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ZooBombers Getting Hastled By Cops...Again

Sunday, November 9th: Portland Police set up a "sting" to catch dangerous ZooBombers!
Last Sunday the Portland Police Department showed up in force to rain on a ZooBomb parade. Four police cars were waiting in Washington park, at least 2 maybe 3 cars were waiting on Salmon and at least one car was waiting on Burnside. This "sting" was incited by the recent Oregonian article on ZooBombing which talked about public drinking and the use of marijuana. The Police handed out tickets en masse, including some for "crossing the max tracks" to the tune of $300. At least two people were arrested for unkown reasons. It was nice to see our tax dollars hard at work taking dangerous, menacing bike riders off the streets, instead of trying to catch those pesky burglars, rapists and murders. God bless you Portland Police Department...
Typical 12.Nov.2003 00:41

ed harley

disheartening, but not surprising.... the portland police (and all police, as a matter of fact) exist for the singular purpose of crushing any budding expression of humanity or freedom, no matter how small or insignificant. it's a symptom of something much larger, that unfortunately cannot be fixed by doing anything to the portland police department.

anyway, keep on riding. cars = slavery

Motherfuckingcocksuckingpieceofshitmonkeyridingratbastards 12.Nov.2003 02:13


When are the Po Po going to act like humans? This kind of shit is just simply unacceptable.
Fuck 'em.
Ride it like ya' built it!
Solidarity yall!

Objectify the assaultment of animal rights 12.Nov.2003 08:40


What have they bombed a zoo another zoo meatfy cool harbitting zoo.
Give them more stuff, looks like that they have bombed animals and not human pretenders in the ghetto to attract theirselves in assaulted common glossaries.
Fat smack to Portland harbor of vegeance.

Sue the fuckers 12.Nov.2003 08:48


What the popo are doing is harassment and selective enforcement. I think the zoobombers should get a lawyer and sue the fuckers.

What the Police State Fears 12.Nov.2003 09:31


I think if you look at this incident closely, you will see that it is part of a much larger pattern. The pattern is to prevent peaceable assembly of folks anywhere and everywhere - except under controlled circumstances, such as movie theaters and churches. The police state cannot allow its citizens to assemble peaceably for any reason what so ever. When people assemble with a common focus and intent, the act of assembling has a power with vibrates out, and encourages the rest of the population. The power of the people is what the police state desperately fears. Why? Because the power of the people does not stop.

re: Objectify the assaultment of animal rights 12.Nov.2003 09:32


Tom, I'm not trying to piss you off, I'm just trying to figure out what the heck your comment is supposed to mean. I can't figure it out for the life of me. Could you please clarify?

Church! What a righteous idea!!! 12.Nov.2003 11:20

Father Spoke

It is not very hard for anyone to form a church and hold regular services. Jesus! Hauling ass down the west hills is already a religious experience! A prayer before rolling might be a great idea. One of these days someone is going to get hit by a car and find god.

There is a lot of info on how to do this all for free at  http://www.ulc.org/

What a hoot to have videos of the popo harrassing our worship services!

Re:Objectify... 12.Nov.2003 11:51


The main is that I don't want to figure out a animal bombing desease for human vegeance of
common spirit, that bombs attrackting ourselves. Take a smooth cigar an'reflec the harassment in your lungs.

Re:Objectify... 12.Nov.2003 11:51


The main is that I don't want to figure out a animal bombing desease for human vegeance of
common spirit, that bombs attrackting ourselves. Take a smooth cigar an'reflec the harassment in your lungs.

I'm not worried about rapists, it's those who defend infants against cops 12.Nov.2003 13:45

chief kroker

Um, you might be pleasantly surprised how important it is to stop outdoor thrill sports. For instance once the forestry department has eliminated the forest you might find it was better to be smothered by the hands of cops rather than fight for asthmatic breath in this paltry nation. So I as your chief, after viciously killing, maiming and assaulting all except big money would like to pin an award on the bullet proof vests who took the time away from child kidnappings and child molestation cases to really fight the outdoor sports in the Portland community. May my GOD and not your god bless you. Amen.

"They were pellets not bullets."

Next we plan on attacking the jungle gyms with agent orange. This is just a warning.

Your chief and unellected protector,

word! 12.Nov.2003 16:38


Chief "Kroker" got shitcanned a while back. Where you been?

not cops 13.Nov.2003 23:36

pissed p

It's not the cops. It's all who turn away and do nothing.

where is the mayor? 14.Nov.2003 11:34


I know the cops sometimes get bored when they are avoiding real work but what the hell is going on? how many cops do you need to break up a zoo keg party? and where is the mayor in all of this, surley a crime if this magnitude deserves her attention? apart from not being able to pronounce the name of the state correctly and being on the same asthetic level as janet reno she also appears to be bored, since she has time to walk with new police chief whatever the fuck, through crime ridden areas hoping to experience it first hand, ( oh what lovely news footage that would be ) maybe she should pay a visit to the zoo. who knows, she might get hit by the max.

the cost of bombing 14.Nov.2003 17:21


my ticket for running a stop sign (not a red light mind you) runs to the tune of $237

yes it is painful. We were told that part of the fine now goes to pay for traffic education... I guess I won't be making that donation to the police officer's ball this year.
just doin my tang
just doin my tang