundred years for the locals to adopt Arabic as thier national language. So, the Idea that Palestinians, who kept thier abopted Arabic language, even under anouther 400 years of slavery under Turkish rule, shows them to be thier own people, and not arab invadors of the land, like Hebrews, Romans, Crusaders, Turks and now Zionists, have proven themselves.

Plain old racism 12.Nov.2003 13:52

Same old same old

Anti-Semites, will be Anti-Semites

Main Entry: an·ti-Sem·i·tism
Pronunciation: "an-ti-'se-m&-"ti-z&m, "an-"tI-
Function: noun
Date: 1882
: hostility toward or discrimination against Jews as a religious, ethnic, or racial group
- an·ti-Se·mit·ic /-s&-'mi-tik/ adjective
- an·ti-Sem·ite /-'se-"mIt/ noun

Pronunciation Key

© 2001 by Merriam-Webster, Incorporated
Merriam-Webster Privacy Policy

same old same old capitulation with jew nazi colonialism 12.Nov.2003 15:33

JP Cupp

1 are you suggesting that 'jews" are a race? That would need to be the case for some one to be a racist?
2. Since when did we start excepting bourgiese definitions for termonology. linguistics and semantics, in this such case is a hard fought and important issue. A

3 you have again added to the ranks of jew nazis who refuse to tell comrade on indymedia what a goy is and how they are treated? Do you deny that Not just Zionism but Judahism sows the seeds to very elitiest( putting it extremely mildly) practicicws, and that their is a pathological victimhood complaint use dot justify colonialism, when logic can not.
4 If you fight this point, what then is a goy? What is the strict talmudic definition to defining relatiuons between jews and goys? what is the zionist traditions towards goys? I am always amused that so called leftists in this country will tolerate zionists no matter how foul their behavior and alway close ranks with them against bona fide anti-zionists.
That's okay, Osama makes a good little wild card for yankkkee chauvenists and zionazi capitulators with their head up their ass that think they ar einvincible, and don't believe in principles.
Human Bombs! Tel Aviv! If You don't like it , You can LEAVE!!!

Garden Variety 12.Nov.2003 16:39

Same old same old

Phoney intellectualism from JP Crapp

1) No, but Naizs accept that definition...
2)The Term "anti-Semitism" was coined in Germany...take it up with them!
3)Plese efer to 1 and 2
4) Goy means "nation"... you racist b*stard!

Goy means 12.Nov.2003 18:34

Huck Finn

Yes, Goy does mean nation in the same way nigger means "separate and equal"....No...No NO! YOU RACIST BASTARD!

Goy Oh Goy 12.Nov.2003 19:16

Semantics (Not Semitics)

"Goy" is Hebrew for "nation" and "Goyim" is used in the plural to indicate nations or peoples other than the Jewish people. Not more or less . . . just separate from. Goy and goyim are not slang, but very old Hebrew and Aramaic words. "Ger" is the word for stranger. Jews do not equate people with animals, nor place any human being on a level below that of an animal. Anyone suggesting otherwise is not very well grounded in either history or language.

What then? 12.Nov.2003 19:56


If Zionists claimed Palestine is a "land without a people for a people without a land" then what the hell are palestinians, if not people? Stealing the Palestinians homeland, and murdering the Palestinians who resist the Zionist's offensive invasion, sure sounds like the Zionists placing themselves over the Palestinian PEOPLE.

Its not a wall its a fence (nigger) 12.Nov.2003 20:45

lil black goyim

Just as this "separation but equal wall" is really a fence then the word Goy doesn't mean NIGGER?!?!?!?!?

You have the nerve to tell the world that Goy dosn't mean Nigger when that's exactly what it means. Shemitantics shemitics "Listen Nigger that there is a very old word for fence not wall...just as the Goy on the side of it is "separate but equal" to a Nigger?
It's a fence Nigger!
It's a fence Nigger!

Not All Jews Support the Current Israeli Government 12.Nov.2003 21:03


If you're indicting Zionists, then stick to attacking "Zionists" and not "Jews" in general. Not all Jews are Zionists or relate to them. Many Jews - particularly in diaspora (anywhere outside Israel) - sympathize and are working with Palestinians and do not like the wall any more than you do.

Listen Y'all 13.Nov.2003 11:23


The point is that an anti-imperialist movement for liberation needs to be about the liberation of all people. That means opposition to the Israeli state's zionist oppression of palestinians. It also needs to mean oppsotion to scapegoating jews which has historically been a tactic used by the ruling class to turn resistance towards fascism. Yes, we need to stand militantly for Palestinian self-determination and national liberation. But we also also need to oppose anti-jewish third positionist scum like JP Cupp!

Against Imperialism!
Against white supermacy!
Against zionism!
For Palestinian liberation!
For Jewish liberation!
For the liberation of all oppressed people!